Inspiration Bites: Classic Holiday Flavors

Celebrate the season with a twist on these traditional flavors!

By Alyssa Christensen



Whether you whip it up yourself or buy it, this rich indulgence is easy to enjoy: Sip it with 7Up®, brandy, rum, or bourbon, or add espresso for an eggnog latte! This delectable drink can also be used to make eggnog frosting, French toast, and pull-apart bread. 


Be sure to keep a stash of candy canes handy this season! Add flavor and a festive touch by crushing them up and sprinkling them onto cakes and frosted cookies. Use the extra bits to line the rims of glasses for a special spin on cocktails, milkshakes, and hot cocoa. 


While gingerbread cookies will never go out of style, why not mix it up this year? Enjoy aromatic ginger in muffins, waffles, brownies, and pipe some wintry white designs on them! Pair these unique treats with cream cheese, peppermint, maple, cinnamon or eggnog frosting. 


Whether it’s on the table for dinner or dessert, cranberries fit into a wide spectrum of treats. Pair cranberries with orange in scones or muffins, add cranberries to white chocolate chip cookies for a festive touch of color, or use them in place of raisins in cinnamon rolls.


Simple and versatile, snickerdoodle cookies offers tons of inspiration: truffles, fudge, blondies, macarons, cupcakes and even lattes are easily transformed into snickerdoodle-inspired treats with a dash of cinnamon and vanilla. Consider adding a caramel filling to cookies for a sweet surprise!