Crazy Customer Stories

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keriskreations Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 4:51am
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How can people be so ridiculous? I mean, SERIOUSLY????!!!!! How is this possible? I'm going to offer you $125 for 600 cookies, and then get mad when you don't take my offer. WHAT? Who does that? The really sad part about this, is these people are driving on the same roads we all are- WHOA! Don't you wonder some days how some people actually get themelves dressed every day? I know I do!

Knock on wood, I haven't had any bad customers - but I almost want to, just to be able to add something really funny here. LOL Thanks for keeping me entertained this evening!

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BlakesCakes Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 4:52am
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............and, quite honestly, there's nothing WORSE than a supermarket cupcake, either.................. icon_razz.gif


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goal4me Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 5:12am
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I took in a couple of carrot cakes today using the recipe that won me 2 blue ribbons at the county fair last week ...won 1 for 2 layer frosted cake and 1 for loaf cake.

So....a friend says oh this is can keep practicing for 2 years and do my daughters wedding cake for her!!?!?!?! (for free????) and the worker next to her just loves the cake and shared a piece with her husband that she picked up from the airport and he must know the recipe...but she promises not to enter the county fair with the recipe and in fact she doesn't cook, but could I e mail her the recipe and she won't share it with anyone!!!!!!!!!


I tell my friend it take awhile to make a wedding cake and that she'd need to pay my salary (from my day job for a week... she says "it's just a cake... i thought joking and telling her the above would have her back off.... nope......
I told her I teach cake decorating and not sure I'd be interested in baking cakes in 2 years.

Where do people get off thinking ya wanna make them their dream cake for free!?!?! and the special recipe for winning cakes just tossed on to casual acquaintances....

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Sandra80 Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 5:53am
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oh god i have so many bad customer stories but most of them are not cake related at all (i've worked retail way too long) but i feel like sharing a couple anyway, you guys will still laugh at the crazy people anyway, right? well i worked in a music store once upon a time that had a ticketmaster machine in it. a woman came in a wanted tickets for a play and she tells me the name of the play but she doesn't know the location so look it up and no, i don't find it. i ask if she's sure it is carried by ticketmaster and she replies yes and she begins to get snippy. i keep typing it over and over again and try seraching for it anyway possible but still no luck the woman proceeds to call me names and tell me that i must be stupid or something, i tell her that i am trying my best and then she picks up a magazine off the counter and hits me with it. i almost flew over the counter to beat the crap out of her. well a few weeks later i see an ad for the play in the paper, the reason i couldn't find it was that it was not correct english for the title it was spelled all ghetto like and how exactly was i suppsed to know that if the woman doesn't tell me? i had a line of people waiting to buy wrestling tickets once and they started their own little riot on me because i was following the rules setforth by ticketmaster about a raffle for the 1st position in line, i had to lock myself in the store and call the cops. when i worked in a framing shop i had people come in and ask how much stuff was that was on the wall even though they had 3"x3" red tags on them with the price listed and then ask me what kind of discount could i give them on it, hello you are in the mall not the flea market! i now work at a portrait studio and have people coming to me with coupons for $3.99 portrait sheets and asking me if i can give them a better deal because of course i set the prices for all jcpenney portrait studios, didn't you know?
and as for cake, the worst i had was a woman who had me doing sketch after sketch and changing her mind over and over again about the theme of the cake and then when we finally settle on what she wants and i giver her a price she says she has to consult her mom who was paying. the mom said it was too expensive and she asked if i could cut out the delivery charge since she was going to invite me to her child's party. i only met this woman online in a mom's group, yeah, let me make her kid's cake and bring it to her house for free and drag my kids along and buy the little brat a gift too. gee just what i wanted to do!
anyway before i keep going all night long with this, i'll stop now.

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mekaclayton Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 6:30am
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Where do I start??? LOL If ya don't know about my horror story from a week ago...I call it the Poo Pooh cake in my gallery. That lady gave me the blues. But enough about that nut case. I have a lady call me one day asking me to do a cake for her daughter. Hello Kitty...then she goes, can you not put that Pop Rock candy on top of the cake. I'm like WHAT?? Pop Rock candy...who in the h*ll would do that? Bewildered, I asked her...pop rock candy? She had never had a cake of mines but saw a picture. She saw edible glitter and thought it was Pop Rock candy. Duh?? I still don't see how she confused glitter with Pop Rock. Yep, wanted to slap her 'cause she got sassy with me when telling me not to put it on there. I should've bought some and put it on there anyways...but I'm nice. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
Give me a day, and I can come with some more crazy customers. I try to forget them so they are surpressed right now.

