Lisa Daniels' Sketch to Cookies - Holiday Birds

We gave Lisa Daniels (GigisFreshBaked) inspiration for a holiday birds theme, below she describes her process in creating these amazing decorated cookies.

Cake Central: What elements of the inspiration photos attracted your attention? 
Lisa Daniels: I loved the non-traditional colors of the inspiration photo.  Soft color background and pops of color highlighted by the love birds. There was a lot of detail in the picture to work from.

CC: What was your design process like? How did you create your cookie concept?
LD: The design process began with finding the right shape for the cookies.  I chose the cutter I did because it was reminiscent of a Christmas ornament.  I chose the number of cookies because if layed out, it was in the shape of a tree (at least it was to me).  So every step right from the start would tie together.

CC: How did you begin making your cookies from your sketch? What were your first steps?
LD: The first step to begin making the cookies was to figure out how to get so much design on one cookie using royal icing.

CC: How closely do you like to work from your sketch?
LD: I work very closely to my sketch.  If something doesn’t seem to work as I thought it would, I will make another sketch, before attempting to continue and risk ruining the design.

CC: Were there any complications in making your cookies?
LD: I wouldn’t say complications, but I did do a few designs before I was happy.  Also, because there was so much detail, figuring out the layout so the cookies weren’t over decorated was a bit of a challenge.

CC: Did you use any special techniques on these cookies?
LD: I did use a couple of special techniques.  The love birds and ornaments were made ahead, as royal icing transfers, then hand painted using edible gel colors.

CC: Did you have to make changes to your original plan when it came to execution? If so, what did you have to compromise?
LD: I made several changes before I started.  I had two other sketches made up before I came up with the design that I was really happy with.

CC: Do you have any final thoughts on the finished cookies?
LD: I am proud of how the cookies turned out.  As with anything I do, I can always look back after and think, maybe if I had done something differently.  But as a self taught cookie decorator, I really am proud of what I was able to accomplish with these cookies.

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