Graduation Cake Pops

In charge of bringing dessert to your graduation party this weekend? Try making these easy graduation cake pops!

Tools & Materials

Crumbled cake


Lollipop sticks

Rolling pin

Pizza Cutter

Candy melts, white and black

Black fondant

Licorice/ sour string candy

Cookie scoop

Cookie tray

Video By Brianne Burk

Comments (3)


I love cakes.this list so decent and looking so excellent cake.i used to bake cakes, yet till now I didn't attempt such one..i will attempt these recipes.i am extremely enthusiasm for attempting distinctive formulas and diverse taste website.i used to movement for various tastes particularly for cakes.because I simply love it.thank you such a great amount for this new formulas and extraordinarily I need to say in regards to the butterfly, its so creative and marvelous.


I have shared this post with my classmates to do the same arrangements at our graduation party. By the way, I am also a web designer and such type of cake mapping is we are doing in our web design company for refreshment. We will try this method too to make a good environment in our company.