Store Bought Sheet Cake For Wedding

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reiscakes Posted 19 Jun 2005 , 11:25am
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I am completely offended. Yesterday I was the matron of honor for my best friends wedding. As a gift to her and her husband I made them their wedding cake. The bottom was white, the middle was chocolate and the top was chocolate and white. I also made a side cake that was all white and put it in the kitchen area. During the reception the "wedding consultant" didn't think there was enough chocolate cake so she ran out and bought a chocolate sheet cake! I had just finished up with the photo session so I went into the reception area for some yummy cake! I go to pick up a piece and realize that it's not my design on the outside. I stormed into the kitchen and saw a horrible ugly store bought sheet cake laying right next to my un-touched-decorated-for-the-wedding side cake. I asked why there was a sheet cake and that's when she told me there wasn't enough chocolate cake.

Ok, so is it just me or was that NOT her decision???? The bride and groom decide the flavors! Not her! I stayed up late the night before decorating that cake and even put a bunch of royal icing roses on it (and you guys know how long those take to make). What really really makes me mad is that she even cut into their top layer that they were supposed to save!

Should I write her a letter and tell her how hurt I am? I have the wedding cake posted in my pictures if you want to take a look at it. What would you do in my situation?

I'm really curious about what happened to that side cake...

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magentaa23 Posted 19 Jun 2005 , 12:39pm
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i was sorta in the same situation... however it wasnt a store bought cake... My best friend got married last year and asked me to be in the wedding party. I told her that i really didnt want to do her cake because i would be too busy helping her pln the wedding. She couldnt find a cake anywhere that she liked so a week before the wedding begged me to do it . Her parents own 3 mexican bakeries, however she does not like their cake. So her and I designed the cake the way she wanted it. We were up till 2 am the day of the wedding finishing it, and i live an hour away. Her dad was pissed because he said my cake would give his bakery a bad reputation. At the reception there was my cake on the main table.. 5 tier, fondant covered, about 10 dozen pink roses cascading down the sides.. and there on a side table he had the nerve to bring another wedding cake!!! I was floored!.. it was iced in a fake whipped topping with blobs of icing on the side that were supposed to be swiss dots but were about 1/2 inch round .. needless to say it was the tackiest thing iv ever seen. As soon as the bride saw it she told the waiters to get rid of it asap and she went and had a talk with her dad.. she was more upset then i was coz she helped with her cake, it was a design she came up with and wanted it to be special.. anyway her cake was a hit everyone asked where she got it from and her older brother who was also against me doing the cake came up to me and said it was the prettiest cake hes ever seen . lol this is the first time iv vented out on this.. kinda felt good icon_razz.gif.. lol

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trisha1972 Posted 19 Jun 2005 , 1:37pm
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I have a clause in my wedding contracts that says ALL cake served at the wedding MUST be made by me. NO kitchen cakes can be purchased elsewhere. I don't want some person at a wedding thinking that nasty, frozen store cake is mine.

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nanni Posted 19 Jun 2005 , 1:56pm
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The consultant is there to consult-and actuallly the day of the wedding her job should be finished-she should have asked the bride before she did anything-how overbearing that way-she crossed the line for sure-I would talk to the bride-it would sound more like jealousy if you said something, I think-but the consultant does need to know so she does not do it again---there could be some ugly words by another bride or cake decorator....

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ntertayneme Posted 19 Jun 2005 , 2:39pm
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I would mention it to the bride and ask her if she felt it would be out of line for you to write a letter to the wedding planner. You'd need to make reference to your friends wedding; therefore, I think you need to ask your friends permission to do this. If you obtain permission to do the letter, I'd write a very nice letter to her stating that you felt it was inappropriate for her to buy cakes of any type to bring into any wedding reception. She will definitely "step" on some toes by doing so w/o consulting the bride first if she continues to do this in the future and she may not be planning many weddings as a result of it too. To me, she was out of line by doing what she did w/o asking anyone first. icon_smile.gif

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traci Posted 19 Jun 2005 , 2:50pm
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When I go to set up a wedding cake I usually explain to the consultant or coordinator what instructions I have from the bride. I tell them the top tier is to be saved and even bring a box to put it in. I think it was wrong for her to get another cake and cutting the top tier. I agree that I would want only my cake to be served.

