Inspiration Challenge: Cookies

Design-Seeds Mental Vacation

 With the days getting longer, we can’t help but daydream about warmer weather! Turn your tropical fantasies into gorgeous treats. Create your best decorated cookies based on the imagery and colors used in this vacation-themed palette from Add photos of your creation to Cake Central’s gallery under the Inspiration Challenge category in the Cookie Challenge 2 album.

The Cake Central magazine editors will pick one winner to be featured in the magazine. One entry per person. Entries must be submitted by February 1. Check back February 4 to see the winners!

Need a reminder on how to add your photos to the right albums?
1. Click “Galleries” on the top tab.
2. Click the “Upload Picture” button on the right side of the page.
3. Select your photo files from your computer.
4. Make sure “Community” is ticked.
5. On the drop down category menu choose “Inspiration Challenge.”
6. On the drop down album menu choose “Cookie Challenge 2.”
7. Upload your photo!

Comments (2)


Hello, can someone help me. I think that I have made a mistake with my photos that I entered in this cookie 2 challenge. Untill now whenever I have oploaded more than one photo of the same item they all group under my name, so with this challenge I wanted to show the same cookie with different backgrounds and with different close ups, expecting that as usual thy all come under the same group and my name. This to my mind is one entry of the same thing from different views. But I see that the 6 photos that I entered have shown up all as individual photos. Is this ok or not? If I have done this wrong should I now try to deleat 5 of the photos? It was not my intention to mislead so someone qualified please let me know where I have gone wrong and how to rectify this. Much appreaciated.


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