Write for Cake Central Magazine's Diary of a Decorator!

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Everyone has those decorating moments that seem dramatic at the time, but in retrospect, they make for wonderful stories.

We’re in need of writers to share entertaining, real-life stories about decorating cake or living with a decorator.

Are you a supermom balancing family and business? Are you a cake decorating instructor? Are you living with a decorator and seeing things from a different perspective? Are you a hobbyist hoping to become a professional? Are you working as a pastry chef? Tell us about the trials and tribulations of a day at work or developing your career. We’re looking for anecdotes and short essays about life in the cake industry, and we hope to inspire and show a variety of perspectives through these unique, relatable stories.

If you like to write and you have some great cake stories, apply to write for Cake Central Magazine! What would you write in your diary?

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