Msg From Fat Daddios On Testing Our Pans

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GregSkipper Posted 27 May 2008 , 5:57pm
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Hello CC Members:

My name is Greg Skipper and I am one of the owners of Fat Daddios. I wanted to give you a bit of my background and history with cake pans and baking supplies. I apologize in advance for the length of this email but I feel it is important I respond. In addition, there is a special reward for those of you that perservere through my message.

To begin, I appreciate the experiment conducted. It is a testament to the quality of the members on this board always "looking out" for their fellow member. I have listed some reasons below why our pans performed differently in this test and hope that through a change in handling will result in better results for each of you.

My family has manufactured bakeware since the 1960's. In fact, we started in business to private label manufacture the Magic Line pans. Over the next 30+ years we manufactured many other companies pans as well. During that time we heard many of the things people loved about our pans and things people would like changed. I took many of the thousands of suggestions we received over 30 years of manufacturing and developed the Fat Daddios brand of bakeware.

Yes, the pans are very different from what we made for Magic Line. EVERYTHING we did was intentional and for a very specific purpose. All of our pans are anodized to provide a clean and safer surface to bake on. This process seals the natural aluminum and prevents any leaching of contaminants or aluminum into your food and provides for an easier clean-up. Further, anodizing hardens the metal causing our pans to be nearly as hard as stainless steel, ensuring a longer life. Natural aluminum bakeware has been reported by the FDA to leach aluminum into your food especially so with acidic foods. The same report by the FDA explains how anodized aluminum seals the metal and prevents that contamination and leaching.

Our pans bake differently than ML pans. Our pans conduct heat differently and more efficiently. That being said our pans should be baked at 325 degrees for standard ovens and as low as 300 degrees for convection ovens. In addition, our pans should be baked for a shorter period of time than ML pans. This efficiency has been proven by numerous large commercial bakeries around the world, all of whom have switched their production lines to our pans. If you bake at 340 or higher in our pans crowning will occur. That is also the reason there were issues with crumbs. Too much heat resulted in crowning, overbaking, and drying out. This will always create crumb issues. If you make these adjustments you will find a substantially better baking experience.

Please don't get me wrong, I think ML is a great pan, my family made it for decades. I just believe we have created something truly different, safer, and better. Ironically, our process actually costs us more money to manufacture than if I chose to make the pans the same as we did for ML. There is no reason why I would have chose to make the pans the way we now do and incur higher costs if I did not feel would provide a benefit to YOU our customers.

For that reason, I have spoke with Alan at Global Sugar Art about a special promotion. I am sending him just over 50 of our pans at no charge. He is going to create a special product page on his website that you can go on and order one of these pans at absolutely NO CHARGE. Fat Daddios is going to cover all costs for the product and shipping. We want you to try for yourself and let us know your thoughts. Alan said he would have the page set up next Tuesday for those of you who would like to take advantage of this offer. I welcome ANY questions you may have. I can be emailed at gskipper @ . For those of you going to ICES, please stop by and chat with me as I would love to talk more about our products and new items being developed. In addition, there will be some great freebies for those of you that come by!

Again thanks for bearing with this long post and please contact me with any questions. I appreciate your time and support!

Warm Regards,


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CakeDiva73 Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:05pm
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Wow, thanks a lot! That is great information. Sort of wish I knew this a week ago, lol. Thanks again for taking the time to post and making this offer available.

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rezzygirl Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:06pm
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Thanks for posting your response and answering so many questions we have about your product. Your promo will be a great chance for us to try your quality pans for ourselves. Thanks again!

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foxymomma521 Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:08pm
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Thanks for taking the time to explain your product!! One question I do have, are they produced in the US or China? (I only ask because I try and buy products made in the US as much as possible, and because you said you used to produce ML pans, and thought maybe the original poster was mistaken thumbs_up.gif )

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acookieobsession Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:10pm
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Wow, what a great way to step up and promote your product. I am impressed with your willingness to encourage a test of your products! Excellent explanations and response.

I too liked the comparison that the other member made, I think she was fair and honest. I applaud that your company stands behind their product in the face of a consumer review.



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gottabakenow Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:10pm
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thanks so much for taking the time to post this! hopefully I'll have the chance to test your product. thanks again!

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Amy729 Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:11pm
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Hi Greg,

I emailed back a forth with you a a couple months ago about trying out one of your pans. Unfortunately I still haven't gotten one to try yet.

Are you still planning on sending it out or should I try to get one from GSA?

Amy T.

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AJsGirl Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:12pm
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Wow, thanks! I'll be sure to check it out!

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bambuf Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:18pm
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Way to step in response to the Consumer! thumbs_up.gif I look forward to the opportunity to test your pans! icon_smile.gif

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ssunshine564 Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:19pm
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I own a set of the Fat Daddios square pans and I just love them. They bake perfect everytime.

