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Jackie Posted 21 Jan 2005 , 6:24am
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Thanks to BriansBaker and VickiC for thier great suggestions!!

I created this forum so that we can share our horror stories with one another, and maybe get some much needed encouragement and certainly learn from each other!

Have fun and never give up! thumbs_up.gif

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jscakes Posted 24 Feb 2005 , 10:40pm
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Great idea, now we all will know where to look for some "encouragement" and good laughs! Everyone needs laughter.

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flayvurdfun Posted 15 Mar 2005 , 2:57pm
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whoo hoo whoo hoo!!!! Two disaster cakes are posted under the "uncat-other cakes" area... spongebob for toby, Thomas for Zak. Tried all week to get a FBCT done that looked good... didnt happen. wormy look, broke, too thick in places so it looked a little yucky.. my supplies I ordered in plenty of time to get here didnt arrive until the day after I needed them. I am sure everyone can relate to one or more of those!!!!!!!!!!

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MissT Posted 7 Jul 2006 , 1:05am
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Okay, Here Goes: not "cake disaster", more like cake disasters. Here is a partial list: 1) Made a wrestling ring cake and didn't give any consideration to the ropes until the day of event - used pretzels for posts and licorice for ropes. The "ropes" kept pulling the "posts" over and hanging in the middle of the cake. icon_cry.gif 2) Dumped fresh baked cake in sink removing bake even strips. 3 icon_cry.gif ) Dropped partly iced cake on floor. icon_cry.gif 4) Kitchen gate left open and dog came up and ate cake (too many times). icon_cry.gificon_mad.gif 5) Cat decided he liked frosting and cleaned off almost the whole side of cake LOL icon_surprised.gif 6) Dog ate fondant bow. icon_mad.gif 7) Dog ate poinsettia cupcakes icon_mad.gif and last but not least icon_cool.gif a big black spider came down from the ceiling and landed in the frosting I was working with while the customer was there. icon_surprised.gif I've had my share!!! Sorry this is so long, but like I said it is only a partial list.

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lasidus1 Posted 7 Jul 2006 , 1:08am
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haha, my cat loves frosting too. i call her and my dog frosting vultures because they circle me when i'm making it, waiting for scraps.

there's a whole section of cake disaster stories in the forums. just click the forums tab on the top, then cake disasters to see all the threads. some are funny, and some are just awful icon_cry.gif

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karateka Posted 7 Jul 2006 , 1:17am
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I don't have any REALLY good ones yet, thank heavens. But on my last wedding cake I tried to reach for the side of my display plate, missed and stuck my fingers into the side of the cake....not once, but TWICE! Luckily I was wearing gloves, and I had extra frosting (because I knew I was going to do something idiotic). And I have had to re-make a 16 in tier....I have to make them separately since only 1 16in tier will fit in my K5. Well, instead of halving the salt, I put all of it for both tiers in the mixer. Result was a very salty cake.

Personally, the spider one disturbs me the most. Someone would have to resusitate me....

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TamNan Posted 18 Jul 2006 , 4:37am
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About the 5th wedding cake I had made was a center column cake with 6 tiers and 2 satelite cakes. I had made the cakes and frozen them, like I have done many times before and after. I let the cake defrost. I preceded to make all of the buttercream and the filling for the tiers. Got down to cutting out the centers for the support column and all of the cake centers were "gummy" and looked,felt, and tasted under cooked, but when they were tested at the oven they tested cooked. Of course this was getting into the evening time of the night before the wedding. I had to call my sister to go to the store and buy all new items for making new cakes. Started baking all 16 layers, when they cooled proceeded to ice and decorate. My sister helped, but left about 1 am. I stayed up all night and into the morning to get the cake done to be delivered by 9:30 am the next morning. Funny thing is at the reception which I attended, the cake cutters didn't know how to cut a 2 layer cake and the cake was served one layer at a time and they served 300 hundred guests off of the 2 satelite cakes and didn't touch the center cakes at all. I could have dummied the whole thing if I know that was going to happen.

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Dizzymaiden Posted 24 Aug 2006 , 12:22pm
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I made a large white sheet cake with blue frosting (ocean) and a chocolate island in the middle. I thought it looked creative. I had to drive only an hour away (but in the heat) and the island cracked in three places! I spent alot of time and of course money I thought that it would be eaten right away...the quest waited two days! I had to hear from a 13 year old that it was horrible. I acted like I did not care, but I cried.

Not sure I want to go out of my way like that again...

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madiesmom Posted 16 Oct 2006 , 4:04pm
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My story is not too bad, only one... I made a train cake...Spent 3 hours on the engine. Was making the other cars when my DH took the engine to put in the fridge, attempted to open the door while holding the cake and dropped it. This was the night before my son's 4th birthday. Had to remake the whole thing. At least my DH was trying to help. After he got up the nerve to tell me and I brushed it off a no big deal (I could tell he felt horrible) He left for the store to buy more ingredients and I sat down on the kitchen floor and cried. icon_smile.gif

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