How Do I Organize My All My Cake Stuff?

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imartsy Posted 12 Nov 2006 , 10:03pm
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Okay so I've seen great pictures and things of people with large areas of room organizing their cake stuff and showing us how wonderful it is - and heck yeah it is wonderful and I'd love to have that much room.... but I don't. I have a couple of those clear plastic drawers you can get at Target or Wal-mart and I have one big utility closet and then we're using the air-hockey table to hold the rest.... I'm just wondering if anyone has tips on HOW to organize stuff..... like what should go with what? Should icing bags and tips all go together? I have one of those little "tackle-box" like things they sell at the craft store - the Wilton one - and I put my tips and stuff in that.... I guess I'm just looking for ideas on how you all organize stuff....

Would you put all gumpaste & fondant stuff together? the molds and the actual stuff?

Would you put colors and flavors together? what about candy colors? would you put them with your icing colors?

Any ideas???? or tips??? they would be greatly appreciated!

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imartsy Posted 12 Nov 2006 , 11:04pm
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OKay I'm only bumping b/c it's been an hour.... no one has ANY ideas about organizing????

Cake circles w/ cake mixes?? Should pans be in the same place? what about 3D pans?? Crisco w/ fondant & fondant molds & tools? what should go with what to get things organized??

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JoanneK Posted 12 Nov 2006 , 11:12pm
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Oh how I wish I had a whole room to keep my stuff. Or better yet a whole cake kitchen. But I don't.

So I have my stuff all over. I do keep like things together. I have all my gumpaste cutters and everything that goes with gumpaste together. I have all my pans in boxes together except the ones I use a lot like the round ones. I just keep those in my kitchen with other pans.

I keep my cake rounds in the pantry next to the cake mixes and have a plastic open box with all my flavors, fillings and puddings together.

I have one box full of cookie cutters, one box full of chocolate moldss and I keep my pattern rolling pins and pattern matts together.

Just really a mess but trying to keep stuff sort of together so I can find what I'm looking for.

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mbelgard Posted 13 Nov 2006 , 12:28am
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Try to keep like with like. If you have shaped pans and wall space they can decorate your house and save cupboard space, for the ones without holes I use metal curtain clips and ribbon or yarn. I have totes with handles that I keep stuff like candy melts and icing colors and large open baskets for stuff like cookie cutters and candy molds. I have some of those storage cabinents you can buy at Menards or Walmart, they're particle board with a wood finish and they can hold lots of stuff where you can't see it, then your stuff is all together.

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2sdae Posted 13 Nov 2006 , 12:29am
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I have my character pans in boxes all together with paper between not too many though, you don't wanna bend any. Then I have all my colors and icing sculptors and combs and viva as well as icing spatulas and smoothers in another box. Then what little fondant and sugar paste, gum paste type stuff in another box. I had a decorative shelf I used to display old tea kettles and cups on but it is my pans and icing for class shelf instead! I guess it's a game of where ever you have the space put it. LOL! thumbs_up.gif

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zoomitoons Posted 13 Nov 2006 , 12:46am
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we just built a new house with attached garage, while in the process of designing it we kept in mind that I have TONS of cake and cookie stuff so when we designed the garage I have 1 whole wall (24 feet) designated just for my stuff. I have labeled boxes with all my pans, cookie cutters, supports and boards with pictures (if possible) on the outside of the box. For my cake pans I tried to put them with similar items, such as all my round pans are together, square etc. With the character pans I still tried to keep them in some kind of order, star wars, army, looney toons etc.
My cookie cutters were the most time consuming to organize but it is so worth it, I have over 500 cookie cutters and again I organized them with the same idea as the cake pans, shapes, animals, numbers, automobiles, christmas, etc. each box is labeled with what is in them so it's very easy for me to go out and know what I want and know exactly where it is.