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Pacilla Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 7:15am
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One of my worse cases involved a wedding for which I was hired to do the wedding coordination in addition to the cake. Turns out it was a divorced parents wedding. In addition to making sure the cost of everything was equally divided between the bride's parents, the bride's father insisted as the wedding coordinator it was my task to tell the bride that she needed to have her teeth whitened after taking her braces off before the wedding portrait AND that I needed to get the groom lifts for his shoes because he was shorter than the bride and would look funny standing at the altar......yes, this was HIS daughter.

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okieinalaska Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 7:46am
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Originally Posted by mekaclayton

Where do I start??? LOL If ya don't know about my horror story from a week ago...I call it the Poo Pooh cake in my gallery. .

Just wanted to tell you how much I love your cakes! You rock. : )

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Hollyanna70 Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 9:20am
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Originally Posted by KHalstead

kelleym I remember the powerpoint funny!!!

My only bad customer ( I've been lucky...and haven't really had THAT many customers lol) is a lady that called on a wednesday to ask me if I could make a 3-D octopus, for Friday!!!...I tell her it's her lucky day I have no orders and feel like doing a carved cake LOL so I get to work the next day.......bake the cakes necessary had my design sketched out......then she called thursday afternoon as I'm crumb coating the cakes....."I made a mistake, it needs to be a squid NOT an octopus...but they're pretty much the same thing right?" my head "are you serious?? no way are they the same an octopus has a big bulbus head with 8 big tentacles and a squid if flatter and longer with 10 tentacles!!!!"...but I stayed calm, I said I already baked the cakes but I'll see what I can do.....she thanks me and says she'll pay extra for the inconvenience ..I tell her that won't be necessary......she comes the next morning after I pump out an incredible squid cake...had the wing thingies on it and everything...I ever curled some of the tentacles and had the little suction cups on the underside...took photos.....she came to pick it up and opens the box and says....."is that what a squid looks like?"...." I thought they were kinda pink?" I said " octopus is PINK, squids are a greyish kinda color and you peel back the skin and they're a milky white and that's what you cook (her nickname was Calamari Carol hence why she wanted a squid cake, only problem is she thought calamari came from an octopus!) any case, she took the cake......I went on the p.c. uploaded the photos from my NEW camera....and proceeded to erase them from the camera before saving them on the p.c. along with tons of pics of our latest vacation aaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhh!!! So basically the lady hated the cake , I thought it was awesome and I NEVER think any of my cakes look awesome and now I have no pic. to prove it even existed!!! LOL

Is there a way you can maybe get a picture from her? Explain to her how yours was lost, and you really want a picture of it for your portfolio? Surely at a birthday party "someone" would have taken a picture.

It sounds wonderful. I'm sorry she didn't realize how lucky she was to have such a unique cake.

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Hollyanna70 Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 9:30am
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Originally Posted by Tscookies

Fortunately, I don't have any horror stories to tell about (yet!) ... however, my very own sister kinda ticked me off last week when she asked me to make her cookies for her to hand out at her open house next weekend (she's a realtor). She said she was "willing to pay up to $2 per cookie, in a bag, and tied with green curling ribbon." Excuse me while I redirect you to Ebay is what I felt like telling her. But of course I didn't. She's family ... I love her and I can overlook these things ... but I DID send her a link today of a website that had very similar house cookies that she ordered from me - except they looked like one of my kids could have made them and were $4 a piece. I made certain that she knew she would be getting something waay nicer at 1/2 the price from me! Guess I'm still a little miffed ... but thanks to this great forum - I feel a little better after being allowed to vent!

I'm sorry your family doesn't understand. I think it's very important all close family members understand exactly how much time, energy, and money goes into making any cake, even just the little character cakes. That way, when someone says, "Hey, can your daughter/sister do this cake for me?", they can always answer with Yes, probably, but I can assure you it won't be cheap.

