Help Asap W/rhonda's Ultimate Mmf

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darkchocolate Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 3:30pm
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I have begun the process and I don't see when to add the 1/2 C Crisco. Please help me with this. Do I just use the half cup to grease everything and knead the MMF or do I actually add 1/2 C Crisco to the mixture?


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nickshalfpint Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 3:37pm
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It's just for greasing everything, I believe. I was going to make this tonight and have read the recipe a thousand times and that's what I get from it. HTH, Kristen

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cakeislove Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 4:04pm
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I think nickshalfpint is right. It's just to grease everything. I made two batches last month and both came out perfectly without any shortening added to the actual fondant. BTW I've made MMF before with another recipe and Rhonda's is way easier to work with and tastes better!

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darkchocolate Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 4:11pm
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Thank you cakeislove and nickshalfpint for answering my question. I have made the MMF but the texture is different than I am used to.

I noticed that the recipe said to let it sit overnight or at least rest for a few hours. I didn't add the entire 2# bag of confectioners sugar because she noted appx. 7C and because I wasn't sure if letting the MMF rest would change the texture some. I would have to say that my MMF is firm when I pinch some but I am having trouble imaging that it will roll out okay.

Can someone help me with the texture or the feel of this MMF?

Thanks again,

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jesaltuve Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 4:16pm
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I used the MMF from prettytoya and it seemed perfect. When I went to use it after I let it sit it was crumbling everywhere.
I managed get it back after adding a bit of corn syrup and some tiny bits of shortening and warming in micro, but as soon as I roll it out and it starts to dry there it goes crumbling again.
The recipe said not to add all the 10X, but I don't know if it meant at once or at all.
Can anyone help about the amount of 10x you add? Is it just by feel?

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maggiev777 Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 4:28pm
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I made Rhonda's Ultimate MMF for my first fondant cake a couple of weeks ago and had no problems. I used Crisco a LOT while kneading it, and then I used plenty of conf. sugar when rolling it out. At first it really stuck to the surface when rolling it out, so that is how I realized I had not put out enough sugar! I just wadded it all up again, put down a larger amt of sugar, and rolled it out more carefully the second time. Worked like a charm!

Hope it works great for you!

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swingme83 Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 4:30pm
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This is the first time i actually have had a problem with the MMF fondant. I made it and added the crisco into the melted marshmellows (it says so on the recipe) and i kneaded and kneaded. I went to put it away and thought wow i havea good amount of 10x left maybe just al ittle more.....oh no worst thing i could have done. I let it sit 8 hours and tried to roll it, it just ripped and ripped off the cake it went. So i made another batch with no shortening and all the 10x and put it int he mixer (dont do it, its toooo scarry). It turned out much better but super dry (even after mic-ing) by the time i would get around to the back to smooth it ended up ripping and i had to put chocolate hearts over the tears, it was still noticable though.

i dont know why this happened because i made it twice before with no problems at all. in fact i even turned some people onto fondant with the 2nd batch. Not this time, i was not happy.

So to stop ramblling and answer your questions, i think the 10x is totally by feel. HTH sorry for the long winded speech.

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MikkelPaige Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 4:38pm
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Ahh, the infamous MMF posts!! Hehe icon_smile.gif

Yes, adding the confectioner's sugar is CERTAINLY by FEEL!! It took me 4 times of making the recipe to get it right. And now I just make it by feel every time, never going by precise measurements.

The shortening is to grease everything - I've never heard of adding it to the melted marshmellows but if that works for you, great! I've found that greasing everything with the shortening helps A LOT of CONSTANTLY greasing up my hands while I knead the fondant mixture helps to get it to the right consistency. If I've found that it's too dry while I'm mixing I'll add a bit more shortening.

Also, I have realized that I'd rather make batches of all 1 color rather then knead in color to a batch of white. So I add color to the tablespoons of water as I'm mixing it into the melting marshmellows versus after the fondant is made. MUCH easier! Then if I have extra fondant later i just wrap it in Press n Seal and it stays good for a LONG time!! And then it's great if I am making characters that need many colors - I have the colors from previously making fondant!!

I was incredibly frustrated the first few times I made fondant by hand, from scratch (and I don't use a mixer b/c it breaks it and I've found it's easier just to use my hands and build MUSCLE!), but it tastes good, it's cheaper than buying it (though I buy black and red due to the impossibility of getting it the right color for those 2) and if you keep at it you will get used to making it!!

GOOD LUCK! thumbs_up.gif

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Sugar_Plum_Fairy Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 4:40pm
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When I tried Rhonda's MMF it definitely had a different texture than 'regular' MMF. I had to reroll it more than once before I was finally able to use it. Each time I did roll it I used cornstarch to prevent sticking on my surface so I think that might have helped. Also, I would re-rub my hands with Crisco. So I don't know which one or if it was a combination, but the extra Crisco and cornstarch (or confect. sugar, if you prefer) is probably the added touch that makes it "work".

By the way, I just double checked and it was my "End of the Year PTO" cake that I used Rhonda's MMF.

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jesaltuve Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 5:42pm
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cakeislove Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 6:19pm
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What is the difference in texture exactly? More gritty, crumbly, sticky, etc? It might help us to know exactly what's different. For me Rhonda's Ultimate is more elastic and soft than other recipes I've tried. I've always let it rest at least 24 hours, but I've never had the opportunity to use it right away since I have two little ones around and I never have enough time to do all of my decorating at once! I've also noticed that when I added a LOT of coloring to the batch (when the marshmallows are melted, before adding the sugar) it cracks and falls apart easily.

When I made Rhonda's Ultimate last I did it all by hand and it was super easy. I microwaved the marshmallows and water, added the liquids then added sifted powdered sugar about a 1/2-1 cup at a time and stirred it in with a wooden spoon. When it was about the consistency of sticky bread dough (about 4 cups powdered sugar added at that point) I spread a thin layer of shortening on a clean counter top and plopped the fondant onto the counter. Then I kneaded powdered sugar into the fondant a handful at a time until it was the consistency of playdough. I don't know how much powdered sugar I ended up using but I know it wasn't a whole 2lbs.

That sounds involved but the whole thing took me about 30-40 minutes. I bet with enough practice you could finish a batch in less than 15 minutes.

I also use the shortening on the counter method when rolling it out. That, combined with lifting and rotating the fondant frequently while rolling helps keep it from sticking.


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darkchocolate Posted 25 Jun 2007 , 11:01pm
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Thank you for all of the help you have given me. I haven't worked with the Ultimate MMF since I made it this morning. In all honesty I haven't had time this afternoon. I also know I need to let it rest.

I think this MMF seems softer than the Easy MMF I am used to making. I have been poking at it this evening and it still seems very soft, but not in a bad way.

It is hard to describe the texture, but it is not crumbly, gritty or sticky. I can pinch a piece off (when I made it earlier) and it came off nicely. This may not be a good description but maybe a soft nougat texture. I just feel like I may have some problems when I go to roll it out and maybe I won't. I may just have to add a little more confectioners sugar. I do feel like this MMF will be more pliable from what I have seen so far.


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Baking Me Crazy Posted 4 Jun 2013 , 5:30pm
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Im not sure what I am doing wrong but I've made Rhonda's MMF 2 times already and both times the MMF sticks when I roll it out. The first time I figured that I just didn't add enough PS. The second, I added extra PS and still have a problem with it being sticky. The flavor is great so I really want to make this work. I'd love to cover my cakes with this and make fondant decorations with it.


Anyone have any tips?

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