Top 5 Wedding Cake Display Tips

You’ve spent hours designing and creating the perfect wedding cake that fulfills your client’s requests and seamlessly matches the wedding theme. Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Give your cake the place at the party it deserves with our top 5 wedding cake display tips.

Leanne, President of Cake Central Media Corp.:

When I work with brides, I always try to get a real understanding of their vision for their wedding. This helps with the design process and ultimately makes for a happier bride when she gets the cake of her dreams. Part of your service to your brides is offering your expertise when it comes to all things cake, which includes how the cake will be displayed at the wedding. I always ask if they have plans or ideas for the decor of the cake table, and honestly most haven’t given it any thought. Trust me, I have set up many a cake on a six-foot banquet table with plain white linen in the back corner of the room. Don’t let this happen to your cakes! They should be center stage, second only to the bride in importance!

We’ve created a Pinterest board of wedding cake display ideas, from simple to elaborate and rustic to bejeweled, to inspire you. Check it out the full board by clicking the icon below:

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How can you put it all together? Keep reading for our tips for planning a cake presentation that will steal the show!

1. The Basics

Of course you need a table, and it must be level. Seriously, bring a level. Sounds obvious, but these details matter. You might need to shore up a table leg with pieces of cardboard, so be prepared. The table shouldn’t be enormous either. A cake on a twelve-inch board will be dwarfed when sitting on a table with a six-foot diameter. Whenever possible, ask the bride to make arrangements with the venue for an appropriately-sized cake table. Table placement should be discussed during your consultation as well. Advise the bride to have her cake displayed somewhere that will be seen by all her guests, but will be out of harm’s away, like out of direct sunlight, and not next to the dance floor.

2. Linens

The sky is the limit when it comes to draping the cake table. Of course a crisp white table cloth will always look nice, but why not go with ruffles, colors, gathers or bows that will tie into the theme of the party?


3. Pedestals and Cake Stands

Giving the cake some height by placing it on a stand can add drama and can be a lovely continuation of the decor or theme. Consider placing a rustic wedding cake on a piece of wood or an elegant cake on a silver plateau. Just be sure whatever you use is secure. You don’t want the cake to topple over halfway through the toasts!


4. Tabletop

Dress the rest of the table with items that enhance the cake. This can be flowers, candles, framed photos, platters of decorated cookies or other decorative items you or the bride love.


5. Backdrop

Last but not least (and perhaps even most important where photos are concerned) is what you can see behind the cake. Sometimes a beautiful view or lovely venue won’t need any finessing, but more often you’ll want to plan for the backdrop of your cake table. We’ve all seen cake pictures with a awkward light switch, restroom sign or worse in the background. Don’t let these things clutter the view of the cake. With a little effort and planning you can take the cake display from good to amazing.


6. Bonus Tip

Write it all down! Be sure you have a good record, including notes and sketches, of the planned table setup. As a service to my brides I offer to place her decor around the cake after I’ve set it up.  Have her leave all the items in a box on the cake table for you.  You’ll have better pictures of the cake and she’ll be so grateful the cake got the attention it deserves.

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Its a nice idea about the backdrop and the linens and such, but how often does a baker actually have ANY say in that? Its not so far fetched to discuss with the bride at the consultation that it should be something she should think about and to offer ideas but I am having a hard time imagining a bride wanting me to bring in different table cloths and put up decorations that may or may not even be similar to what she/her planner has already decorated with. Has anyone actually done these things for their brides? is it just my inexperience that I don't know about these things?


These ideas are wonderful and I loved your photos. The only problem I have is I am a small town decorator. Most brides are on a limited budget and I couldn't afford to have loads of material to suit everybody's decor. How does one handle this when you are not in interior decorator or a large bakery with lots of supplies? I do ask them if they want tulle, greens, ribbons, also if they want a cake stand or flat on the table. I do know what you mean - I have been to reception halls (fire companies, etc) that have obnoxious backgrounds,. but they did pick the reception hall. Help!


I would recommend that you talk to the bride and her wedding planner if she has one. They may not have thought about cake table decor and having you bring it up would be a great service. Showing them examples will inspire them to put some effort into it. I never provided the linens or cake stands, if you did you would have to go back and pick them up.


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