As for my family, itself, well I never charge them. If it's elaborate and expensive, I tell them to consider it a gift. If it's just a favor, eh.. on the house, unless someone other than them is paying for it. (i.e. my sister, the teacher, needs cookies for a student function but the school is paying for it, then I give it to her at cost.)

Maybe I'm weird, maybe I'm too nice for my own good. *shrug* I don't know.. It's just how I am.


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countrycakes Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 11:34am
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icon_cry.gificon_lol.gif *rolling deriously(sp?!) on the floor..............these are just too funny/not funny to share! I am just getting really started in the 'business' so to speak......looks like I have some floozies to look out for out there! icon_lol.gificon_eek.gificon_biggrin.gif I worked in daycare, preschool, public school and most recently RETAIL icon_eek.gificon_confused.gificon_biggrin.gificon_surprised.gificon_lol.gif and I thought I had seen it all........I obviously have not began to scratch the surface! THANKS FOR SHARING...and WARNING THE REST OF US, ROFL! icon_lol.gificon_biggrin.gif

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navywifetrat Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 2:22pm
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I am just a hobby baker but I have had friends try to get me to go in business. I am no where near as good as most of you here on CC but I am self taught and still learning. I had one friend who was at my DD's party and she told me that I should sell my castle cakes. I told her I didn't think I could get people to buy them for what they were worth and I wasn't licensed. She told me if I sold them for half what the grocery stores sold them for I wouldn't have any problem. I asked her what they sold theirs for and she said $40! icon_eek.gif They use the Disney kit instead of the real looking castle cake. I told her there wasn't any way that I have more in supplies than that! People really don't have a clue until they either watch you or try and do it themsevles!

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indydebi Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 2:31pm
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Well, heck if I sold ANYTHING for half of the competition price, I'd sell a lot of them. Until I filed bankruptcy!

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authress Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 4:57pm
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Hehe. I'm loving this thread! (It does seem a bit morbid, though--kind of like watching Punked, only without someone coming in at the end and saying it was all just a joke.)

Really, though, there seems to be a common theme here (even more than cheap, stupid people). It's like people think they're doing us a favor by allowing us to bake for them. I don't even mean this in the "give you my business" way. It's like we must be so hard up and desperate to make a cake that they're taking pity on us, sacrificing the glories of a Walmart cake, and "letting" us make a cake. icon_confused.gif Uh... WTF?!?! If I had nothing but time and no desire to make money, I'd rather make cakes for the local homeless shelter and every other charity that crossed my path. That would at least come with appreciation!

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marmalade1687 Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 5:20pm
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The story that stands out in my mind was from a few years ago - I had booked a consultation with a bride and groom that wanted cupcakes for their wedding...the bride was ADAMANT on cupcakes...she liked the look of them, and wanted them for her wedding - fine. At the consultation, while looking at my portfolio and other books, she decides that she wanted a 3-tier cake instead, so we designed one (keep in mind she now had no clue what she wanted - I walked her through the process for TWO hours).

When I wrote up the quote and started to go through the numbers with the couple, she broke down in tears - she wanted cupcakes, had always wanted cupcakes, and how could her groom talk her out of cupcakes?? Massive fight started in front of me - I broke it up by telling them that I would not book with them that day until they had made a decision AT HOME on what they wanted - obviously there was more discussion needed between them. Off they went to discuss it more. I heard back from the bride about a week later, saying that they would love for me to do their cupcakes, so we got the contract signed and all was tickety-boo.

When I went to setup the cupcakes at the reception a few months later, some other vendors were there too (they all knew each other, it being a small town, and I was the only out-of-town vendor). They were chatting amongst themselves about how much trouble this bride had given them over the past few months with her breakdowns (hee hee!), so it wasn't just me! The DJ asked everyone if we would like some music while setting up, so he "dedicated" the first song to the bride - it was some song about selling your soul to the devil... icon_eek.gif my eyes must have bugged out of my head at this point...thank goodness I was busy placing cupcakes!!

