I Am Sooo Ashamed,but Could Anyone Help?

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JMama3 Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 8:57pm
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Ok,I have only made cookies from mixes or just your everyday choco chip cookies.I have never attempted to decorate any.So,my question is,where do I start?
I have read about the NFSC,so I got that recipe,I have no idea about how to make icing to decorate them, and it sounds like it is a pretty touchy job to tackle.
Any advice on my first batch of decorated cookies would be great,CC has never failed me before, Thank you all....J

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JoAnnB Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 9:00pm
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The first time may be a bit messy, just remember it is only flour, sugar, and misc ingredients. Use the cookie tutorial in the articles section, and don't expect perfection the first batch.

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JMama3 Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 9:09pm
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I'm gonna try it...I will expect failure!!LOL

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marina34 Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 9:16pm
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Hi there JMama3!

When I've done cookies, I've used the no fail recipe or Wilton's roll out dough. I also use Snow White Buttercream to ice them. I color the bc and decorate like normal, then let it crust before wrapping them. I prefer icing in bc vs. royal. When I've done royal, they were a little hard. I'm not sure if that's because I had frozen the cookies previously (they were room temp when I decorated), or if its just becuase royal dries hard. Either way, try both and pick what is best for you. I have a few cookies in my photos if you wanna see! Good luck, and make sure to post em when you're done!

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rosita6882 Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 9:19pm
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I find that when decorating sugar cookies it is easier to use buttercream and lots of it. I put a big amount of icing on it and then spread to get it as level as possible. Then i go around the sides with my small spatula and scrape off everything that goes over the edge. Then you can write a message on them or decorate them with flowers or anything else. Hope this helps. Also i have learned that if the cookies dont come out as round as youd like you and trim them with scizzors. They havent ever broke on me yet.

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JMama3 Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 9:22pm
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Ok,I never thought of that.But BC would be alot softer.
I was reading thru the article and She makes it look easy and that always disourages me,I don't know why.BUT if I can make a stacked wedding cake,then I can make A decorated COOKIE!!!

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elvisb Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 9:32pm
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Hello fellow Iowan! I am not a fan of making cut outs myself. Our school does a cookie fair fundraiser every year. They rely on the moms to bake around 10 doz cookies from 14 choices of recipes and we get together on a specified day and decorate the ones that need it. We always use bc to decorate them. It's worked well for as long as I can remember. It crusts up really well, then we wrap everything. I enjoy the decorating time. I just stink at getting really nice looking baked cut outs. icon_cry.gif I prefer to stick with drop cookies and drizzle icing on them. Or roll sugar cookie dough in colored sugar, then bake. I know, not very creative for someone who is willing to tackle a 200 person wedding cake, but those little buggers get me every time! icon_confused.gif I envy all you girls who whip out those cookie bouquets. They look awesome! thumbs_up.gif

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Titansgold Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 9:44pm
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Like they said, just keep in mind, no matter how much of a perfectionist you may be (and believe me I understand that one!), your cookies may not agree with you on just how fabulous and exquisite they should look. I'm sure they'll turn out great though, like elvisb said, we all envy the girls who can make the cookie bouquets look like an easy afternoon's hobby. icon_rolleyes.gif

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mbelgard Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 11:48pm
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Royal isn't really that hard to use. Make sure there is no grease on the utensils and keep the icing you aren't using covered and you'll be fine.

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JMama3 Posted 15 Nov 2006 , 5:14pm
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I thought cakes were hard,LOL
I know,practice practice practice.....Why was the cakes I made for practice soooo much more fun???

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kneadacookie Posted 15 Nov 2006 , 6:34pm
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just start with something without a lot of detail to get your bearings. i personally prefer to use toba garrett's glace icing. it's a little more forgiving. i envy you ladies who can whip out a tiered cake quicker than i can nuke a bowl of easy mac!!

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Zmama Posted 17 Nov 2006 , 2:58pm
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I use melted bc and decorate with regular bc. It makes it easy to use up the leftovers from doing a cake.

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mysonshines Posted 17 Nov 2006 , 3:12pm
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I agree, the NFSC is easy and tastes great. I can't resist tasting the dough. Have you made mmf before? I've used mmf for my base color and then accented with royal or Antonia's icing. Worked pretty well. icon_smile.gif

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MillyCakes Posted 17 Nov 2006 , 3:18pm
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I do what mysonshines as well! Yummy!

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ps3884 Posted 17 Nov 2006 , 3:27pm
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Here's a link to a great cookie tutorial done by antonia74.



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JulesM7 Posted 17 Nov 2006 , 3:36pm
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Zmama: when you say melted buttercream...what do you do to melt it and how melted is it when you put it on the cookies?


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Narie Posted 17 Nov 2006 , 3:46pm
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JMama3 There is NO reason to be ashamed. Not many people make cut out cookies anymore. Also - forget failure, it's not going to happen- unless you burn the cookies or something like that. I use a buttercream frosting because I like the taste on those style cookies. If you are looking for smooth style perfection, the Antonia frosting is the one to use.

The buttercream will give a rougher finish but my Christmas cookies look nice. Santa is a good smear of red with piped beard, boot cuff and pom-pon in white. Trees green with crystal sugar and yellow star. My scalloped cutter gets a smear of white and poinsettia of 5 red leaves, 3 green leaves and 3 or 5 dots of yellow in the center. ( I always make extra of these - people grab them first.) a small donut cutter becomes a wreath with a green leaf tip ruffle, a red bow and red hots. You get the idea.

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dodibug Posted 17 Nov 2006 , 3:56pm
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I highly recommend reading antonia's tutorial on making and decorating cookies in the articles. Very useful tips and info to make great cut out cookies. Her icing is fantastic and doesn't get rock hard like traditional ri.

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