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Sandra80 Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 1:31am
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my son started kindergarten today and one of the things i had looked forward to was being able to make him cupcakes or cookies for his birthday and bake sales but my dreams were crushed immediately when i began to read through the mountain of papers that he brought home today. they don't allow any treats of the edible variety at all! they say to donate a book to the library instead. i can't put frosting on book dang it!!!!! so now i am on the look out for a kids cake decorating book or a book about character that made a cake. they go on to say that if we really feel the need to treat the class that it should be an eraser or sticker! BOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! HISS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to make cupcakes!!!

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Sandi4tpc Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 1:43am
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My son just started kindergarten Tuesday. icon_biggrin.gif I haven't heard anything from the school or teacher yet about treats but I'll know tomorrow. The teacher was bringing snacks for this first week and a snack schedule will be coming home tomorrow. I'm sure I'll find out about allergy restrictions then too..... icon_confused.gif

Sorry about your luck....I know that I'm looking forward to making some "cool" cupcakes for my son't birthday treat in December too. Gees, books, stickers and erasers...let the party begin ... icon_eek.gif

I'll keep an eye out for that kid's cake decorating book for ya...I'd kind of like to have one too! icon_rolleyes.gif [I don't share well, though!]

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imagine76 Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 1:49am
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yep. my oldest is in kindergarten too. that's her a couple of years ago on my avitar. (they've been in for 3 WEEKS!) same sort of deal. nothing home made. every thing has to be pre-packaged. sucks for us creative mamas! i'm looking for the loophole! icon_twisted.gif

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alanahodgson Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 1:53am
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My daughter had the same thing when she was in kindergarten. I thought it was the school policy and boy was I bummed. Turns out in first grade they don't have that stupid donate a book deal. You get to bring in treats!!! Yippee!!! Now my son's just started preschool today and I got a full page letter outlining the dangers of home baked goods and residual peanut butter on my kids' hands and faces. Only manufactured packaged treats and snacks can be sent for them, and soap scrubbed fingers if they eat peanut butter for breakfast. I know, I know its for the other kids' safety...Hey there are so many peanut allergic kids out there these days, perhaps they should be sent to their own school. peanut allergies...the leprocy of the new millenium??? oh, that's probably not politically correct. I guess I shouldn't talk since I'm a victim of multiple food allergies myself. But I digress. Anywho, there might be hope for you for next year!!

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frostedbliss Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 1:58am
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Sandra80....ughhhhh...me too! icon_cry.gif We were told not to bring any baked goods for treats to my DD elementary school. Only healthy treats. Now I can definatley understand getting rid of sodas and candy machines at school but an occasional cupcake or cookie?!?! I am an Early Childhood educator and understand promoting good healthy habits, but come on! Even when it was "legal", is was still a special treat on rare occasion. Somehow carrot sticks and pretzels just don't cut it for class parties icon_mad.gif Oh well....I know these policies have alot of merit, it is just a bummer!

Maybe we can pipe some little frosting clown hats and put some cute faces on broccoli spears. LOL

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JodieF Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:00am
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icon_lol.gif Good luck finding a loophole! I'm sorry to say your chances are very, very small! School districts have had to become terribly strict because they'd be held liable if someone brought something that made kids sick. It's sad, but it is a worry! I was never able to bake anything homemade for any of my kids, but boy, those teachers sure loved the cookie trays and cakes I made for them, so I used my creativity that way. I know it's horrible to love to bake and not to be able to share with the kids though. I HATED buying store bought treats too. icon_mad.gif
I work in an elementary school, and that's our firm policy. Honestly, would you want your child eating something if you didn't really know who baked it?

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Sandi4tpc Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:00am
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Originally Posted by alanahodgson

I got a full page letter outlining the dangers of home baked goods and residual peanut butter on my kids' hands and faces. Only manufactured packaged treats and snacks can be sent for them, and soap scrubbed fingers if they eat peanut butter for breakfast.

Funny that you mention that because a coworker was saying something to me about that and I haven't gotten anything from the school about peanuts/peanut butter issues at the school and that's ALL my son will eat for sandwiches!!! He's too picky icon_cry.gif to get hot lunch [except for pizza on Fridays....he gets cheese only! icon_rolleyes.gif ] and how am I supposed to send his lunch to school without a sandwich and peanut butter and be sure that he didn't still feel hungry?? icon_confused.gificon_mad.giftapedshut.gif But luckily for me they haven't said anything to me about this hot topic!