I've had quite a few other good stories, but I'll save those for another day!!! icon_wink.gif

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reenie Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 5:48pm
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I say we all invite those who think we over charge for cakes over to give them a hands on experience decorating cakes. From start to finish- I bet they wouldn't doubt another price again.
My hubby (when I first started decorating cakes) thought that I over charged for them, then he stayed home and watched the kids while I decorated one cake and decided I under charge. LOL icon_lol.gif Shows him.
Same thing with a lady who wanted to learn how to decorate from me. I invited her over to the house to help me do a cake for her father's 80th b-day so she can get some hands on while doing it. It took about 8 hrs to do it even with her help and having half done when she got here. I was just gonna charge her for materials in the end about $28 but she ended up leaving about 5 hrs into it saying she was tired and payed me $80. Again, goes to show they really have no idea what it takes to do even the simplest looking cake. If they did I'm sure they'd charge more than we do! icon_rolleyes.gif

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indydebi Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 5:57pm
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reenie is so right ..... I've done this with friends and once they've made a cake, they are MORE than happy to pay someone to do it.

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CourtneysCustomCakes Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 6:04pm
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I'm new to having any customers. So far It has been pretty smooth sailing. (knock on wood) I did have the bride that wanted 200+ cupcakes each individually scrolled with a chocolate heart (had to be just the heart outline) And they spoke to me as if it was going to be so easy to. Lets just say I don't want to see another Cupcake for a while.

Then I just delivered a 1st birthday cake on Sat. I have done a quite a few cakes for this family(including one other 1st birthday). Mother of the bitrhday girl wasn't there, and Grandma wasn't in the best of mood. I walked in with my smash cake and she started to get mad at me saying THAT SMALL. I couldn't help but laugh. Said Yep that small, do you want to see the birthday cake now. Walked out of the room and brought in the full size cake. NOTE: The other cake had a smash cake too. And all of the parties are at grandmas house so there is no way that she didn't know what it was.

I did about 8 hours on this cake I felt like it was time wasted. Mother of the birthday made it up to me the next day with many complements.

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lanibird Posted 15 Aug 2007 , 8:16pm
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Originally Posted by DelightsByE

I posted this in another thread awhile back, but it still reigns supreme in my Crazy Customer book:

this bride comes in, and obviously they'd figured out the whole - "fewer guests equals less cost" concept, which I guess was a good thing, we get to talking and she pulls out this photo from a magazine which was a 5-tier fondant creation that was simple and elegant, totally do-able, for $3.25 per serving, so we got to talking about servings, and yes - she really wanted it to have the full 5 tiers because her cousin so-and-so got married in April and HER cake was 4 tiers, and she really wanted it to be BIGGER.

So I told her the cost per slice, and the total cost, and she goes - but...I'm only inviting 75 people -
so I go - yes but the cake you want serves 208 -
and she goes - so what do you mean, I can't get this cake for $175? -
and I go - no, I'm sorry. -
and she goes - how about $200? - and I go - I can't even buy the supplies for that. -
and she goes - OK, thanks...(and says to her mom on their way out the door, can't we just go back to WalMart?)

As soon as they were out of earshot and eyesight, I laughed myself literally sick.

What do they think, we're going to supply not only their wedding reception with cake, but also every family gathering for the next MONTH???


I remember this, and still believe that she wanted to serve her guest 6"x6" slices. icon_wink.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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KittyPTerror Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 7:03am
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Wow! Those are some wild stories! I love hearing them.

By the way, IndieDebbie, I was up until 8am reading etiquette hell...It's just so darn huge and wonderful! From the bottom of my obsessively Miss-Manners-reading heart, I thank you!

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smoore Posted 17 Aug 2007 , 1:42am
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Originally Posted by reenie

My hubby (when I first started decorating cakes) thought that I over charged for them, then he stayed home and watched the kids while I decorated one cake and decided I under charge. LOL icon_lol.gif Shows him.