I have a 3 drawer plastic container for my icing colors, knives, bags and tips. all my colors are lined up with similar colors. The tips i try to keep in order but that doesn't always happen.
I have also found it easier to wash and keep my tips in a linen bag in the dishwasher so they don't get lost then when they are clean they go back into my container after they dry.

my husband can't wait for me to open a storefront, he says he gets the space in the garage when all that is gone and at the store. lol

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cakerator Posted 13 Nov 2006 , 4:36am
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i don't have much room either so i am still trying to come up with solutions.

currently, all of my pans are in a gigantic resealable plastic bag in a small storage closet.

i went to michael's and picked up some decorative baskets (with covers) to store my tools, tips, color, etc. i don't have the room to hide everything away so i figured the decorative baskets can stay out in the dining room and look pretty. they get progressively smaller as they are stacked on top of each other.
inside the baskets, i have separate plastic boxes. one box for icing color, luster dust, paintbrushes. another box has molds, dowels, wire,...
in the larger basket, i put my tips (they are all in the custom tip cases that wilton sells - so they just stack on top of each other) decorating bags, ziploc bags holding my gumpaste/fondant flower cutters and tools, flower formers, etc.


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2xMiMi Posted 13 Nov 2006 , 1:39pm
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I have been trying to decide what to do as well. I have only been in this hobby for a little over a year but have already got a lot of stuff and don't know what to do with it. I have a couple of large totes that I have pans in one and everything else in the other and it is all on my dining room. I have got to get organized better. I have been trying to decide how I want to do it. I was thinking about a bin for my regular pans and then one for character type pans, one for candy molds, one for fondant items, one for cookie cutters, etc. Then I thought maybe it would be better to organize - regular pans, a bin for all Halloween items (pans, cupcake items, cookie cutter), another for Christmas, one for Easter, etc. I know that I am going to have to buy more bins so really need to decide which makes more sense as I don't have extra storage in my kitchen. Any input for CC members will be greatly appreciated. icon_confused.gif


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bethbyington Posted 13 Nov 2006 , 1:56pm
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I have three big tubs of stuff that sits in the garage outside the kitchen door. It is mostly pans. A lady I met recently had a wall of character pans in her garage. The pans all have a hole in the top so she hung them on nails. You could probably also do this by putting pans in large clear plastic bags and hanging them on nails or something. or maybe hang up bags of things using those pant/skirt hangers. hmmm, I think I just found my solution. I think it helps if you have a list of all the tips you own, with how many you have, and a list of all of your inventory so that you don't go buy something you already own

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CupCake13 Posted 13 Nov 2006 , 4:11pm
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An inventory list of tips is an awesome idea.

At the moment, I have the red Wilton tackle box - loaded. My frustration is it doesn't hold all my tips. So I have a tip box too.

I have a large Sterilite container - in that is my cake boards and misc. supplies from a roll of paper towels to books to whatever. And at the moment, we're tripping over it in my kitchen. It sits on the floor. icon_confused.gif

My pans I keep in my cupboards because I don't have many of them yet. I'm trying to figure out how to carve out a little pantry closet space for them. I might have to put a row of narrow shelves at the top, it might work. icon_rolleyes.gif

I need pans, that's my biggest need at the moment. But I'm trying to limp along until June when the Wilton Tent sale is on. thumbs_up.gif

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2xMiMi Posted 13 Nov 2006 , 4:38pm
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I do have a list of tips with the quantity as well as the pans that I have so far. I know that I have been looking and start trying to think if I have purchased a pan or tip and can't remember. This is definately a big help. icon_biggrin.gif

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BJsGRL Posted 13 Nov 2006 , 5:07pm
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I cannot believe the amount of cake/cookie/candy materials I have collected over the past two years! Like many others, I do not have a lot of room for my things, so I just do my best with what I have.

I love the cardboard file boxes. You can buy a box of 10 of them at office supply stores for around $15. I can fit 20 boxes of cake mix in one, so I have three. One for chocolate, one for white, one for any others I like to keep on hand but don't necessarily use a lot of.

