Anyone Interested In Doing A Gingerbread House Thread

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-K8memphis Posted 16 Nov 2014 , 11:56pm
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good save!


those are definitely reindeer not bambi  -- it's the lime green rather than evergreen color more than anything that lightens the season a bit but i mean you got christmas trees and the dainty refined piping -- i like it -- you did a great job --


you could make a nice poppa bear chair to sit in there to disguise the board -- put a rug under it

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MBalaska Posted 17 Nov 2014 , 12:02am
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Originally Posted by Dayti 


It's not screaming Christmas at me either, maybe because of the sweets I chose to stick on it?



@Dayti You continually amaze with your creations.  answer to why it's not screaming, it's colors are soft delicate pastels.  Bold red, dark green, and solid gold scream Christmas.

It's a fabulous first entry into the world of gingerbread houses!!  ( Please sell me a big bottle of artistic talent, special delivery from Spain.)

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cakebaby2 Posted 17 Nov 2014 , 12:05am
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Hey glad I followed Ms Alaska and found this thread what a gorgeous house Dayti well done you.

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shanter Posted 17 Nov 2014 , 12:09am
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How about a green wreath on the chimney - could be fondant, gumpaste, royal, other, with little red-dragee "berries."

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Dayti Posted 17 Nov 2014 , 12:12am
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AYes, lazy me had lime green RI already so I used that :) The problem in this country is getting a wide assortment of sweets in the colours one wants. I went a bit mad and stuck all sorts of stuff on there. I am quite pleased with myself. I hate decorating cookies, but this was quite fun. I suppose because there aren't really any rules to follow in terms of placement and decoration. I am going to use more red, green (the right green) and gold on the next one. Toying with selling them - not sure it was Mimi in this thread or another one where she sold them in her bakery in the past, and was talking about production lines. Could be fun, or a nightmare (before Christmas). At least you can start them early I guess! Thank you for your comments x

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Dayti Posted 17 Nov 2014 , 12:15am
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ATotally will be doing a wreath. I think with RI and a little leaf tip and I use red non-pareils all the time so I have a load. Great idea Shanter! I don't want to add too much candy up there. The front of the roof was a bit bendy today and I would hate to see the thing crash and burn before I give it to my friend on Thursday.

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cazza1 Posted 17 Nov 2014 , 1:28am
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Oh Dayti, you have my mind on the gingerbread again and there are just too many things to try in my life.  I made a gingerbread house about 20 years ago and I saw the picture yesterday and it is appalling.  My daughter loved it as it was covered in lollies and she was very little but it would be a good entry for cake wrecks.  Yours is beautiful.

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Dayti Posted 17 Nov 2014 , 7:16pm
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You should make another one Cazza! I found it quite relaxing, strangely enough. Not sure I would feel the same if I had 20 to make though lol.

Here is an updated picture. I am not doing anything else to except piping gel on the pond and ribbon around the board. I piped over the lime green with forest green (I tried chipping the lime green off but it wouldn't budge and I didn't want to wreck the flooded base), added a wreath to each side of the chimney, a bit of green to the trees and also a little "ivy" to the side walls and back, which only had windows piped on. Oh and I added icicles front and back but I expect some will fall off during transport.


Now I want to start another one and make it more Christmassy but I'm a bit too busy this week!


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cakebaby2 Posted 18 Nov 2014 , 1:17am
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Now, If and I mean "if" I was a wrinkled old crone with a gravelly voice and a nice line in terror, I would stand at a homespun gate with a bent back and walking stick and say;


" EE chillun dont go a'walking in them woods and stray yee by the witches house with all the manner of fine sweets she be giving yee"


Thankfully I'm not bent or croned...quite winsome actually...but that's one gorgeously seductive house seriously...who we a'trapping girl? x

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cazza1 Posted 18 Nov 2014 , 9:22am
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...and I think it is even better now with the forest green.

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-K8memphis Posted 18 Nov 2014 , 10:48pm
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yes it's even better now -- making me wanna toss a few batches of gingerbread dough in the fridge dot dot dot ---


but even more beautiful ggb house, dayti

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MBalaska Posted 19 Nov 2014 , 9:27am
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Yes it is better @Dayti

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