Inspiration Challenge: Enchanted Forest Cookies

Nothing evokes the imagination quite like myths, magic and enchanted forests. How would you create friendly dragons and fanciful fairies on cookies? We put together a fantasy-inspired Pinterest board to get your creative gears turning, and we’re looking for wondrous and whimsical cookies inspired by the colors and images you see here. To enter, add photos of your cookies to Cake Central’s gallery under the Inspiration Challenge category in the Cookie Challenge 11 album before June 9th. On June 11th, we’ll show you the most enchanting cookie of them all, the winner of the contest, and that magical cookie will appear in an upcoming issue of Cake Central Magazine.

Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest byThe NotWedding 2010woodland partyLove this hair stickCool acorn lampsFairy Godmothers poFairy eyes...Who wouldnt want a

The winning entry will be chosen by the editors of Cake Central Magazine and featured in the magazine. We ask for one entry per person, and entries must be uploaded by June 9th to be eligble.

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I haven't done one of these challenges before, but I am really excited to do this one. I also don't have a lot of experience with cookies, so this should be... Interesting? Haha but I really like the idea of doing these sorts of things :)