Projection Mapping Wedding Cakes

We came across this video of an amazing cake  that debuted at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons Expo in Florida. It uses a technique called video mapping, which has previously been used to project images on buildings. Disney first used this technology all the way back in 1969 in the Haunted Mansion and took it to the next level on a wedding cake. We think it’s pretty awesome, and as you can see in the videos below, the possibilities are endless.

Want to do it yourself? Well you’re going to need a projector and some software just to get started. Better to leave it to the professionals and find a visual team who can make your project amazing.

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You'll have to do some research online. There are many resources with information available. Good luck and be sure to share your cake with us.


These are okay, but there are very basic. 2D content mapped in 3D onto very basic cake. Better to have true 3D animation with perspectives calculated, mapped onto and working with a more intricate cake. This is what I call cake projection mapping: