Make Mini Beer Mug Cake Pops! Beer-Cakes!

Learn how to make these cute and easy Beer Glass Cakepops, perfect for Superbowl, Oktoberfest, Fathers Day and more - MyCupcakeAddiction shows you how!

Tools & Equipment:
Polystyrene (foam) block
Zip lock bag
Lollypop sticks


Cake pop ball (link to recipe tutorial below)
Melted chocolate (I used 80% yellow tinted choc, 15 % dark choc and then 5% white choc, just to lighten the colour at the end)
Melted white chocolate
Lifesavers (I used Pep-o-mint)
White sprinkles (I used non-pariels)

Useful Links:

Link to Cake Pop Recipe:


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