Bride Pricing...take 3, 4, & 5!!!!

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KittisKakes Posted 2 May 2006 , 2:37pm
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Originally Posted by pinkbunny

Originally Posted by KittisKakes

If she wants that cake, why not do either a 10" or 12" and have the top two layers as one flavor and the bottom two layers as the other flavor. That way, it's one slice but they still get both cakes. You could get 30 servings from a 10", especially when it's 4" or higher. Whether you charge $2.50 or $3, it will still be under her $100 budget.

yeah, but gotta add the flowers!! the 2.50 vs 3.50 is just for cake, icing, & fondant. But there aren't alot of not too worried about that....but it will be close to $100 I just hope that if I give her this quote....she doesn't change her mind AGAIN!!!

And if she changes her mind, AGAIN - give her the deposit back and tell her you just can't do it!!! I know it takes a lot of patience to deal with some brides, but once you put all that effort into it, is it really worth it? I know I typically go out of my way to make them happy, which you obviously do the same, since you are still dealing with her - but there's only so much you can do!!! Good luck with this and I hope it works out for you!!!!

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Crimsicle Posted 2 May 2006 , 2:52pm
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You know...this person is going to be a problem until you throw the rice at her!

But...if you really want to go ahead with it....

I'd do a simple cake like that for probably $75 fpr a 10-iinch. But, that would be no gumpaste. I'd do nice piping. Maybe use an impression mat for a bit of "wow" factor. And buttercream roses. For fondant, it would go on up to $100. For gumpaste, another $25. That should be plenty of cake for her size wedding. What was she THINKING with those huge cakes before? She's obviously in a different world.

Please do keep us posted on this little saga.

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darandon Posted 2 May 2006 , 3:09pm
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Wow, the last cake picture is soooooo much different than her first choice. Did she get back the RSVP's and no one is coming? Is that why her numbers dropped so much. If she's this way with you, her friends adn family are probably fed up with the wedding and arent' coming!

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kelleym Posted 2 May 2006 , 3:43pm
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I've followed this saga since the beginning, and I'm just boggling at the fact that she wanted those giant 5-tiered cakes (even with the dummies) to serve 30 people! And this last cake she's chosen is so very different, in size and style, from the first two.

I actually feel a little sorry for her ... it sounds like she has no idea how to be realistic about this situation. I feel more sorry for you, though, and all the time you've spent to get to this point!

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AmberCakes Posted 2 May 2006 , 4:02pm
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I don't know Pinkbunny, but I am worried she will look at the finished cake and say that is not what I was looking for or had in mind or something like that. I am like you-I would try to make them happy, but sometimes you just have to say no. You can still say no while you can- Tell her that you have another wedding cake booked for that day! I am just worried for you-everyone (that is not a cake decorator) just does not know what goes into decorating a cake, and for that matter a Wedding cake! Good luck for whatever you decide! ~Josie icon_smile.gif

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dolcesunshine20 Posted 2 May 2006 , 4:50pm
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I think the cake she's chosen is really pretty. I think I would tell her that I would do that cake for $100 even, nothing less because even though it only serves 30, you're talking gumpaste and fondant here, both labor intensive. You might need to get her to sign something when she finally makes up her mind that says if she changes the design again, there will be a fee added for the change, and also, someone else on here once suggested that once you deliver the cake you have someone sign a waver form saying that you're not responsible for the cake after it leaves your possession. I'd make sure you cover all your bases with this girl.

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sassyinsg Posted 2 May 2006 , 5:08pm
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I think I have to agree with ttowndiva.. this girl sounds like trouble in the long run. If she has champagne taste with a beer budget, anything that comes out of this will not appease her champagne eyes. I think you have to consider whether or not this will come back to haunt you. (ie. refusing to pay, bad word of mouth etc)

All you need is one bride claiming: "She destroyed my wedding! The cake was awful" And you're going to have to fight for your reputation with nobody really wanting to hear your side. As they say in marketing, a happy customer tells 2-3 people. An unhappy customer tells 10 people. Ugh.

Just be careful and cover your own backside!

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joanmary Posted 2 May 2006 , 6:32pm
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Where are the pictures of the first 2 cakes she picked? Just like to see them.

I agree with sassyinsg. Sounds like she would be impossible to please and can hurt you in the long run.

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sugartopped Posted 2 May 2006 , 6:50pm
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Originally Posted by joanmary

Where are the pictures of the first 2 cakes she picked? Just like to see them.

I agree with sassyinsg. Sounds like she would be impossible to please and can hurt you in the long run.

here's a link to one of the posts w/1st and 2nd cakes she picked. She actually signed a contract and we agreed on a price for the 2nd...until sun. night when she changed her mind!!

It's quite a bit of a jump from the two she wanted at this last one.

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joanmary Posted 2 May 2006 , 7:06pm
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All I can say is OMG!!!

