Hot Air Balloon Sweet Treat Inspiration Challenge Winner

The hot air balloon submissions for our latest Inspiration Challenge took us to new heights, with cookies bursting with rainbow patterns, soaring cakes and even an assortment of balloon cake pops!  A big congratulations to GigisFreshBaked— and be sure to check out the other awesome Hot Air Balloon Sweet Treats in the Sweet Treat Challenge 14 album!

Hot Air Balloon Cookies

These sugar cookies covered with fun royal icing designs and gelatin hot air balloons  were a favorite right away! We love how GigisFreshBaked took direct inspiration from the Cake Central Gelatin Bubble Tutorial to create her edible balloons, and the intricate detailing in every basket. She did a fantastic job using our Pinterest board for inspiration, and that definitely came through in the designs, colors and patterns in each balloon.

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Congrats to the winner. I think her cookies are wonderful, and not to take away from her or be rude, but I would like to know how she is the winner when the rules say it has to be cupcakes. Someone else even commented about people only doing cakes and cookies yet no one submitted cupcakes. I feel at the most at least give it so someone who at least did cake pops, or the closest to cupcakes. Just feel the rules should be followed. And if no one submits the right item then cancel the contest or extend it.


Hi keridodd,

The following were the rules that were posted for this inspiration challenge that prompted my submission of 'cookies'. Hope it helps clear up any misunderstanding.

Whether bursting with vibrant rainbow swirls or covered with candy-bright stripes, a hot air balloon floating across a clear blue sky is certainly a cheerful sight to see! We’ve put together this hot air balloon-inspired Pinterest board, and we’re looking for your original sweet treats inspired by the images and colors you see here! Cupcakes, cookies, cake pops… it’s your choice! (We’re thinking that cake pops hold some amazing potential for this contest… but hey, that’s just us!)

Entering is easy— simply add photos of your cupcakes to Cake Central’s gallery under the Inspiration Challenge category in the Sweet Treat Challenge 14 album before July 21st. On July 23rd, we’ll reveal the winner of the contest. The chosen treats will even appear in an upcoming issue of Cake Central Magazine!


Gigi, Such a great idea! Just a comment. I looked at your profile to see more of your work, and there is nothing there. Perfect opportunity to let others see what your other cakes, if you want to do that. Congratulations!


Hi Carrie789,

Thank you!

And you're correct, I see that nothing is showing. I recently had to redo my account and didn't realize that my profile information isn't showing up! I'm trying to correct that now. But my website is or my Facebook page is

Thanks again!