I also have a seven-drawer plastic tower that I also use for some of the smaller stuff. This storage unit lives in my kitchen. I used an empty icing bottle to cut out rounds in styrofoam (from the craft store) to make a custom holder for all my icing colors. I cut the styrofoam to fit inside the top drawer, then cut out circles to set the icing color containers in. I think I have room for 42. The next drawer holds some odds and ends like icing comb, tip saver, letter imprinter, lily nails, etc. The third drawer is for icing bags, both reusable and disposable. The fourth drawer holds candles (I just cannot pass up a sale on candles!). The fifth drawer holds my gumpaste items. The sixth drawer holds my plastic cake decorations (clowns, balloons, etc.). The bottom drawer holds all my cupcake and small cake liners (again, sale or clearance items just can't be passed up!).

Remember those files boxes I use for cake mixes? I also have one for powdered sugar. I can fit around thirty pounds in one box. During busy cake seasons (weddings, graduations, Christmas), I also have a box for fillings. Another file box holds my miscellaneaous baking items like pudding mixes, flavorings, oil, and other such things. The box that the file boxes came in, I use for storing cake boards (will hold a full-sheet cake board on down), foil for covering boards, parchment paper (too long to fit into my regular kitchen drawer), and cake boxes.

I have a small tote for my candy-making things that holds the chocolates and candy melts and any tools I have. I have, you guessed it!, a file box (well, okay three!) for molds with an inventory list on the outside. I try to keep holiday molds in one box. On my inventory list, I note the general type of mold (Christmas, sports, flowers, etc.), the number of cavities, and a better description (roses, daisies, soccer balls, football helmets, 2" numbers, 1" numbers, etc.). I keep it all on an Excel sheet in my computer so it is quick and easy to up-date.

I recently bought an old enclosed bakers rack for most of my pans. It is like those at Subway that hold the breads. My husband and father-n-law cut out shelves out of plywood that slide right in and are easily adjustable. Before that, I had a metal shelf in the basement that I jsut stacked everything on, or had in totes. My character pans are in totes and on the shelf with the rest of my boxes stacked on the shelf.

I also have totes for my cake toppers, crafts for making toppers or edging cake boards (I keep my cake crating things separate from my regular craft items), all my stands are boxed and labeled, my cake plates and pillars are boxed and labeled, and everything in down in the basement on the shelf-unit (which really needs to be two units at this point!).

Hope this helps. At least you know you are not alone in trying to get organized! Good luck!


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BJsGRL Posted 13 Nov 2006 , 5:12pm
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I forgot to add that all my tips, flower nails, luster dusts, and small fondant cutters are in a smaller tool organizer. It has drawers that I labeled with the type of tips (round, open star, closed star, basketweave, etc.) and the tip numbers that I have of each type. This way, I can go to the type of tip I need, then find the size or style from there.

On top of my refrigerator I have four plastic organizers that have a pull-out drawer (a bit larger than a shoe box). These hold all my cake sparkles, colored sugars, decorative sprinkles, ets. I also have two pull-out organizers for my cookie cutters. I bag them in like-groups (Christmas, Easter, letters, shapes, animals, etc.), then put the bags in the containers. All my holiday cutters are in one and everything else is in the other. These two containers are also stacked on top of my refrigerator.


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2xMiMi Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 5:17pm
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Sounds like you are well organized. I will be getting totes to separate the various items but it is then finding the best place for these items. I hadn't even thought about putting something on top of the refrigerator. Guess once I get it separated and in the various bins/totes then I will worr about where it goes. Right now I have my tips in a Wilton carrier and my son gave me the 52 piece set for Christmas so it has it's own storage. I am sure eventually I will have to get some type of storage for these so they will be better organized and thought I would just get one of the storage units with the little drawers that some people put nuts/bolts in. Trial and error and see what works best.