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staceyboots Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:21pm
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It really does augur well for the FD brand that someone in a senior management position would take the time to respond to concerns about their product!!

Also, the fact that you responded to the member's test so promptly means that your company really does appreciate the fact that there are a lot of users on CC who take the info provided here seriously!

I sincerely hope that I will be one of the lucky ones to test your product when your promo starts next week!!!

Oh...welcome to CC!!

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tracycakes Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:31pm
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Wow! I am very impressed with the message from Greg. They really do stand behind their product and that speaks volumes to me. I will definitely be trying out their pans.

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btrsktch Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:32pm
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Welcome to CC. Great news about your pans, I'd love to try them out!

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Mike1394 Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:35pm
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Great response. Thank You.


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justsweet Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:46pm
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Have your pan and love them. As mention by you I do bake mine at 325 as was suggested by other people and a professional cake decorator to me.

thank you for taking the time and posting this information for others to read.

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CakeDiva73 Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:47pm
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Although the Sugarcraft website says "Pans made in USA', a different one lists China as the country of origin for FD pans....maye he will come back and clarify. icon_smile.gif

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Mamas Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:54pm
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I am impressed almost to the point of speechlessness. . . . I am touched by your concern and commitment to customer satisfaction. Based on that alone you have gained a new fan/customer.

I wish I would have seen this sooner. I just finally invested in a full set of Magic Line pans (based on the recommendation of other CC'ers) 2 each in 6", 8", and 10" round and one set of 10" square. I saw the Fatdaddios pans and was tempted but was completely unfamiliar with the line and opted to go with something I knew and trusted. Darn!

I have often wondered why people do not unbderstand the buying power of our humble little group. You are definately a smart man . . . . best of luck to you.

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Suzycakes Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:54pm
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Now that is Customer Service!! I have not tried the FD brand of pan yet -- but I will after Gregs comments and support.


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akgirl10 Posted 27 May 2008 , 6:58pm
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Thank you Greg for explaining your product. I have been trying to decide on some new pans for a week or so, and now I feel like I have the information I need to make a good decision.

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mommarivera Posted 27 May 2008 , 7:06pm
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WOW thanks !!!!

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TooMuchCake Posted 27 May 2008 , 7:17pm
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Whoa, I would LOVE to have another Fat Daddio's pan!! I got my triangle pan set from GSA with a gift certificate I won at a cake show. I love the different shape. Yes, I have to fill in the edges with some extra icing where the edges are rounded, but it doesn't really bother me to do that. I'm happy to be able to find economical pans in alternate shapes.

Thanks for posting this for us!

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CoutureCakeCreations Posted 27 May 2008 , 7:18pm
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WOW, I sure will keep my eyes open for this one!!!!

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jylbug Posted 27 May 2008 , 7:19pm
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Thank you for sharing that. That says a lot about you and your company.

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Amia Posted 27 May 2008 , 7:28pm
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Your msg says a lot about the product and especially the company! Great customer service! Thanks for sharing. I hope I can get one of those free pans! thumbs_up.gif

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CakesBySandy Posted 27 May 2008 , 7:30pm
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Thanks Greg for your response!!

The cake supply store I shop at use to carry only ML and Wilton so of course I purchased the ML and loved it. However, last week I was in a bind and needed a 12 x 18 pan and had no time to order. I ran out to my supplier and low and behold they stopped selling ML and now sell FD. I snarled because the FD did not have the sharp edges like ML. So I purchased the FD pan, baked in it and loved it! IN fact I noticed I did not have dry corners like I do with ML. I use the baking strips all the time and continued to do so with the FD pan. Needless to say, I was very impressed. FD is great product and I will be purchasing more.


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SadEyes Posted 27 May 2008 , 7:32pm
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Auryn Posted 27 May 2008 , 7:33pm
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thank you for taking the time to post and respond.
It shows a great deal of pride and involvement in the company and the product.

I've been looking into getting some fun shaped pans, guess I will have to add fat daddios to the list.

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MeMo07 Posted 27 May 2008 , 7:33pm
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I've never bought any type of pan but Wilton (I'm new to this) but based on this post, I will definatly be buying som Fat Daddios! What GREAT service you have! icon_smile.gif

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MavericksMommy Posted 27 May 2008 , 7:41pm
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Thanks for taking the time to explain the science behind your unique product. I have been needing some pans in several different sizes and have wondered how your product performs. I hope that I will be able to get one of the samples you sent over to try!

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SugarMama602 Posted 27 May 2008 , 7:47pm
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I'd love to try one of the pans! I'll be on the lookout for the link for the freebie.

The info about aluminum leaching is invaluable.

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