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lori_d Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:01am
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My son is in second grade and I just got a letter today that no treats will be allowed. I used to make cupcakes for his birthday but no more. Bummer.

Lori D.

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frostedbliss Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:02am
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JodieF....great point! Thanks, I do feel better now icon_biggrin.gif

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babybundt Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:06am
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hi all-- i guess i am the lucky one. my kids are all grown up. youngest is a senior in HS now. when my oldest,now 26 was in kindergarten we had a snack schedule. each child would bring in a snack on the designated day. the teacher loved when i and a friend of mine had snack duty. we were the only moms who sent in home made goods. things have changed so much. i am sorry you will miss out on the joy of treats for the shool kids. as a healthy snack you could send in celery sstuffed with cream cheese and a few raisins on top. we called them ants on a log. maybe you could do something creative with pretzels. good luck to you all..... icon_smile.gif

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Tarabell Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:06am
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I have a cousin who is allergic to celery, no kidding. I wonder if one day there will be no food allowed to be brought to school and only pre-packaged pellets of totally non-allergenic dehydrated food will be allowed? I understand the allergy issue very well, but geez, kids only get to be little once, and ya know what, if I had the choice of sending home made to school, over pre-packaged full of who knows what, I'd pick home made every time. I feel sorry for the kids.


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cwcopeland Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:06am
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My kids are both graduated from school so I don't do that anymore. When they were in kindergarten, we could send snacks for them and I loved doing it. The teachers were happy with Little Debbie Snack Cakes so getting homemade cookies or cupcakes were really appreciated. They didn't care because a lot of the parents wouldn't send anything, ever.

I've heard of neighboring school districts not letting anything homemade in the school. They said it was because of "liability issues." What???? I guess they were afraid of some evil person sending cookies to school that were laced with poison. What has the world come to???

In Sandra's case, it sounds like they're taking the junk food thing a little too far. Cupcakes every once in a while isn't going to hurt the kids unless they have some sort of allergies. What a shame. Sorry to hear about that. Can you at least send cupcakes to school for their birthday's?

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NEWTODECORATING Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:10am
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The only loophole I have found--you can't make anything for the kids, no one said anything about making something for the teacher!! Each holiday I make a cookie bouquet, cupcakes, or a small decorated cake and proudly march that bad boy up and down each and every hallway until drool runs out of the mouths of everyone who made the stupid policy!! thumbs_up.gificon_twisted.gif

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vrmcc1 Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:14am
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Our school has the same policy about home-made baked goods...I'm a legal bakery now so I guess I found the loop hole icon_lol.gif


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indydebi Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:20am
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Originally Posted by frostedbliss

Now I can definatley understand getting rid of sodas and candy machines at school but an occasional cupcake or cookie?!?! I am an Early Childhood educator and understand promoting good healthy habits, but come on! Even when it was "legal", is was still a special treat on rare occasion. Somehow carrot sticks and pretzels just don't cut it for class parties

I've done a few cakes for the governor's office for award ceremonies. At one of them, the lady who ordered the cake said to another lady that the health dept was upset because she ordered cake. She said, "I told them it's a celebration and at celebrations, you have cake!"


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barbaranoel Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:21am
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Our principal tried to do that too - only "healthy" snacks allowed and we weren't really allowed to have parties, but the teachers overrode him. We brought in whatever we wanted as long as we brought in a "healthy" snack (usually a fruit tray which usually went over better than the cookies everytime)

If I want my "creative" outlet then I can make all kinds of cakes for the cakewalk at the holiday Secret Santa party.

Although last year the principal said no "Winter" holiday party (couldn't be Christmas because - heaven forbid - we offend one family in the whole school who doesn't celebrate. So I went to the superintendent and complained and surprisingly we were then allowed to have a small party with no sweet treats - Yea, like that was listened to that too!!

Don't get me started on all these restrictions that they are forcing on us now- I'm not dealing well with it.

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pastryjen Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:22am
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My DD is in SK - I get really creative with her sandwiches. I always cut them out with a cookie cutter and then decorate it with food colouring pens and I've even used royal icing on them too. No PB is allowed, she doesn't like it anyway, so I send her with meat and cheese sandwiches or jam sandwiches.

Last year I did cookie/cupcake decorating and chocolate making with the kids but there wasn't anyone with a nut allergy in her class. This year there is and I am dreding the idea that I might not be able to do these activities with them.