Thanks to all for your input on what works for you. icon_smile.gif

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finnox Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 7:25pm
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I have the 7 tower thing from walmart. I have the containers Hobby lobby sells for the tips. I use that to put all of my tips in and in the different containers I put the flower tips in one the leave tips in the other and so on. Then that goes into my 7 tower thing. Then I have all of my cookie cutters in the bottom drawer which is pretty big so that way I can see which one I may need. I then keep all my sprinkles and things of that sort in another drawer. I keep all of my colors in this thing they sale at walmart in the tools section that has different size compartments. I use that to seperate my colors. As for the pans I have a HUGE container that I put them in. I dont have much room for my stuff so I try and get the things that roll so that way when they arnt needed I can put them in different places.

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JanH Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 7:34pm
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elvisb Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 7:55pm
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I don't have a very well set up kitchen. It's in a 100 yr old house and I really want to win the lottery so I can afford to remodel!!!! icon_cry.gif

Anyway, my DH got a friend to give him the some of old cupboards out their kitchen when they remodeled a year ago. (So jealous!) His friend even helped him install them along a bare wall. (My portable dishwasher died and that's the only thing that used to be there.) It's only an 8 foot section of bottoms and I had to give up 3 feet of space to put my new dishwasher in it, but otherwise it is all cake stuff. I keep all my ingreds in there away from the family groceries. The cake pans I use most often are also in there along with a whole drawer of cookbooks and lots of recipes printed from here. icon_biggrin.gif Also inside the cupboards are my sep plates that get the most use, cake boards, freezer paper, mixing bowls and mixer attachments, stuff like that that gets used frequently.

The rest of my pans, sep plates, pillars, fountain, candy molds, big stuff is upstairs in the storeroom because I have nowhere else to go with it. I just make a lot of trips up and down and just mutter the whole way to myself about how many cake scrap calories this trip will burn!! icon_confused.gif (A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!)

Little stuff is in those plastic storage drawer things you buy at Walmart and are sitting on top of my counter with cake boxes piled on top. I try to keep like things together so it's convenient for me to decorate without having the whole kitchen look it exploded. Tips are all in one storage box so I can see them at a glance. The following items each have their own drawer: frosting bags, paste color, fondant tools, pearls and ribbons and craft wire, spatulas and pastry brush, impression sets, cookie cutters, sprinkles and edible glitter, cupcake liners and other nut cups, dolls and doll picks, dowels and other support stuff. I have a multi compartment drawer where I put flower nails, frosting triangle, little odd things belong in there. It's amazing how much you can cram in those things!

Someday, that lottery will be mine and I'll build a house onto my new bakery--er, I mean, a really nice kitchen to play in. icon_wink.gif

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LaurelC Posted 31 Jan 2011 , 8:55pm
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I shoulda known...

I googled 'how to organize cake decorating supplies' and ended up here (of course!)

I bought the 7-drawer plastic thingy at Walmart on Saturday and plan to drag out all my cake decorating stuff this week and organize it, but I'm scared that by gathering it all in one place, it will prove that I DEFINITELY have too much stuff! (It's kinda like when you were a kid and didn't like peas you could scatter them all over your plate and make it look like there weren't that many left.) I got tired of having to remember where everything is, getting the tall stepstool out to retrieve it from the shelf at the VERY TOP of the pantry, and then having everything fall on me.

I've gotten some good ideas here and plan on loading up the 7-drawer thingy with all the little things. I might have to buy another one, though. I have a number of the big clear plastic bins that I plan to use to store my pans. I thought about getting one of those little plastic nail/screw/nut storage things from Home Depot but the more I think about it, I think I like the Wilton tip storage cases better. Those will fit in the 7-drawer thingy.

One of the BIG advantages of having everything organized is that you will know what you have and where it is and won't buy duplicates. I have three or four cans of meringue powder because I kept forgetting that I already had some and/or couldn't find what I had!

