My Hair Is Falling Out!

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cykrivera Posted 27 Aug 2007 , 3:35pm
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My 2nd daughter will be 7 months in September and my hair is still falling out! It's driving me crazy. It happened with my first one but I don't think as much or for as long. I'm sorry if this is a gross post, but I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem. I don't think it looks like it's thinning (maybe around my hair line, but I always have baby fine hair around there) but nonetheless it's driving me crazy.

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CakeDiva73 Posted 27 Aug 2007 , 3:59pm
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I have 4 kids and my last 2 were only 14 months apart and they did a number on my hair and teeth. The doctor says the babies basically take all the nutrition leaving nothing for you. They are now 6 & 7 and I STILL have thin hair that falls out in the shower. I have found that If I continue to take my prenatals along with a Hair & Nail Vitamin and eat well ( greens, veggies, good protein) then it seems to strengthen up a bit.

If I stop taking the pills and eating crappy, it gets really bad. Nothing like a good dose of vanity to keep you eating well! icon_lol.gif

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Kayakado Posted 27 Aug 2007 , 6:40pm
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I used to take Seldane for my allergies, who da thunk it would cause my hair to fall out. It was one of the side effects listed way down at the bottom. Check your meds and be careful of any of those vitamin and mineral supplements from the health food store. They don't need FDA regulation and some of them have ingredients that cause hair loss.

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navywifetrat Posted 28 Aug 2007 , 1:33am
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I didn't notice my hair falling out after my 1st but I did after my 2nd. It was even worse after my 3rd and it still is falling out after 4 year, just not as bad. My doctor did test me for different things just to make sure there wasn't something wrong with me. I can run my finger through my hair and get about 5-10 strans everytime. Drives me nuts! You are not alone!

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novacaine24 Posted 28 Aug 2007 , 1:44am
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Stress is another hair loss biggie, ladies! I am another who can run my fingers thru my hair and get a handful. Had to stop blaming it on babies (mine is 12! icon_cry.gif ), I take OneADay vitamins, I tried the shampoos to keep it from falling out, I had blood work done, the Dr. said STRESS - (like we have any stress in our lives, right? icon_wink.gif ) If I hadn't started with thick hair, I swear I'd be bald by now! icon_redface.gif

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Anna31 Posted 28 Aug 2007 , 1:51am
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I can't believe this thread!! If I ever have a problem, CC has a thread about it in the Lounge!!! thumbs_up.gif I don't remember my hair ever falling out when I had my kids but I got a body perm four months ago and my hair is still breaking off!!!! I know it's not falling out because I can feel little hairs on my skull. I called the lady that did it a few days ago, she is trying to tell me it wasn't the perm!!!! Anyone know what else could have caused it? I eat healthy, I'm on WW for cryin' out loud!!! I'm not stressed, not any more than the average mother of two young kids whose husband is gone all the time! I'm having a VERY hard time believing it wasn't the perm. It's not like my hair was breaking off BEFORE I got it!!! Every time I wash my hair I lose more. I lose more in between washings to. All I have to do is run my fingers through it. I had thin hair to begin with!!!! I'm about to go out and get a hat or a WIG!!! icon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gif


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mkerton Posted 28 Aug 2007 , 3:25am
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My son was seriously 8-9 months before my hair loss started to taper off (course for me it didnt start falling out right away it was like 2-3 months after he was born).......... when I looked it up I noticed that when pregnant your body releases a hormone that causes your hair to not fall out at its normal rate.....and then afterwards when that hormone is gone it plays catch up getting rid of all the normal daily amounts plus what it accumulated during pregnancy! I have to say that during pregnancy I marveled at how nice and thick my hair was getting....all that new growth...I have never had thick hair and it felt great! It sure went down the drain (literally) though! Drove me insane...... hang in there it will be over soon! found the below article interesting

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sweetness_221 Posted 28 Aug 2007 , 3:34am
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I don't remember how long my shedding stopped after my first 2 kids but I can tell you that my hair didn't stop falling out until my youngest DD was about 9 months old. It was so bad that I had to pull my hair back in a pony tail just so I could make dinner w/o hair falling in it. There were several nights when DH pulled my hair out of his dinner. I was mortified. So from then on I had to keep my hair pulled back. I am so glad that I don't have to worry about that anymore.

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mxdiva Posted 28 Aug 2007 , 6:28am
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I really recomend you to take some b complex vitamins and aloe vera capsules the ones at GNC are very good try that it really helped me out and I was very scared I was going bold. try not to worry about it also that is a fact to make it fall also take it easy girl.

