Wedding Cake Or Cupcakes??

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ashlymomx2 Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 7:20am
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My question is, what would you do for a wedding where there will be 300-400 people? My friend really wants cupcakes. I like the idea of cupcakes because I have never done a wedding cake before. But, that would be a lot of cupcakes!! Would it be easier to just have a cake? Other question, any advice on design of cake? I would rather do all buttercream. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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cambo Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 9:12am
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How about doing both! Antonia74 has some great pics posted using her wonderful cupcake stand....and there's cake on the top tier. You could also use a cake stand and make a couple of tiers of cake....then the rest cupcakes. Just a thought. I guess I would say cake for tht many people...but she's the bride! You're right, that's a lot of cupcakes.

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leily Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 8:43pm
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If the bride is open to the idea I would suggest doing both! You could do a smaller tiered cake maybe set up on a higher stand with cupcakes all around it.

If I had to choose one or the other it would be the wedding cake though. I personally don't have enough room in my current house to do that many cupcakes and have them be to the standard I would want them.

However if she wants the cupcakes maybe you could do a two tier cake for the rehearsel dinner or for the day after when they open gifts?

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beccakelly Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 9:26pm
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why not have a nice wedding cake for the pics and display and cutting the cake, then have lots of sheet cakes for the guests to actually eat? i think the sheet cakes would be easier than cupcakes, but every bride will want a nice tiered cake for the pics and memories!

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indydebi Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 9:29pm
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ugggggg! 400 cupcakes? Shoot me now! Gawd, the transportation alone makes me nuts!

I find it MUCH easier to do a tiered wedding cake for 400 than cupcakes. Make sure you charge 'em right. I read on here in another thread that a cupcake is about twice the cake as a wedding cake slice, so if your base wedding cake is $2.50 a slice, then theoretically you should be charging $5.00 per cupcake.

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jmt1714 Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 11:03pm
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yes. so please tell me that for 400 people you are getting at least $1200 for it. should be more, if you do anything elaborate.

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jcakes17 Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 11:13pm
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I agree it would be a pretty penny to do 400 of them. Donig all those would take a lot longer that doing a cake for that may people.

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Janette Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 11:19pm
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If my math is correct that would be $3 a cupcake? Isn't that a little steep?

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DianaMarieMTV Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 11:28pm
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I think $3.00 a cupcake is a fair price depending on how detailed the decoration is. You have to handle each cupcake so many times. One to fill each liner, taking them out of the pan, picking up to ice, picking up to decorate, then packaging them for delivery, then unpacking to set up, see what I mean? Doing each of these steps 400 times would be murder on your hands and wrists, so make it worth it!

I agree with previous posters, a small tiered cake and then the rest of the servings in cupcakes sounds like a good idea. Maybe let kids have the cupcakes or something. Good luck!

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indydebi Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 11:32pm
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Originally Posted by Janette

If my math is correct that would be $3 a cupcake? Isn't that a little steep?

I would charge $5 a cupcake PLUS the retail price of the cupcake stand PLUS i get to keep the stand in the hopes that they realize how much work this is and they change their mind and go for the more glamorous, regal look of a "real" wedding cake ..... or go to walmart for their cupcakes.

How much counter space DO you have to spread out 400 cupcakes?

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Jorre Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 11:41pm
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If I was doing it.... unfilled cupcakes with a simple buttercream swirl and a fondant or royal icing flower on each one.

Not to hard to just churn them all out when they are the same and easy. Trying not to die from boredom while making them is another story.

I would definately buy the plastic cupcake carriers like the grocery stores use, to transport all of them to the wedding.

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smashcakes Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 11:47pm
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i like the idea of both- that would be a LOT of cupcakes. do a smaller tiered one in the center with the cupcakes around it, i think that would look really good.

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LanaC Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 11:50pm
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300 to 400 cupcakes? Ugh and double ugh. I would bring up the whole "beautiful picture" point and try to convince her to do both cupcakes and cake. Even though you haven't done a wedding cake before, I'm sure you will do a great job (particularly if you've already practiced a design on 250 or so cupcakes). Good luck.

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cakeconfections Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 11:51pm
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Here is a cupcake wedding I did. It was 400 cupcakes plus and 8 inch cake.

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juledcakes Posted 14 Feb 2007 , 11:56pm
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i would say do what you feel comfortable doing, really that many cupacakes(i ha a wedding where they wanted 700 cupcakes and a 2 tiered icon_surprised.gif ) isnt that bad just make sure to keep the design simple. i would recommend getting a couple of full sheet cake boxes to put them in. its a lot easier than a lot of little containers. either way good luck and let us know what you pick.

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blissful Posted 15 Feb 2007 , 12:04am
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I did 500 cupcakes in November, and actually found it easy. All the bride wanted was chocolate cupcakes with ivory coloured BC, than sprinkled with chocolate shavings. As the cupcakes cooled, I placed them in the boxes, and iced them right inside the boxes. It really did not take long to do. I didn't charge her alot, only .60 each, but she gave me alot of business. Now, I would charge at least $1.25 each or more depending on decoration. Still to cheap, I know! Hope to do cupcake wedding again soon.

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jmt1714 Posted 15 Feb 2007 , 12:50am
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I can't see how you'd make your money back @ 60cents each. Charge for a cupcake no less than a per serving price, and likely a bit more (bigger piece of cake in a cupcake).

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