I have 2500-3000 cookie cutters, but that's a whole different story! I started collecting them about 35 years ago (I can't believe I'm that old!) and can't stop! They are organized in ziploc bags and the bags are in big plastic bins.

You'd think I have a bakery, but I only do cakes and cookies for my kids, their kids, and a couple of their friends. <sigh>

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TexasSugar Posted 31 Jan 2011 , 11:32pm
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Originally Posted by LaurelC

I bought the 7-drawer plastic thingy at Walmart on Saturday and plan to drag out all my cake decorating stuff this week and organize it, but I'm scared that by gathering it all in one place, it will prove that I DEFINITELY have too much stuff!

It's always fun when you figure out how much you really have. I have a 'cake room' that I'm working on turning into an all purpose storage room. But that would tell you that I have alot of stuff.

I just posted pictures of me reorganizing the room in the Lobby section. icon_smile.gif Maybe the pictures will help you feel like you don't have very much at all.

Oh, and I'm just a hobby baker myself. icon_wink.gif

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G_Cakes Posted 31 Jan 2011 , 11:54pm
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Originally I was like many people, plastic totes, bankers boxes ... you name it I was using it for storage of every baking tool, gadget, supply I could think of.

But then while helping my hubby organize his garage and purging so much junk we amassed over the years it hit me.

I need a tool box for all my cake tools and that was exactly what my hubby got me for my birthday.

We grabbed a double tiered tool in color, the kind you can find at home depot or canadian tire.
in the bottom it has a large compartment that i keep all my fondant, gumpaste, powdered sugar and other edible supply's.

The 2 drawers above that compartment are set up for all my molds and cutters.

The top tool box has 3 drawers, seperated and organized for my tips & piping bags, colors, and finally all my tools for sculting or smoothing out my fondant.

I keep my baking pans in a seperate cupboard and cookie cutters are organized by type (seasonal, shapes, wedding etc) and all my other baking supplys are in the cupboard next to the pans.

I am looking at purchasing another larger tool chest to keep everything close at hand and the best part is that it's on wheels and can roll out where every i need it to go and is portable in case I have to travel with it.

Hope this helps icon_smile.gif

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LaurelC Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 5:15am
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OK, you DEFINITELY win! LOL! I'm feeling a LOT better about the teeny tiny itsy bitsy amount of decorating stuff I have!

Thanks for making me feel better! LMAO! (j/k)

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TexasSugar Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 3:17pm
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Glad I could help ya feel better. icon_wink.gif

The sad thing is that I'd already purged some of it previous to this.

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sillywabbitz Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 5:16pm
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I don't really have a lot of space in my kitchen, it's a big kitchen but not a lot of storage. So I purchased a scapbook desk at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. It was not cheap but I was able to use the 40% coupon and I have no where to put those large plastic bins. The only thing that does not fit is large shaped pans which I keep under my counter. The top shelves are just over 12 inches so they're perfect for cake circles and pans up to 12 inches. There is a side panel where I can do slightly larger rounds but not much more than 14 inches which is fine for me because I'm a hobbyist. I keep my tips in 2 tip organizers, I keep couples and large tips in one small drawer, fondant tools in another drawer. Cookie cutters together, Support system stuff is all in one large drawer in the bottom. Sprinkles are on the right hand side but also in some of the tall drawers on the right. If find I do well if I keep things together by usage. All food coloring together, all dusts and brushes together, all spatulas together. Pans and cake boards up top. Cupcake liners are all in a single drawer. Chocolate molds are together in one of the top thin 12 inch areas. I'm getting to the point where I need to toss out a lot of cookie cutters and things people have given me that I never use, or at least toss them in a bin and get them out of my general working area.
So here are links to the pics:
Cabinet open - you can see the middle area is kind of a free for allicon_smile.gif
Cabinet closed - I love that it looks nice when it's all closed up.

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TexasSugar Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 5:35pm
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That is a really nice desk!! Not only does it look to be very functional, but is also very pretty.