I understand that you are upset....but you did a great job on the cake! The most important thing is that the bride was happy. You did your part and what the consultant did had nothing to do with you. It was bad judgement on her part. Unfortunately, in this kind of business you will encounter people like that! Keep up the good work...your cakes are gorgeous!
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reiscakes Posted 19 Jun 2005 , 4:15pm
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Thanks you guys! I'm definitely writing up a contract from now on. Granted this was a gift and not a real "job" I still should have had something written up.

I'm definitely writing a letter but it'll be very nice. Especially because the wedding coordinator is part of the church. My friend had to use her, she had no choice. I do know that my friend did not like her at all. She caused a lot of unecessary stress. But my letter will only advise her not to do that again without consulting the bride first.

Thanks again. I was up last night feeling really hurt about the whole thing. Especially since people were coming up to me saying how wonderful the cake was. I sure hope they were talking about mine!!!! I guess it was good that my cake was devoured (minus the side cake). We have a key to my friends apartment so I'm going to make her a small wedding cake and put it in her freezer for her anniversary!

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SquirrellyCakes Posted 19 Jun 2005 , 4:29pm
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Well the job of the wedding coordinator/consultant is to take the stress off the bride, not create more. Likely she thought she was being helpful, was perhaps worried that there wasn't enough chocolate cake and thought she was helping the situation, not creating another one.
It doesn't sound like she knows what she is doing if she allowed someone to cut into that top layer. The caterers always ask if the top layer is meant to be saved.
You are totally in the right on this one and a polite letter to the consultant might help educate her. SHe made decisions she had no right to make.
One little tip, when a chocolate cake is offered for a wedding, make sure that there is plenty. Most brides want the bottom cake white, so their teeth and dress stay clean, but I have found when chocolate cake is offered, it is always the most popular one and I always try to make two of the layers or an extra cake in chocolate. Men particularly prefer chocolate cake.
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cakelady Posted 20 Jun 2005 , 8:51pm
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I have to say, when I read this my mouth dropped open...........HOW RUDE this wedding planner is....I've run into some rude wedding planners before but this sure (Pardon the Pun) "takes the cake".............

I'd write a letter.......with the brides permission........make it nice......then I'd make darn sure the wedding planner was not at any more weddings I had a part in........

I made a wedding cake one time for a bride who's photographer liked to get a picture of the cake with a kid sticking his/her finger in it.......I found this in very poor taste......I thought it was rude to the bride who paid good money for it, rude to me who stood long hours making it and STUPID to have a kid so close to something he could knock over........anyway, I did one wedding with that photographer.........from that point on I always asked "who the players are"...........I swear, I"ll never work with that lady again!!!!!!!!!

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nanni Posted 20 Jun 2005 , 9:30pm
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Why is it that some people think some of the dumbest things are cute??If a kid got ahold of that photographers camera and started taking pictures you can bet your sweet bippy that photographer wouldn't think that was cute!! And if someone came in and changed some of the wedding planners ideas or designs or something-they would not think that was right either-not that either would be right but you get my point.. After discussing it with the bride I am sure the brides friends that wanted referrals would be warned about the tackiness the planner did....

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jewlster1259 Posted 25 Apr 2015 , 8:29pm
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Trisha1972, would you mind sharing your wedding contract with me? I am trying to find a good one to cover all my bases.

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ammcats Posted 25 Apr 2015 , 8:44pm
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Poor you.  I find it interesting that she decided there was not enough chocolate cake.  How did she come to that conclusion?  If it ran out, so be it, the guests would just have a piece of other cake surely?  After all, there was plenty of cake to go around. Having different flavours of cake allows choices for some of the people who genuinely may not like a particular flavour. But you can't pleae all of the people all of the time, so running out of chocolate cake is really no big of a deal.

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Jedi Knight Posted 25 Apr 2015 , 9:31pm
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Ten. Year. Old. Thread.

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johnson6ofus Posted 25 Apr 2015 , 9:57pm
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^^^^^ lol.

You got it Jedi....

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