*stressed And Need To Vent* (Very Long)

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cakesbyjen Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 12:51am
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so for about 7 months i worked at an italian bakery decorating cakes... dream come true, and it just ended today and kind of made me wish it hadn't happened at all...

i moved to a new town and terribly needed a new job, and walked into this bakery with no prior knowledge of it and asked if they were hiring a cake decorator, and THEY WERE! it just seemed too perfect... their decorator was moving out of state and they had about a week to replace her... perfect perfect... i started right away and when the day finally came for her to move, she decided last minute to stay... i thought right away they'd let me go, but they kept me, which was hard because i was offered 40 hours a week and now had to split that with another....

well, things were fine at first for a while, but her and the other pastry chef were like two high school girls where if you wore the wrong shoes one day it was over with them... and i must've bought the wrong shoes because they just stopped talking to me... AT ALL, not even just socially, but work related topics...

they didn't tell me about special orders or things that needed done or were already finished... it actually escaladed when we had a wedding table/individual cake order for 140 cakes, and i did half of them by myself while they did who knows what, and when they said they were going to help, they meant they were going to stay on the other side of the bakery and help EACH OTHER not me...

I just don't know what happened... i'm not a slacker by the smallest, if anyone if the bakery needed help, i'd do anything from dishes to wait on customers to prepare food for the chefs, which is completely out of my realm...

i just don't know what i did to merit that kind of treatment, i wasn't working there to make friends, i just wanted to work and decorate cakes, so i had to find a new job for my emotional stability, and when i did, i put in my two weeks today, but instead i'm met with a "don't worry about coming in anymore, they need to learn to work without you, and we're all leaving on good terms so let's not ruin that"

now i feel like everything was my fault, and all along i thought i was helping so much... people are so fickle...

sorry it's so long, i don't know how else to deal with this, if anyone reads this, thanks....

i guess i won't be uploading cake pictures anytime soon or as often... icon_cry.gif

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wildflower Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 1:32am
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awww im soo sorrry you had to go through that!
but honestly u need to stop feeling like its ur fault because the way u explained,u really did ur best,even beyond what was expected of u and at the end of the day,u can tell urself that u have it in u to try ur best and u did,whatever else is someone elses problem
i know how hard it must be though and i truly am srry u had to live through that[i have myself had a recent experience with just exactly how fickle ppl can be,the owner though not the workers]
anyway im going to quote and entirely overused sentence which still somehow always manages to get me through the hard times
"what doesnt kill you only makes u stronger"icon_wink.gif
hope u feel better soon!

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loriana Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 2:32am
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Hey Jen,

ok here's what I think. Do you ever visit Salon.com? Great liberal magazine with a columnist who always gives interesting advice that is psychology-based. His name is Cary Tennis.


Im going to try to give you advise like he does, by looking at the bigger picture here. In your story, which is really well articulated, you pretty much painted a nice big picture of how this went down.

I don't think you did *anything* wrong at all, with the exception of being in the wrong place at what seemed like the right time. And wasn't. It strike me as just two girls who are pretty shallow and you were just in the way. That's all! They probably wished you never walked in and offered your talents, your sweat and blood and were so darned helpful. They were jealous and felt you were a threat. And the decorator who stayed probably didn't want to share her hours with you. This is all nothing personal against you. You did *nothing* wrong. Trust me.

The owners probably really loved having you and this other decorator may have felt threatened by that as well. Just take a deep breath, chalk it up to having learned something in those short months and later you can laugh about it when you think back on those other girls and their high-school cliche.

Here's a story to make you feel better about how time will make you laugh about it: the summer I was pregnant and working as a cake decorator at Kroger for like $7.50 an hour, I was totally degraded. I just quit from a job that I was probably going to be fired at anyway. I hated my type-A boss who was in sales for a big company and I was being as difficult as I could manage to get away with (hehe) icon_rolleyes.gif but that summer, my second day at work, I was wearing a chocolate, icing and , flour-covered apron with an awful floury baseball cap over my knot of strangled hair.

I was putting some new bread on the shelves and my old boss walks in. Not just him, but his entire entourage of business partners and HIS boss from the corporate office along with like 8 other business men in suits. He sees me like 10 feet away and is shocked. I mean, 4 days earlier I was dressed in business clothes and heels.

One of the people says "hey... isn't that your old assistant?" he turns beet red and looks away. He says. "uh... yeah. It is.... " and they all laugh at me and turn away. The one super b*tchy woman with them (I always hated her) turns back and smirks at me and then flips her head. I was SOOOO humiliated. At the time.

Now it's just funny when I think about it. That will happen to you too, don't worry! icon_cool.gif

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taxnerd Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 3:11am
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I feel for you. I once had a job (not in the baking industry) where I was treated terribly and my bosses would do anything to make me look bad so that they could look like they saved the day. I also felt like they wished they hadn't hired me. I was a hard worker and alway tried to do my work correctly and on time, but I couldn't seem to do anything right according to them. When I finally left, the job of my dreams was offered to me less than a month later. I know you felt like you already had your dream job, but there's something better out there for you. It was NOT your fault.

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tracycakes Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 3:46am
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Not your fault and don't take any blame. Women are hard to work with, especially when you are the new person and I've seen it over and over. My mom is a hard worker, but worked at an office where the young female boss had her "clique" and everyone else was out. It sounds like immature females and jealousy.

Best luck to you and a better opportunity will come along. Keep your head up. thumbs_up.gif

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Texas_Rose Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 4:28am
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Well, you got the experience, and you said you have another job lined up, so it's not as bad as it could be.

Because you were more interested in getting work done than gossiping, you were a threat to the other two girls. That's why they treated you like that. Your boss probably knew who was doing the work and who wasn't, or if not, he'll know after you've been gone a week. It's hard too with a job based on creativity and skill, because no two people are ever exactly equal in their abilties, so it's really possible that the other decorator felt intimidated by you.

Some employers don't let employees finish out a two week (or any) notice, figuring that the employee might cause some sort of mischief during their last days there. That's probably a company policy and nothing to do with you personally (I used to manage a convenience store and I never let anyone work their last shift, because the chain I was working for said that we couldn't. )

You can either enjoy a mini vacation, even if you don't go anywhere, or call your new job and say that you schedule has opened up and you're available to start sooner if they want.

Good luck, and don't let what happened make you feel bad, it wasn't your fault.

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