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tcturtleshell Posted 28 Aug 2007 , 11:03am
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I recently had weight loss surgery & after the 6 month my hair started falling out. Lack of vitamins. I started drinking Whey Protien & started taking One-A-Day Vitamins, B-Complex, Vitamin C & Biotine. My hair was growing back in about a week. No lie! It's back to being thick again. I stopped drinking the Whey Protien because it's nasty & I had to add extra stuff (Calories) to it so I could drink it. But I continue to take the other vitamins. I know this will help you! Oh... PS.. after my hair started growing in I had to get it cut so every strand would match up LOL icon_smile.gif I looked like an orangatang for a few weeks! icon_smile.gif

Edited to say... I wasn't bald I had just lost a lot of hair after weight loss. It got thin on the top & near my face. All is well now! icon_wink.gif

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michellenj Posted 28 Aug 2007 , 11:51am
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My hair started shedding about 6 mos. after each of my children, and continued until around 10 mos. Funny, that was the one thing that was not in the "What to Expect" books!

My next door neighbor started losing lots of hair after her dd was born and they found out it was a slight thyroid problem. Evidently, sometimes when women nurse a long time it screws up your thyroid, or so she says. Just thought I'd throw that out there. And her other symptoms were excessive tiredness and low sex drive. Sounds just like a normal mother of an infant to me!

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4Gifts4Lisa Posted 28 Aug 2007 , 3:14pm
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The above poster mentioned the thyroid...if your hair loss doesn't stop soon, you could have that checked. My hairdresser was actually the first to notice my hair loss...mine was thyroid related.

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itsmylife Posted 28 Aug 2007 , 5:38pm
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Add me to the thyroid pile.

I never had a thyroid issue in my life. After my second son was born, my hair was falling out for months afterwards. I never did anything about it until one day when I had a horrendous kidney infection and had to go to the hospital. Well, after the gajillion tests and and needle sticks, they came back with 'oh, and by the way, you have a thyroid problem'.

It's still not resolved... BUT... when I do take the medicine (I'm bad about taking it), I notice a definite difference in how much hair falls out. Much less hair loss on the medicine.

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rmbias1 Posted 29 Aug 2007 , 5:08am
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I have a problem with my hair falling out and my youngest is going to be four in a couple of months. I found out I have a thyroid problem too. I would guess if it is a thyroid problem you would have other noticable symptoms that would concern you. Wouldn't hurt getting it checked out though.

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sed2007 Posted 29 Aug 2007 , 11:45am
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it was the perm, she over processed it. I had my hair colored and it was over processed and now it falls out in clumps and tangles real easily when wet. ANd i went to someone else to get it fixed and she said it was becaue of the coloring.

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Anna31 Posted 30 Aug 2007 , 2:04am
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Thanks sed2007. I agree it has to be the perm. It is would just be way to big a coincidence that my hair started falling out at the exact same time I got the perm. I went to the salon earlier this week so see if they could give me some advice. They just denied any and all involvement in it and treated me like vermin. I can't think of the last time I was treated like that, if ever. They were falling all over themselves to the point of contradicting eachother trying to convince me that they knew my hair better than I do! I was shaking with anger and frustration by the time I got out of there. I didn't say or do anything negative to anyone because I am above that kind of thing. I just looked down at the floor, gathered my kids and walked out silently. But it showed me the the true character of the woman that I thought was my friend. It was not easy for me to be treated like that by someone I had a very different opinion of just a few days ago. But it's okay, I am over it now. Live and learn I guess!!! No more perms for me and staying far away from THAT salon!! icon_rolleyes.gif Hopefully eventually my hair will look better and this will just be a bad memory!

Anna thumbs_up.gif

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cykrivera Posted 30 Aug 2007 , 2:40am
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Thank you all so much for the helpful replies and stories. I have to admit that my diet is terrible. Especially on wedding weekends! I will go almost the whole delivery day without eating more than maybe half a bagel and an iced coffee. I just can't get myself to stop working long enough. Otherwise on baking days it depends on if I have my kids with me or not. I'll stop for lunch and what not if they are with me b/c I have to, but if I'm by myself I keep going. It's something that I really need to work on, not just for myself but for my 2 daughters. If they don't learn how to eat properly from me and my husband, where are they going to learn it? By the time that they go to school they'll have their eating patterns set and it will be quite difficult to change them, almost as hard as for us. But if I pay more attention to what we eat and make sure we get fruits and veggies and such, then it will come more naturally to them to eat those things as well. I also need to keep up with my vitamins and will definitely look into some of the supplements mentioned in this thread. Thanks again. It's nice to be able to talk about this stuff.

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AmandaPanda Posted 30 Aug 2007 , 3:32am
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I had bad hair loss after my kids too ... I looked like a chia pet when it started growing back. If it continues I would go get your hormones checked for sure ... i started having really bad hair loss and i ate very well and exercised 3-5 times a week moderately and then my period stopped afterhaving it for a year ... and it turnes out that my hormones vere VERY low, (estrogen and progesterone) like in the lowest post menopausal range possible (almost unreadable) I have been on natural hormone therapy and it has gotten so much better. Hormones are funky things and can cause all kinds of crazy things to happen.

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Sunflower08 Posted 31 Aug 2007 , 12:59pm
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Ok my hair is still falling out after having my daughter and she's 26 months old!! Any suggestion to this??

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