Cake Class Q & A with Michelle Bommarito

Curious about Cake Central Classes? We asked instructor Michelle Bommarito to tell us about her upcoming classes, and here’s what she had say!



Cake Central: What can students expect to learn in your classes?

Michelle Bommarito: As you all know, I speak quite fast… so students can be guaranteed to gain a lot of knowledge regarding baking, cake designing, working with fondant, artistry and even business and marketing ideas.

Each class always starts with a “show and tell” on the basics of rolled fondant “Bommarito style” and then I move into more detailed techniques for the cake design at hand.

After a thorough demonstration on how to create every aspect of the cake,  each student will then be coached and guided to do their best work during class.  I always focus on their strengths, yet also work one-on-one to “consult” on how improvements can be made.

One special thing I like to do when we’re “in the zone” of creating… Is to have each student share an important aspect of themselves and something helpful that they have learned in their cake experience.  This way we all can learn and gain strengths from each other.

My goal as an instructor is to have every student walk away with a wealth of knowledge, new techniques and craftsmanship that they will be proud to display.


CC: That seems like a lot to learn in a short amount of time, will there be any time for fun?

MB: It is not boot camp, but I want my students to get their hard-earned dollar’s worth. My professionalism is always present and I am known to run a “tight ship”.

I want the students to have a complete piece of art when they leave class, so it is necessary to stay within time guidelines to ensure that all aspects of the cake design are complete.

While I may be considered an “intense” instructor, I do keep my classes fun and full of good energy!

CC: You have quite the personality on television. Are you the same way in real life?

MB: I once went into a bakery to meet a local cake designer and the gentleman behind the counter said, “Oh my God, you act the same way you do on television.”

My response was, “Well of course I do…I am not an Actress!”

While the competitions are intense and really take a toll both physically and mentally, at times the high school “class clown” does come out, which I was happy to see conveyed through television.


CC: How do you come up with ideas for classes?  Do you have a favorite technique to teach?

MB: Once you become a cake designer, you see potential cake designs in everything- chandeliers, tapestries, fabric, jewelry, fashion, buildings, food, curtains, nature and more.

I  keep a file of potential design sketches, take photographs and cut out magazine photos for inspiration for my classes. When teaching is your passion you enjoy every course, but I have to say that my favorite to teach is my antique book course.


CC: How experienced do students need to be to attend your class?

MB: All that you need for my class is the “willingness to learn” and “discipline to practice”.  I take care of the rest!


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