Any Member Familiar With Memphis?

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JodieF Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 8:56pm
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I want to bring the DH to Memphis for a weekend at the end of July to celebrate our 5th anniversary. We'll drive down Friday night and have to head back home Sunday afternoon. I really want to take him to the Gibson Guitar Factory because I know he'd love that.
Are there any other "must do's"??? Restaurants we shouldn't miss for sure? Nice, reasonably priced hotels (I've checked and the downtown hotels are over $250 a night...out of the budget!). We'll have our car, but I don't want to be too far out.

And, most importantly, any cake decorating stores I can visit??? icon_biggrin.gif

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Mizuki Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 9:06pm
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Eat at Charlie Vargo's Rendezvous and Tops BBQ, see the ducks at the Peabody Hotel, and SHOP!! icon_biggrin.gif

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turtle22 Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 9:12pm
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Mary Carter Decorating Supplies is a great local shop. About 15 minutes from Downtown

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JodieF Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 10:55pm
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Thanks for the replies!
Does anyone have any other ideas? I really want to find a neat place to stay.....something different from Holiday Inn or Best Western.
The rib place sounds fantastic and I'm definitely doing to go to the Cake Decorating store.


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CNCS Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 11:02pm
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I love Mary Carter!!! I go there often. It's a small place but it's great!!!

Eat at Corky's if you can.
Go see the ducks at the Peabody. Go by Graceland, The casino's at Tunica MS (just a bit south of memphis on 61) have great food. Paula Deen is opening a restaurant in one of the casinos Harrah's opening in May.

if you can go to Clarksdale MS and eat at Morgan Freemans restaurant Madidi ( ), or his blues club Ground Zero.

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JodieF Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 7:59pm
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Again...thanks for the suggestions! Please keep them coming if you're familiar with Memphis!
I've been looking for a bed and breakfast, as an alternative to a hotel. Does anyone know anything about the Sassafras Inn in Hernando?


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CNCS Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 8:03pm
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Call their chamber of commerce.

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lablady_29 Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 8:16pm
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Have you ever used priceline to book a room? My DH and I stay Friday Night at the Hilton for $55.00.

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JodieF Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 9:16pm
post #9 of 25 does the Priceline thing work??? I went and looked and saw I had to make a bid and then put in my credit card info. Is that what you did?


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lablady_29 Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 9:29pm
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Yes, that is what you do. Also you pick an area and start with 5 star hotels. Bid the amount you want to try for. Then if you can't get a five star you could try the price on a 4 star. DH says do not put in airport area. Too noisy. Try east Memphis or down town. Good luck!

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JulieB Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 8:45am
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I don't know about Priceline. I've been burned. Booked a hotel, paid for it, got there and it was so NOT! what was advertised, and getting my money back took forever. Ended up staying elsewhere, of course, and even the rep when I called Priceline to cancel and explained the situation was totally unsympathetic. Won't do that again.

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CNCS Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 11:59am
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There are some B&B's on beale st. The one that stands out from all the magazine and newspaper articles is Hunt Phelan.

Beautiful place.

There should be more down on Beale St.

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bellsnbows Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 12:33pm
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Rendezvous is a must do (downtown). It is fabulous! Ask a local for directions because it is hard to find. I've lived here my whole life and couldn't find it by myself!
Please be careful about the area you choose your hotel in. Though I love this city, it can be very dangerous if you are in the wrong area. For example, I would not stay near the airport or Graceland. If you find one you are interested in, pm me and I'd be happy to tell you how the area is. Hernando is a very nice town. I don't know anything about the B & B itself, but it is a small, up and coming town. Cute little historical town square with nice shops. If you stay there you are very close to the casinos in Tunica and there is a nice restaurant on the Hernando square called Tim Beaux's.
There is also a B & B in Byhalia, MS called Thistledome. That's where I live, not too far from Memphis.
I love Mary Carter's! There is also The Candy Shop in Southaven, MS (not too far from Hernando). If you are driving Hwy 55 from Hernando to downtown Memphis you pass right through Southaven.
I'll try to think of some more must do's. The Redbirds (baseball) games are really fun. They are at the Autozone Park downtown.

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CNCS Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 12:41pm
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Yeah, the sw side is kinda seedy. The one way streets near the river Pyramid/St. Jude will really get you in a bind.

The pan handlers will irratate you to death near the clubs on Beale.

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kettlevalleygirl Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 1:06pm
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My husband travels for business, I sometimes get to tag along... We went to Nashville, and then rented a car and drove to Memphis. I bought the Frommer's travel book, (the two cities were in one book, I believe)..I read it, and it has "what to do in two or three days" which is all we had...I booked the hotel, right across from the Peabody at a reasonable rate based on the book...this was about 8 years ago but it was the best investment, for all the must see places. Especially since we had a very limited time.
Also did Savannah Georgia, and Charleston this way....I have had nothing but good luck with the Frommers Guide...
Have fun....we had a great time.

