Raspberry Butter Cream????

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OhMyGoodies Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 5:46pm
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I have a client that is requesting White Cake, Raspberry filling and Raspberry butter cream. How can I make the raspberry butter cream so that it stays white? She doesn't want the raspberry color just the flavor.

So has stated that her fiance doesn't like fruit with seeds and she doesn't want it really fruity so I'm kind of confussed that she'd ask for raspberry filling and icing because raspberry is such a strong over powering flavor... but right now we're just trying to get things straight for the TASTING cake not worried with the wedding cake yet lol....

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

I have found recipes for using seedless raspberry jam/jelly as a filling, and for using the same as a mix in for butter cream but they all show a pinkish icing. I've also seen recipes stating you can use a raspberry liquer which I do have on hand for use with cake balls but it's BRIGHT redish pink and it does color yellow/white cake pink so I know it will change the color of the icing...

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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Ironbaker Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 5:56pm
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I recently made a raspberry filling for a white chocolate cake that turned out so good! I used a recipe from CC: http://cakecentral.com/cake_recipe-2503-2-Raspberry-Filling.html

I halved the recipe. Tastes so much better than the jams, IMO.

For the BC, maybe you can use the Lorann oils....

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Ironbaker Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 6:04pm
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HA!! That was my 2000th post!!! party.gifparty.gifparty.gif

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stlcakelady Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 6:32pm
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What about a raspberry flavoring? You can buy them at your local cake shop. I'm not sure if it's an oil or not though. I just made a raspberry buttercream for a cake this past weekend. It was colored though. Everybody raved about it. It was just my regular buttercream with seedless black raspberry jam added. It was soooo good. It had a little tartness but sweet from the buttercream. Just the right compliment to a white cake. You could ask them to "try" it with the color to see if it tastes good. After all, are they really going to be standing around looking at the INSIDE of the cake?!

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kakeladi Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 7:29pm
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Candy flavoring or Loranns(sp?)icon_smile.gif Just make your regular icing and add some. They are Very strong so just use a drop or so & taste it....give it a few minutes for the flavor to penatrate/mix.

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redpanda Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 8:21pm
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McCormick/Schilling has a raspberry extract that is pretty good, and I think it doesn't add much color, if any.

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BethHansen Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 8:35pm
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One of my favorite fillings is the Rasberry Mousse Filling ll posted on this site by 2boysmom. It is simple to make and tastes delicious! Just make sure you use an all-fruit jam.

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DerrellC Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 8:55pm
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I know that LORANN OILS has raspberry flavor oil.Don't know if it would a dd a color. Give them a call 1-800-862-8620 or 1-800-248-1302

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mbt4955 Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 8:58pm
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McCormick makes Raspberry extract, but I like the Lorann much better. It is pale pink coming out of the bottle, but I use it in my buttercream and the icing comes out white. Just use a little. The McCormick Raspberry White Chocolate Cake recipe calls for 1 T of raspberry flavoring and I use 1/2 t of Lorann. By the way, that cake is delicious and is one of my most requested. Raspberry filling and white chocolate raspberry buttercream. Yum!!

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JessDesserts Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 9:09pm
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my mouth is watering.......please tell me where I can find the recipe for the Mcormick White choc raspberry cake ( I might have mixed up the order of that) icon_razz.gif

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mbt4955 Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 9:52pm
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Just go to the McCormick website (mccormick.com) and do a search for raspberry white chocolate or white chocolate raspberry (either one works). I'll try the link ... if it doesn't work, pm me and I'll send it to you. I rarely use 6 oz of white chocolate - usually 3 oz, but the cake is even good without any. It is actually the basic butter cake from the Cake Mix Doctor cookbook with raspberry and white chocolate added.


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cylstrial Posted 12 Nov 2008 , 11:14pm
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You all are making me want a raspberry cake! I've never made raspberry on raspberry. I did make a raspberry with lemon once.. and it was delicious!

I'm making banana cakes right now.. and they are turning out great!

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OhMyGoodies Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 5:36am
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Thanks everyone! For some reason I'm not getting emails stating there is a reply. I'll have to investigate the Lorann oils and see what happens icon_smile.gif thanks so much!!! Anyone else that may have ideas is welcome to post I love new ideas on things!!

Thanks for the recipes also! icon_wink.gif

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sayhellojana Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 5:55am
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I've used the LorAnn raspberry and it was very good, so hopefully you'll find something that works for you.

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HerBoudoir Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 1:13pm
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Silver Cloud Estates makes a pretty good raspberry extract, and it's usually available at Chesapeake Gourmet.

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