Editors' Picks: Gothic Wedding Issue Favorites

In the October 2012 issue of Cake Central Magazine, we put together a spread of stunning Gothic cakes, fit for a howling Halloween bash or an eerily elegant wedding. To get ourselves in the spooky spirit for the October 2012 issue, we’ve taken a look back at our favorites frightful cakes from last year.


Leanne’s Pick – President of Cake Central Media Corp.

ecp-large-gothicwedding_katybconfections763 (11)Cakemaker: Michelle A. Cabrera, Katy Moser Brandel
V3, I9, pg. 44

I love the old arches and stained glass in combination with the hand-painting and piped “iron-work”.  It’s dark, but still romantic, the essence of gothic art.

Kari’s Pick – Associate Editor of Cake Central Magazine


Cakemaker: Brian Stevens
V3, I9, pg. 22

This cake design is literally on fire! Brian’s gilded tiers and antique color palette add to a darkly regal aesthetic, and the flaming topper is intensely innovative!

Alyssa’s Pick – Associate Editor of Cake Central Magazine


Cakemaker: Natasha Shomali (Tashastasytreats)
V3, I9, pg. 32

The contrast of the black with the lighter lavender and turquoise colors is a dynamic and uncommon combination, and cakemaker Natasha Shomali did an extraordinary job of bringing it all together. I am also intrigued by the varying textures and intricate details that accent this cake, and am especially taken by the crowning black rose on top!

Grace’s Pick – Associate Editor of Cake Central Magazine

2-grace Cakemaker: Diana Scalici (simplysweetcakesbydiana)
V3. I9, pg. 26

I’m a big fan of cakes with mismatched tiers, and Diana’s delicate Gothic design showcases this style beautifully. I love the way she balances stark color contrasts with feminine details like floral accents and jewel tones. I’d request this wedding cake in a heartbeat.


For more Gothic glamour, download your copy of Volume 3, Issue 9 of Cake Central Magazine today!

And don’t forget to check out the latest in spooky sugar art in our October 2013 issue.


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