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JodieF Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 9:03pm
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Thanks to you all for your comments, pm's and offers of help! I will definitely check out the Frommer's book too.

I will admit that you're making me a little nervous about it being unsafe. icon_surprised.gif
I'm not really sure we'll be going to the Clubs though. We're not really "Club" kinda folks. I just really want the DH to see the Gibson Guitar Factory and get some really good barbecue.

Keep the comments coming!


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loriana Posted 18 Mar 2008 , 6:19pm
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Hey Jodie!

I live in Memphis. Great city. Here are my suggestions. Don't worry, it is not unsafe in all the areas you would visit. You wouldn't want to hang out near Mary Carter's at night though. Bad neighborhood. Great store and great owners though! icon_smile.gif

1. Forget Corkey's and Rendezvous. The best BBQ is at the Commissary in Germantown. Believe me. My family won't go anywhere else when they visit from California.

2. Visit the Pink Palace museum. Great great museum about the south and Memphis's history. Awesome wooden circus display, cotton industry, old uniforms, Civil War memorbilia, everything. Also a good IMAX theatre:

3. Ride past Rhodes College, down old Walnut Grove and see some beautiful southern architecture. Look for websites for "driving tours" it's worth the 45 minutes.

4. Visit Beale street for the music and a casual drink at night. Good Elvis impersonators LOL

5. Even if you are not an Elvis fan, go see Graceland. It is an experience unlike anything else. Think 60'd-out shag carpet covered ceilings and kitzy monuments with a lot of rhinestones. Totally fun (and Im not an Elvis fan)

Have fun and PM me if you want more ideas!

Lisa (Loriana)

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Caker_Girl Posted 19 Mar 2008 , 2:31pm
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Hunt Phelan would be a great place to stay if you are looking for a B&B. I love it there. They have a restaurant downstairs which the one time I went was really good. Someone said their brunch on Sunday is incredible.

All these BBQ places are good but everyone has their faves...but all in all, it is Memphis BBQ and you can't go wrong with any of the top spots.

Anyways, PM me if you have any questions. Since I am purposely trying to think of places you should go, I am drawing a blank of course!

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JodieF Posted 21 Mar 2008 , 3:40pm
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I made a reservation at the Sassafras Inn in Hernando. The owner has been lovely to work with.
You can't imagine how much I appreciate all your suggestions. I will be pm'ing you when it's a bit closer to trip time!

It's so nice to know I can always count on my fellow CC'ers! icon_biggrin.gif

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JodieF Posted 22 Jul 2008 , 9:39pm
post #20 of 25 out! We're heading your way on Friday! *woo hoo*

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loriana Posted 22 Jul 2008 , 9:52pm
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Originally Posted by JodieF out! We're heading your way on Friday! *woo hoo*

Cool! PM me if you are going to be in Memphis itself. Maybe we could meet up sometime icon_smile.gif If you plan to do any cake shopping, maybe we could meet at Mary Carter

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JodieF Posted 22 Jul 2008 , 11:18pm
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That would be great! Is the cake shop anywhere near the Gibson Guitar Factory? We have a reservation at 2, but I think David will want to stay for HOURS! I could sneak out for a cake shop visit if it's close!


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loriana Posted 23 Jul 2008 , 3:31pm
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Hey Jodie!

I googled the directions for ya:;_ylc=X3oDMTExNmIycG51BF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEc2VjA2ZwLWJ1dHRvbgRzbGsDbGluaw--#mvt=m&lat=35.145486&lon=-90.003625&zoom=14&q1=145%20Lt.%20George%20W.%20Lee%20Avenue%2C%2038103&q2=3205%20summer%20ave%2C%20memphis%2C%20TN&gid2=15063858

Mary Carter is on 3205 Summer Ave. and the Gibson Factory is on 145 Lt. George W. Lee Avenue. It says about 17 minutes or 7 miles.

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JodieF Posted 24 Jul 2008 , 6:17pm
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Loriana.....I would love to meet you, but I'm just not sure how it'll work out. So much depends on what time we arrive and how long David wants to spend at the guitar factory.
I'm going to pm you my cell. If you want to leave me your number, and are willing to play things by ear a little, I can call if it turns out I have a little time!


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jennywaldon Posted 25 Jul 2008 , 1:03pm
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Hey im headed to Memphis in a few myself. Were about hour and half away we are there alot. My husband is from there and my sil lives there. While your on Summer ,...if you like jewlery check out Jun-lees (sp) its a awsome Jewlery store with great stuff cheap. I believe its on summer ave. I will be visiting Mary Carter on Saturday!! have a great visit.

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