Metric and Imperial Recipe Conversions


How often do you find an amazing recipe only to see that the unit of measurement in not familiar to you? It may seem easier to move on and find an alternate recipe that doesn’t require conversion. With just a few minutes and a calculator, you can convert any recipe between metric and imperial with ease.

Below are some simple equations and examples to assist you, but you may prefer to use a conversion calculator. You can find our baking converter here:

From metric to imperial:

You might find that you still need a scale after converting the recipes to metric. For example 280 grams is equivalent to approximately 10 ounces by weight. To convert this to cups will depend greatly on which ingredient you are measuring, as 10 ounces of confectioners’ sugar is approximately 2.5 cups and 10 ounces of brown sugar is about 1.5 cups.


From Imperial to Metric:
The table below will assist in converting an imperial recipe that is listed in weight. As many bakers around the world will know, in North America we often don’t use weights to measure our ingredients so you will be dealing with measurement in cups. Unfortunately since 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of sugar do not weight the same, you cannot convert cups into grams, unless you know how much that ingredient weighs.  Below the conversion table is a general guideline for ingredients and their weights which will help further to convert American recipes. Keep in mind that conditions such as humidity and how well packed the ingredients are will result in deviations.
Common Ingredients by Weight:

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Dear bakers, recipes will never be reliable if you do not work by weight. All those cup measures make big differences(sifted then measured, firmly packed, dipped and leveled.....) For cooking, the cup measures are fine, but for baking we need to use the digital scale. Wish you baking joy!


I vote for the scale too. Also, I encourage everyone to think about the fact that the United States is the only major country using the English system of weights and measures. Ironically, our govt. defines our units in metric units.


Thank you so much, there have been so many recipes i had to give up because i was not sure of the conversions.