4 Ways To Color Swiss Meringue Buttercream SMBC

Renee Conner shows you how to achieve rich and vibrant colors in meringue buttercream. Using four different methods you'll learn all her tips and tricks for uniform color, every time.

Video By Renee Conner

I get so many questions about how to color Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMBC). Watch to see How to Color SMBC, I have 4 different ways to show you, including my secret trick, that uses only your standard gel paste colors! All four of these methods will give you a nice deep, uniform color!

Supplies Used:
Americolor Gel Paste; Sky Blue, Teal
Americolor Candy Color; Pink
Americolor Flo-Coat
Chroma Color; Neon Purple

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I have been using flo coat for my Italian meringue buttercream but I  must not be using enough or too much. Could you give me an idea, perhaps in teaspoons how much flo coat and gel to 3 cups of frosting? It looks like I didn't add enough so I mixed more and it only made it worse. Thank you.