Ever Drop A Cake...i Have.

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hammer1 Posted 31 Jul 2008 , 3:02am
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My sister-in-law held her reception at my new house, of course I was to bake the cake. The day before the reception, I made the "perfect" cake with beautiful dark mauve and ivory roses. Since the reception was at my house I decided to go ahead and stack the cake before I moved it. I only had to move it a few feet to the dining room table.

I had placed the cake on one of those old wilton stands with the post up the middle. you screw the cake plate on add a layer, cut a hole in the cake add it and a post etc. It was a stable stand. However, the bottom cake plate has feet on it.

As I entered the dining room and went to place the cake on the table, the plate leg hooked one of my pressed back chair tops. The cake became unbalanced, so did I. The center post actually broke. The top layer hit my wall and white curtains landing on my light tan carpet. the second layer slipped off and the third layer bent over and touched the bottom layer. I salvaged the bottom layer.

Needless to say I went into a crying jag. not only did my house have to be spotless for the reception, the cake did too. It was about 5pm in the evening. I know you have all had this kind of a day. Everything that had ever bothered my started coming out of my mouth between sobs; my weight even got into the picture.

My husband gave me a hug, washed down the wall, scrubbed the red from the carpet and headed to Krogers for supplies.

By the time he arrived back I was ready to start again. Needless to say I am now very careful and paranoid about deliveries.

Learn by your mistakes.


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Cakenicing4u Posted 31 Jul 2008 , 3:09am
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AWWWWW I have dropped quite a few in my life....

the strawberry filled full sheet that slid down me....

The 'here it is!' view of it, and it slips out of my hands and slams the floor....

I so feel your pain, and I'm sorry... I would have warned you about that stand!! A few weeks ago I set up that stand with 250 cupcakes, all six plates, a cake on top with a huge floral arrangement..... in a windstorm on a hill..... EGADS-- I made them move it because it was swaying in the breeze... it's definitly not the most sturdy one ever!

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jibbies Posted 31 Jul 2008 , 3:21am
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Fortunately I've not dropped a cake (yet) but my poor husband who is wonderful about helping was delivering a birthday cake for me. He got it to the customers house, walked up their brick steps in the garage and caught his toe on the front of one of the steps, he fell but the cake never touched the ground, he just kept it up in both hands and took the full force of the fall on his knees, he ended up breaking his big toe. That's been about 4 years ago and his toe is just now getting back to normal.


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lisa78332 Posted 31 Jul 2008 , 3:43am
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I've got a hubby one.
so my DH asks me to make a cake for his boss since he is leaving to another department. However, I think this cake was never meant to be. So when he calls me around 2 p.m. and asks me to bake it, I start out with a 1/4 sheet. Then he calls me and asks for it to be round. Lol..so this was when I was first experimenting with cutting up shapes, so I said to myself...how hard can it be? If Duff can do it, so can I!!! icon_biggrin.gif Needless to say, thats when I jinxed the cake...... So I cut it out round and try as I may, I can't get the darn thing to stack right and when it does stack right, the icing is too thin and it starts to run, then the cake starts sliding. By this time DH is home and says to just make it whatever way because he hates his boss anyway, but is "trying to be nice." So I remember that I had some left over fondant and I use that to cover and stabilize the cake. I kept saying "I have NEVER EVER done a cake this horrible before!" And... DH is laughing.... so now the cake is further jinxed.... so anyway, I finally finish the cake pack it in a plastic cake carrier and hubby takes it to work the next day. NOW... he KNOWS how to transport cakes...BUT he decides to put it on the seat... Sooooo yep you guessed it... he hits the breaks and it slides off.... So he ended up going to the grocery store and buying a pie for his boss. and we ate squished cake for dinner!!!!!

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cheeseball Posted 31 Jul 2008 , 4:05am
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YES. But mine was kinda funny, because I was supposed to go to this thing that I didn't want to go to, and while I was thinking, "How am I going to get out of this?", I dropped the bottom tier of the wedding cake I was working on. My Dad walks in, gives me the raised eyebrow and goes, "Huh. Guess ya don't have to go now." First and only time I ever dropped a cake icon_lol.gif

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Karema Posted 31 Jul 2008 , 4:53am
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but I was crying then. It was Thanksgiving and my family was going to my inlaws house. I had made a red velvet cake from scratch (first time). I didnt like how it tasted but that was ok. My son decided to take a huge chunk off and eat it. He was one at the time. I wanted to just die. So I decided to bake up a chocolate cake and that would be fine. Well I grab some box mix and some canned frosting and make up a cake really quick. We all are getting packed up to leave and I put each cake into one of those plastic carriers. I Walked out to the car and went to lift one arm up to put the cake on the trunk. The top came off and the cake fell flat on the ground. Guess which one it was. Yup you guess it the chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I cried my heart out and said I was not going to dinner and I was a moron for dropping that cake. My husband consoled me and I ended up taking the dry red velvet cake and was mortified, Because it had a huge chunk missing. My mother thought it was adorable that her grandson had tried to "help" make the cake. I can laugh now. But beware dont trust those plastic carriers and hold the plastic white part underneath or you can end up like me.

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