I love it!!!! Not only valued as a baker/decorator, but as a child care provider/mother as well!!! thumbs_up.gif

I've just started selling, so I haven't had too many customer's yet, but I have had a last minute order on a Tuesday night, due Thursday morning, and must have received 10 calls on what they wanted the "theme" of the cake to be. The last one came while I was putting the finishing touches on the cake Wednesday night .... uh, I hope you haven't changed your mind again!!!!! tapedshut.gif

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BBB1215 Posted 17 Aug 2007 , 2:26am
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I had a bride and her mother come into my shop the other day asking for wedding cake prices. While we were talking (unscheduled meeting, but had time), I offered the mother and B2B a cupcake which was white cake and BC icing. The mother absolutely refused to even take a bite! She said she hated cake!!(She was an alien obviously) And every time we talked about cake flavor, she would stick her tongue out and go "Bleh, Bleh, Bleh! I hate cake. She did it so many times that I started to get ticked off. So as nice as I possibly could (I figured, MY shop, I can say what I want!) I told her "Please stop doing that. Cake is my livelihood. Cake pays my bills and you are offending me. I Love Cake." Needless to say, I didn't get that cake order. One of the few times I have been happy not to get it.

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step0nmi Posted 17 Aug 2007 , 2:42am
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Wow! BBB1215! You handled that GREAT! I love how you said "Cake pays my bills and you are offending me." That is the greatest line I've ever heard! Wish I had crazy customer story to give!

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summernoelle Posted 17 Aug 2007 , 2:59am
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This was mine, that happened today:
Basically, a woman wanted a 2 tiered fondant baby shower cake with a RI tiara, gumpaste roses and hyrdrangeas like on my Avatar, and then proceeded to tell me that I needed to work within her budget because she was on foodstamps.
I felt for her, but come on, you are on food stamps. Don't call a custom cake maker!

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mekaclayton Posted 18 Aug 2007 , 6:14am
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Originally Posted by okieinalaska

Originally Posted by mekaclayton

Where do I start??? LOL If ya don't know about my horror story from a week ago...I call it the Poo Pooh cake in my gallery. .

Just wanted to tell you how much I love your cakes! You rock. : )

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! Your comments are highly appreciated!!! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

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FrostinGal Posted 18 Aug 2007 , 10:53am
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Maybe it's my sick twisted nursing humor, but I loved this thread! Deb, I bet you have a million of 'em!
My only professional story was recieving a call on Saturday from the catering staff inquiring as to why the wedding cake hadn't been delivered to X event. We, the catering bakery, check our have no order for a wedding cake for X event. The guests are due to arrive in less than 2 hours. And that is the bakery's problem how? Turns out the catering planner had "forgotten" to place the bakery order for the cake. So, our entire bakery staff dropped what they were doing, got on the ball and using frozen sheet cakes, produced a spectacular wedding cake, including fresh flowers, for 100, in 30 minutes! Luckily, we even had the right flavors of cake and filling available! The delivery driver was off and running and the cake arrived with 5 minutes to spare! The bride thought it was the best cake ever! (If we had a dollar for every time we had to save the event planners' behinds....)
On a personal note, the pastor and his wife from our church back when we were newlyweds were having a 25th anniversary vow renewal. Our pastor was very sick and they had planned to have one on their 50th, but it didn't look good. So I had done a few wedding cakes by that time, and gave the pastor and his wife, whom we adored, their "wedding" cake for free. He had married us, after all!
The cake was gorgeous and delicious, and well beyond their expectations. It was three tiers with two heart-shaped satellite cakes with their names on them, with silk flowers in their colors. DH and I were on a very tight budget at the time, and we had made a bit of a sacrifice to give them this cake. Fast forward a few months, and I get a request for a wedding cake for a daughter of a lady from our church. I should have known there would be trouble when they looked surprised that I was charging them $1 a serving! I am told that they are trying to keep costs down, since it is a cake and punch reception only. Softie that I am, I am determined to make the best cake I can, since they can't afford a full reception, which is the norm here. I am told they are on a strict budget, yadda, yadda, yadda.
The cake ends up being a monstrosity! I'm doing you a favor, so go ahead, pick out a really difficult cake! It was the Wilton chapel cake with six tiers of cake, plus the cost of the chapel kit, the light and the extension cord, plus, of course, you want a different decor for the cakes than the picture. I'm still okay with it at this point, because I'm helping them on their big day. I kinda felt bad that they were having a cake and punch reception.
Fast forward to the day of the wedding. I arrive for delivery, and I'm setting up the cake, and I'm fuming, because the caterers are also setting up. icon_eek.gif
And I never recieved a thank you, or any of my chapel kit or equipment back, even though I reminded the MOB several times at church. No good deed...