I can totally understand the no cabinet space in the kitchen. What cabinet space I have is almost not enough by the time you get all the dishes and what not in the kitchen. I only have one cabinet space that has baking/spices and such items in, and part of one cabinet that has snack and breads. Other than that I have no pantry space. None! ;-(

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sillywabbitz Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 6:11pm
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Texas Sugar, I just look at the pics you posted....that's have more stuff than my local cake shop has for saleicon_smile.gificon_smile.gificon_smile.gif

Sadly (or maybe luckily) I just don't have the room for that much stuff which really cuts back on what I buy. So here is my question to you...what's your one cake item that is your "problem"....meaning what can't you resist. Is it pans, cutters, sprinkles? I've finally broken myself of the sprinkles habit but I so desparetly want to buy the pillow pans and the pasley pans but I refuse to do it until I have an actual cake to make that requires them.

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ChunkkeeMunkkee Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 6:23pm
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The eternal question. I skipped rubbermaid and went straight to the Home Depot near me. I literally use garage storage stuff (especially the shelving since it hold more weight). the character pans are all nailed up on a wall. I keep cookie cutters stacked in locker sized plastic milk crates sorted by holidays. You just gotta get creative and keep inventory of what you have so you aren't buying duplicates and triplicates (i learned the hard way). My Hubby thinks I have gone off the deep end mentally because it becomes an addiction. It's ok, we won't comment on his never ending "instant" fix your golf swing gimmicks I mean training tools lol... Good luck!! Oh and if u find the answer, let us know... I am about to convert my pantry into yet another area for caking supplies.

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TexasSugar Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 8:01pm
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Sillywabbitz, over the years it's been different things. At first I started collecting the older Wilton yearbooks, and that lead to me wanting the older cake pans, then candy molds. In the last few years, I'd say its more clearance buys from Michaels. Since I'm a WMI I'll see when this and that goes on clearance and get it. I have tons of character color gels because they went on clearance. Going through stuff I also found cookie cutters and candy molds that were also clearance buys (especially the kit ones.) I'm also bad about buying a bunch of those with the ideas go give them to my students as little gifts at the end of a course, but then I forget I have them. I also had alot of holiday containers that I bought with the idea of doing cookie or candy bouquets and never got around to them.

I think because I do have so much space it has been easy for me to buy and buy and buy. Plus I'm an impulse buyer. Because, while it wasn't neat, there was a place to put it.

I've been working on adjusting my thinking, and am working on my spending. I stop and really think about if I want to buy something. I haven't done any major cake buys since last year's convention. Of course it's been many months and I also haven't touched the items I bought then.

I'm hoping when I get my house all organized I'll have the want to pull out cake stuff and really play again.

By the way I have the Wilton Diamond pans and Paisley pans, still wrapped up. That curbed me from getting the Pillow pans, though I really do like them. icon_smile.gif

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sillywabbitz Posted 2 Feb 2011 , 4:24am
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Interesting that your interests have changed over time. Speaking of big cakes, there is a North Texas Cake and Sugar Art Show coming up at the end of April here in Dallas.

You should enter...I'm helping out with their website and planning on entering if all goes well.

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sccandwbfan Posted 2 Feb 2011 , 5:57pm
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I just purchased a 10 drawer unit from Sam's that is kind of marketed to scrapbookers. It works great for holding all of the little stuff. Pans are stored on 2 shelfs but I am looking for something to store them that it's easy to find them in. I have a table that I received for Christmas that's stainless steel with a shelf underneath of it. I keep some 4 of the 3 plastic drawer boxes on that to store candy molds, jimmies and sprinkles, cookie stuff and other stuff that was too large for my new 10 drawere unit.

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sccandwbfan Posted 2 Feb 2011 , 6:04pm
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Originally Posted by BJsGRL

I recently bought an old enclosed bakers rack for most of my pans. It is like those at Subway that hold the breads.


Oh, I want one of those really bad. Where did you get it? icon_smile.gif



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