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mommachris Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:26am
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whatever happened to the rights to live life, have liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
I'll pursue a cupcake right now...I'm at liberty to do so and it is after all my life. icon_lol.gif
Boy, they sure have sucked all the joy out of schools.
Makes me glad I kept mine home with me to educate them.
They get frosting crackers ( grams) on demand.


sorry about all the restrictions, no fun. thumbsdown.gif


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JodieF Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:31am
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As much of a bummer as it is not to be able to share your wonderful treats, I just hope you realize there are very valid concerns that have caused these policies to be in place. They're not so much just allergy related, as they are safety related. The schools have to keep your kids safe while they're in their care in every way they can control. Would you be happy with anything less?

As to allergies, you just need to realize that food allergies can kill! If it were your child, you'd be terrified when they started school and you couldn't control their food intake anymore. Those parents have no choice be ask for what they do as far as restrictions. They're just trying to make sure their kids come home! I'm sure all of you would do the same if it were your child with the allergies. thumbs_up.gif

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RRGibson Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:32am
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I agree I was upset also that I couldn't take cake and cupcakes in my for my son's bday last year. I don't do store bought stuff and my son knows that, he's gotten really spoiled! I'm thinking maybe ice cream cake this year. They told us their reason was allergies so I can respect that but it's still a bummer.

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Jazz2U Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:35am
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Probably the policies are being changed when they have a child with a food allergy or someone was sloppy & made kids sick. I know of a HS student in my hometown who died a few years ago from eating a candy bar that may have had peanuts in them. They were never able to find out what he had eaten & if it was labled properly.

On a lighter note, is carrot cake healthy? It's made with vegetables!

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dl5crew Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:39am
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Chocolate is a vegatable. It comes from a cocoa bean & beans are vegetables!
Sorry you can't bake. Luckily the principal at my girls school loves my cupcakes. hehehe

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lionladydi Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:47am
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I no longer have children in school but I do have 5 grandchildren in school. We have had the policy of no homemade goodies for several years now. At first it really peeved me. Heck, something about school needs to be fun, I thought. Then I looked at the big picture. How many of these students that bring treats live in a filthy home? What if one of the mothers who baked the cupcakes had hepatitis (we hear of it everyday in restaurants)?

What if we had some sicko that thought of putting something harmful in the food? Ours is not a policy to restrict junk food. It is a safety policy. All we can send is individually wrapped snacks. They prefer something like cheese and crackers but say nothing if it is Debbie Cakes or the like. One year I sent pencils with really cool erasers for Christmas to the preschoolers. I was the "cool" grandma!

So, before we pounce on the school officials, let's look at the other side of the issue. I make all the junk food and let them eat it after school at my house. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif My grandsons' friends know where the cookies are baked in this neighborhood. thumbs_up.gif


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zoomitoons Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:49am
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Most schools these days will only allow prepackaged treats due to allergies and such, however, i got lucky lol we live in such a small town that I am the one they call for cakes even the school calls me for cakes for staff and our priest celebrations
also, my mom and I do an annual gingerbread house decorating day with the 2nd grade every year so they know me well lol

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itsmylife Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:49am
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When we had the open house a few weeks ago for my son's school (just started pre-k), they had a form to fill out for the parents to help with different things in the class. Well, one of the things was a 'cake/cupcake mom'. I was so excited, and started talking to the teacher about how I love to do cakes.

So, she said that they would be doing a once-a-month celebration for the kids who have a birthday in that month (for those that have a birthday in the summer, they are included in the last month of the school year). She said that I could pretty much do whatever I wanted... she would let me know how many servings and names.. but that was it. I was ECSTATIC.

I did ask her about allergies, because it crossed my mind, and she said that there was a form that all the parents in the class would be getting about it. Basically, if your child has an allergy you write it on the form for the teacher to have, and there is a box to check if you will allow or not allow your child to have cake/cupcakes in class.

The teacher also told me that her sister was getting married next year and she wanted to give her my name for the cake. Wooo hoooo I love this school! icon_biggrin.gif

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sweetiemama Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:50am
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I am right there with ya Sandra80!! My hubby went to the parent meeting for Kindergarten and was told that, although we can bring in treats sometimes, there will be NO CUPCAKES! icon_cry.gif
DH said I should make a cake instead! I just can't be that cruel to the teacher. Understood that the kids do get too many sweets, but at the other end of the spectrum I can't tell you the number of times my older girls have come home with candy in their mouth given to them BY THE TEACHER, just for doing homework.

Two Words people: SCHOOL LUNCH

My kids refuse it, and I don't blame them!
Sorry for the rant!