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Tscookies Posted 18 Aug 2007 , 2:05pm
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I'm sorry your family doesn't understand ...

As for my family, itself, well I never charge them. If it's elaborate and expensive, I tell them to consider it a gift. If it's just a favor, eh.. on the house, unless someone other than them is paying for it.


Well, my sister called yesterday to say she sold the house 2 days after it was listed (a $435K home! ... umm, commission on that please?). The open house still isn't until Aug 24. So she asked to reduce her order from 48 cookies to 24. Great ... a custom cookie shape and design all for a mere 48 bucks. I know I should treat family well - and I do!!!! I have five siblings ALL of which I have done at least $200 of freebies for to help them promote their businesses. When she first went into the business, I made up 36 boxes for her of 3 cookies each (a dollar sign, her photo business card and a house). She got incredible compliments - no one had ever seen anything like it. Didn't charge her a penny for anything (not even the packaging or ingredients)! Call me terrible, but I'm looking less and less forward to doing her order when I know these will be at least $4 cookies ... and I'm only charging her what she was "willing to pay" icon_mad.gif while she waits for her fat commision check to come in. I promise you guys, I will not this let happen again ... when I deliver these cookies, I will let her know what reorders will cost her.

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smoore Posted 18 Aug 2007 , 4:55pm
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[quote="Tscookies] I promise you guys, I will not this let happen again ... when I deliver these cookies, I will let her know what reorders will cost her.[/quote]

And be sure to include YOUR business card in with each cookie so her customers know who provided her unique cookies ... No reason you can't both promote your business! icon_lol.gif

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imartsy Posted 19 Aug 2007 , 12:47am
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Anytime I'm looking for funny customer stories, I visit I LOVE This site. Just go to the forums and choose from the top "Today's Posts" for the most updated. It is the most unbelievable site - you just can't begin to imagine the idiots out there - and the completely unreasonable people - and the "entitlement whores". I'm always cracking up and thanking God that I don't work in retail.

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Sandra80 Posted 19 Aug 2007 , 2:26am
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there is some pretty funny stuff on too. it's all letters people write to complain about companies. most of them are these kind of bad customers and it's funny to read what they think is poor customer service.

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eatsleepdreamcake Posted 19 Aug 2007 , 5:20pm
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I recently participated in a home business expo. I took my business cards, my portfolio and two dummy cakes to display. I also took some cupcakes to sell. I packaged them in little clear plastic containers that neatly held four cupcakes. They were all filled, four different flavors, with my homemade buttercream of course. I billed them as gourmet cupcakes, and put a cute little sticker on the box; chocolate boston cream pie, white chocolate raspberry, lemon chiffon, and triple chocolate. I charged $5 per box which I figured was more than fair. Where I live, cupcake bakeries are all the rage and they charge 2.25-2.50 per cupcake! Well, people were buying them just fine till this one lady. I guess she had already been past my table and then came back to get some cupcakes. She says, "my daughter wants some, I guess I'll go ahead and get two boxes", and kind of throws two dollar bills on my table. So I'm wondering, where are the rest of your dollar bills, you have a long way to go to get to 10! Well, it didn't take long to realize that she thought they were $1 per box! I told her, um they are $5 a box. So very loudly she proceeds to say, "I thought you said they were $1, $5 is waaay too much, I'm only getting one". Remember her voice is very loud and rude. So I said, at the cupcake bakery, they charge 2.50 per cupcake. She says, "I don't care, that's too much", still referring to my cupcakes. Well, she took the one box and didn't come back to say they weren't worth it, so I bet she enjoyed them in spite of herself. I was just dumbfounded at the whole thing. She thought I was selling them for $1 a box, 25c a piece! You can't even get them for that at the grocery store, they charge 50c! Plus, I wouldn't go to her table and yell that she was charging too much for her stuff. And would she have gone to the Mary Kay lady and told her she was asking too much for her eyeshadow, or tell the Pampered Chef lady that her stoneware was ridiculously overpriced? (no offense to either of these, I love their stuff!) I think not. Why is it ok to scoff at the cake lady? People just don't get it.

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