Topsy Turvy Cake Disaster =(

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jcaste Posted 14 Nov 2008 , 11:00pm
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I had a nightmare about this cake & sure enough it WAS a nightmare. I stayed up last night til 4 AM!!! trying to finish my baby shower cake to bring it to work for our co-workers baby shower we were having at our company. I ran into sooo many issues. One my MMF was too soft, I was able to use it for some other stuff on the cake. Then I had to make a new batch last night & it came out extremely hard & was too hard to work with. So I decided to cover my top tier only since it was smaller, but my bottom I decided to frost & then add fondant stripes. Second, I started having difficulties with cutting a round piece off the bottom tier to be able to level my top tier & place my dowels. I had a hard time scraping it out & keeping it leveled. When I tried placing my top tier I couldn't because my hand kept touching the icing from the bottom tier & it was messing up. I finally got the guts to let it go & have it fall into the dowels without being scared of touching the icing & when I did it somehow broke my bottom tier. It wasnt sooo bad I was still thinking about taking the cake that way I just wasnt going to place the top tier on top, it was going to be 2 seperate cakes. By this time Im extremely exhausted, frustrated, sleepy, & scared that it wasnt going to work out. I Had my poor boyfriend up with me til 4 trying to help me out, the poor thing couldnt keep his eyes opened so I sent him to bed. I stayed up to finish up & clean up. I woke up a couple of hrs later & took a look at the broken cake & it was still the same, a little broken. I went back to sleep for a bit & when I got ready to grab all my party decorations & the cakes to place in car & head out to work I looked at the cake & it was WORSE. It was just too ugly & embarassing to take to work so I threw it away. I wanted to cry icon_cry.gif I got emotional because I had this vision of how it was suppose to look & I wanted to impress everyone at work with this awesome whimsical cake. icon_redface.gif I had to leave it behind & only take the top tier, which I tried fixing up with my little animals fondants & palm trees. I just couldn't believe it, I had wasted soooo many hrs on that bottom tier & for all of that time to be wasted it hurt. I duno what happened!!!!!!! When I arrived to work I was telling a few of my co-workers what happened & they said it was still cute & not to worry about it. No one would ever know what it was SUPPOSE to look like. & sure enough I still got a lot of ppl complimenting the cake but deep down inside I wasnt happy with it & didnt take their compliments in. I would just shrug my shoulders. I got tiery-eyed infront of one of them because she said i looked so sad & when she said that it made even more emotional. lol I felt like a dork. Ive attached a picture of the one I brought to work, I will later post the other cake so you all can see how ugly it was. I didnt take a pic when it got worse, I had no t ime I was already running late to work. My fondant animals were also falling apart as I was moving them from cake to cake. Their feet, arms, ears, tails etc werent dry yet & would fall apart. They were still cute.

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stephaniescakenj Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 12:54am
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Oh its cute! Don't beat yourself up about it, we all have off days. at least the top tier was salvagable! I always say, you want a pick me up, check out my pink and purple topsy turvy. It fell over, all three tiers on the way up the driveway to my daughters best friends birthday. there was no way to fix it. I just stood it back up and hid from the birthday girl til i could compose myself. At least you had something decent to present and i'm sure you'll get another chance to make another beautiful cake very soon.

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lifonahil Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 4:37am
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I have had those days when nothing goes the way you want it to. Sorry you had to go through that.

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need2sleep Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 4:53am
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Well I think it's cute. My baby shower cakes were not even close to yours. So now just look forward and your next cake will be better!! I always try to think of a way of improving on the next cake I'll be doing. Where in Houston are you, I live in North East side, in between Humble and Downtown.

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mcdonald Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 4:56am
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I had something similar happen with a wedding cake.. Up til 4:00 and up again at 6:00. icing wasn't thick enough, filling oozed out. Off we go to deliver at 10:30... On the way (hour drive), icing starts sliding off all the layers and the grooms cake... 100 degrees and about the same humidity. Run inside venue to kitchen to put in cooler and had to try to recreate cake. got it together as best I could... stood back and just CRIED!! Cried from exhaustion, cried because it looked like crap and wasn't totally what the bride wanted. Didn't take any money...

I feel your pain of staying up and trying so hard and it just doesn't work. Keep going... I promise you'll get over this and exceed your expectations next time.

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aztomcat Posted 15 Nov 2008 , 5:24am
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Bet the shower loved your cake. You made the best of what you had and I think you are the most disappointing. They wouldn't know unless you told them.

I made as stacked cake for a girl at work. She bought me a candy dispenser spiderman to use a the topper. it had a base that was 2' round. I finished the cake and put on her topper.

It seemed cute, until 4pm at work when she told me the top layer was splitting in half (due to the topper). Anyway I repaired with a straw (what do you have at work). Patched with extra icing and told her to be extra careful getting it home.

I was a nervous wreck. Her family and son LOVED it.

It was beautiful to them (just not to me).

Keep on caking!

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cakebaker1957 Posted 5 Dec 2008 , 4:18pm
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Oh ive been there done that. It happens to the best of us, I know what your saying i have this one wedding cake that me and a friend did , i hated that cake but the bride liked it and thats all that matters, Keep on caking,

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Tita9499 Posted 8 Dec 2008 , 12:20am
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Girl I feel you!! You're not alone!

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Trixyinaz Posted 8 Dec 2008 , 2:39pm
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Hang in there! I have yet another possible disaster on my hands too. It sucks, but I think if we didn't have these, we'd have no mistakes to learn from. And honestly, I learn more from my mistakes than doing a cake right from start to finish. I think I've just gotten lucky with my cakes that had NO issues what so ever.

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