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Pootchi Posted 2 May 2006 , 8:08pm
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whoa.... what a change of mind!!! me when I chose my wedding cake, I went once, chose the cake, make the deposit, paid the week before the wedding and that's it!! I can't believe that bride. poor groom.... he's stuck with her " til death do them apart"...... icon_surprised.gif


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KHalstead Posted 2 May 2006 , 8:14pm
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wow!!!!!!!!! I kinda thought that was the related thread but I thought no way did she go from that gorgeous humongous labor intensive cake, down to that little one with the slice out of it LOL She's totally confused, this poor girl needs some guidance.....maybe you should suggest a way you can incorporate the types of looks she's after only on a much smaller and less labor intensive level!!!

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tiggy2 Posted 2 May 2006 , 8:21pm
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Holy smokes, this girl is all over the place. I'd have to consider walking away from this one. I'd be afraid she wouldn't be happy with the cake she chose after seeing the first 2 cakes. Good luck on what ever you decide.

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lastingmoments Posted 3 May 2006 , 1:11am
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$100.00 bucks for a 10 inch !!!!!!!!!!!

i'd do it ...thats just me thou im easy!!!

THen when i was done and dropped off forget i ever knew her!!!!!!!!

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golfgirl1227 Posted 3 May 2006 , 1:58am
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I'm with dolcesunshine20- get her to sign a contract including a photo and this last cake with a description as well, and have her designate who can sign for the cake in that contract, and make sure they sign for the cake upon receipt.

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dolcesunshine20 Posted 3 May 2006 , 12:32pm
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Okay, so I'm dying to know, has she said yes???

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heavenlycakes Posted 3 May 2006 , 1:02pm
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Definitely get a signed contract with deposit. Are you charging for delivery?? You need to take that into consideration also. Time is money. Some brides think you have nothing better to do than deal with their "issues". You're running a business, and friend or not, each customer needs to pay for your time. I have an information sheet for brides that I send them before they come and in it, I state, 1st consult is free, after that, it's $25 an hour! She's already sucked up $75 in her three hours flipping pages!
I'm all the other ladies here - tell her you're sorry but you not going to be able to do her cake. That $100 will turn out to be about a $30-40 dollar profit for you when all's said and done. Is it worth the stress she's caused you?

If you do decide to do it, tell her she will need to make payment IN FULL at least 2 weeks prior to wedding, AND no payment, NO CAKE! I have very strict rules with this... I give them one call to remind them, if I don't have it by the week of the wedding, they get another call telling them if I don't receive the money, I will not be delivering their cake and they lose the deposit. Put it all in a contract and make her READ it and SIGN it!! Tell her everything too and give her a due date for balance so she can't say she didn't see it.

Good luck!


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AmberCakes Posted 3 May 2006 , 1:09pm
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I just saw the first 2 cakes she picked out and boy they are so EXTRAVAGANT! WOW, what a step all the way down! Good luck again! ~Josie icon_smile.gif

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tazneen Posted 3 May 2006 , 1:20pm
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I just wanted to say, that I am working with a bride right now, and I went down on my price.. I wished I had not, - because I am angry and not excited agbout doing her cake. I just have a feeling that I am not going to do my best work.... Never compromise. All of us here do great work, and we care about our presentation.

Man, like one of the ladies said before, make her a sheet cake and call it a day!

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Mac Posted 3 May 2006 , 1:24pm
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I have a minimum price of $50.00 for a wedding cake whether it feeds 20 or 50. The price goes up from there. $100 for that cake AND the time you have invested in her consults is not too much. 1st wedding that my friend and I tried to do the whole reception, we did not have a contact (bad, bad, bad). Mother and bride said they were decorating the guest tables and making the punch because they had a great recipe.

Guess what??? We ended up decorating the tables 30 minutes before the wedding and mixing the punch without directions. Mother also kept bringing in Wal-Mart sacks with wedding things, putting them on a table by the entry doors and not telling us what they were, so toasting glasses got misplaced. Mother was PO'd.

I know they told people that we messed up the reception but that has not hurt my wedding cake business AT ALL!!! In fact, it is way more than I ever imagined. BTW--I refuse to do the whole reception anymore--only cakes. And we did find out that the bride and mother had made everyone else mad and they had quit. Called us 2 weeks before wedding with all the demands.

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msmeg Posted 5 May 2006 , 7:21pm
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for $100 she gets a walmart cake and picks it up as they do not deliver and set up

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msmeg Posted 5 May 2006 , 7:30pm
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just saw the new cake... I would do a 10 inch cake that would serve 30 just fine. each layer could be a flavor so every guest gets both flavors and then since it is torted a filling in each

It would be a verly elegant cake for a small wedding and yes I could do it for under $100 I would charge more than a usual party cake because they will want it delivered and set up. but unless it was close I may insist they pick it up it would look lovely on a silver or glass pedestal stand

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