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gateaux Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:51am
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I feel sad that we cannot bring in cakes or treats, but I bake for so many people who have allergies that I totally understand. My oldest has a sensitivity to strawberries, it's a good thing, he does not like them and stays away. I am told this is one of those allergies that can grow with time so the less he has now the better it will be for him later. (I sure hope that's right.

In MN you can bring in treats that are store bough. Just have to make sure they are allergy free. Icing in a can and all that. My problem with this is that so many of these items say may contain peanuts or was produced in a kitchen with peanuts. It's really difficult to find completely allergy free stuff.

This year I saw the main list of allergies in my son's class and it was : dairy, soy, peanuts, eggs and strawberries. I think there was something else too but I forget what, and only 1/2 the class had signed in at that point.

There was no snack in their class today, so I wonder if they just have not figured out what the kids can all share.

All the people and parents I know with and with kids with allergies they always ask what the ingredients are in everything. They often ask twice and always mention and ask if there is "X".

Oh well. Like someone else mentioned, I hope we can bring in treats for the teachers and the staff. I'll check on that one.

Good Luck

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darcat Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 2:55am
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I dont get this at all. Why the heck are we having a peanut allergy epidemic? icon_eek.gif I never heard anything like it in my life. My daughter is 24 and I never new any one with a peanut allergy the whole time she was in school. And forget about ice cream cake cause what if some kids are lactose intolerant and end up cramped up and in the toilet all day. As for vegetables well what about all those chemical things they do to them to make them grow bigger. icon_cool.gif Meat products icon_surprised.gif well forget about that they get growth hormones. Lmao where the heck does it all end. There is always organic but thats along the same line as buying recycled, they want you to save the planet but they charge you a freaken fortune to do it. As for getting sick because you dont know if someone is clean well who's to stop kids from sharing their lunches? Or on the way home from school if they share a bag of chips or candy or whatever. Sorry but I just think the world is going to H*(*ll in a handbasket lol icon_cry.gif I want the olden days back lol

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elvisb Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 3:01am
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Loophole: Cake has eggs and milk, frosting is made with butter, chocolate is a veggie since it is grown on a plant. There! 3 of the 4 food groups! thumbs_up.gificon_biggrin.gif HEEHEE!!

I feel so bad for you girls! I'm lucky enough to have a school that promotes the fun parties! We have 150 kids in K-8th grade. I know of 1 girls with an almond allergy and one diabetic teacher. That's maybe why we have that freedom since our school is so small and we dont have a ton of food issues.

My nephew lives in a much bigger city and is in a CLASS with 150 students. He has watched as a little girl reacted to touching someone who ate peanuts within the last 24 hours. Can you imagine how awful that kid who touched her must have felt? Their school has asked every family to refrain from eating foods with peanuts as her reactions are so severe.

I guess if it were me, I would want to know if the policy is based on a specific person's wellness, or if it is a policy in general that they are adopting. It never hurts to ask in a non-threatening way. At least then you know if they're trying to protect someone, in which case it is completely understandable, or if they're just anti-sugar nut jobs who want to spoil your fun! icon_lol.gif

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alanahodgson Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 3:28am
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Originally Posted by Tarabell

I have a cousin who is allergic to celery, no kidding. I

I'M ALLERGIC TO CELERY!! Everybody I tell looks at me like I'm crazy! Even my allergist when I was a kid.


On a lighter note, is carrot cake healthy? It's made with vegetables!

Yep, Carrots, too!! And pistachios, and cashews (I know, the BEST nuts ever!) and mango-yes, mango. don't ask me why! I think melon is developing. My first food allergies cropped up at about 12 years old and the list has been steadily growing ever since. So truely you can never be safe with just the "regular" allergies like soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, etc. Its truely impossible to eliminate every allergen for every person. I think the issue is with thoroughly educating the child with the allergy and the adults who care for him/her about how to manage these allergies in an emergency situation. I have some boys who live behind me who are allergic to everthing on that "regular" list I mentioned above. They are 2 and 3 years old and they know NOT to take food from ANYONE but their own family. Of course these are not airborne allergies, which is a TOTALLY scary situation and VERY rare as well. That kid who had a major reaction from a touch-that is so the exception to the rule. Of course we want to take special precautions for those types of allergies, but for the most part I find (as a teacher) that people blow the peanut allergy bit out of proportion.

And here's my theory on why there are so many allergies now than ever before. Natural selection no longer applies. Used to be people with allergies would just croak. Now we save 'em and they go on to reproduce more people who have allergies. Ok that's a joke....sorta.

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