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  • Skitaart Dula 8
  • Tassenstapel Voor Mjam
  • Love cookies
  • Piglet on Julia's birthdaycake
  • Pinguin cake
  • Mex his first birthday cake
  • Girl in dotty shirt I made this cake for a magazine. Had so much fun making it!
  • American flag is favourite! My nice just loves the design of your flag, so I made her this cake.
  • Two girls on a cake
  • Little fairies
  • Diesel bag
  • Topmodel cake
  • Police birthday
  • Little owl on a branch
  • Greek hunk for my friend This cake is for my friend. She turned 40 and got a trip from her husband to athens.
  • Lots of colours and happiness For Bente, my daughter who turned 7 years, I made this cake. It's a little based on a cake from...
  • Monster eats Tim! This cake is designed by DB and I couldn't wait to surprise Tim with it, on his 14th birthday.
  • Born in this lovely street I made this cake, inspired on the card they send to announce the birth of Mex!
  • Sophie Giraffe For a little girl who turned 1 and just adores her Sophie toy
  • Oh, my smurf! I made this cake for my niece, after we visited the 3d film of the smurfs
  • I planted some dwarfs! Little cupcakes with some cute dwarfs.
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Juicy couture cake bag For a girl how loves this bag!
  • girls purse
  • Dolce and Gabbana purse
  • Little fairy
  • Paul Frank
  • Wedding in Spanish style They wanted a cake with a Spanish touch, en two guys on top!
  • Cars in love For friends who celebrated their 19th anniversary
  • Baby bunny This baby bunny sleeps on a cake.
  • Jeans with boxer For my son who turned 13, I made this cake. He always wears his jeans this way, so I took...
  • Sonic race For my cousin, who turned 7!
  • Waldorf and Stadler Cake for a 50 year old grumpy man ;)
  • Bob the builder
  • Dutch horse In the typical colours of our nation, red white and blue!
  • Baby girl cupcakes
  • little horse on a cupcake
  • In the jungle
  • Elmo!
  • Julia 1 year. It's a vanilla cake, filled with raspberrycream and jelly
  • Pink princess for my daughter Made this cake for my little girls birthday.
  • Spot visits the farm Do you know Spot? It's a character from a book for little children and the favourite of Luuke. So I...
  • Three cute cats Nina wanted a cake with cats, purple and silver. So this is what I came up with...
  • Still flirty at 30! It's a vanillacake, filled with a crispy layer of chocolat, raspberry cream and yelly.
  • Polkadot belly It's a chocolat cake, filled with raspberry cream and chocolatfudge.
  • Little strawberry cake
  • Always waiting for him.... grrrr This women is waiting for her husband to finish his beer, so they can finally take of for Barcelona. Cake...
  • Converse bag for school Made this cake for a girl who loves her new schoolbag.
  • Catching up For the teachers first meeting afther the summer
  • Waterpolo cake I made this cake for a 50 year old waterpolo player.
  • Suitcase To wish someone a happy holiday
  • Sex and the city For a boy that turned 16 and adores the movie
  • Little bird for teachers birthday A sweet cake for the teacher of my little girl
  • Ballet teacher leaves A thank you cake for a teacher that is retiring.
  • Pingu and friend This cake I made for a little birthdaygirl who loves pingu. Its filled with strawberry's.
  • Wedding cake with couple in a boot This couple asked for a playful cake, with the bride and groom in a boat!
  • Flowers for her birthday I made this cake for a little friend, who asked for a cake with flowers
  • All Stars cake For a girl who is totally in love with her shoes ;)
  • Girl writing a list This cake I made for my daughter, who  loves the book this cake is about. She's called Lena, and makes...
  • Alice in Wonderland I made this cake for a little friend of  mine, who loves the new alice movie. I was  really inspired...
  • Spring wedding cake This cake is filled with raspberrys cream and jelly.
  • sweet 16 In the netherlands this style of pictures is very populair. The girl who turned 16 wanted a cake in her...
  • Spring birthday This cake was made for the teacher of my daughter.
  • Mario Kart on the beach I made this cake for my son, who likes to play Mario kart. I choose this level because I like...
  • Baby in bath tub
  • Sportsbag tommy hilfiger The birthday boy would love to have a sportsbag from Tommy Hilfiger, but that was a little to expensive! So...
  • Cat on the cake A vanilla cake filled with raspberry mousse. Covered with marsipan
  • Monstertruck For Sam who turned 7 years.
  • Little sneakers on a small cake For the little boy that was born at our neighbours. Its a marsipan cake, with fondant shoes.
  • Christmas with Pippi Longstocking This cake is covered in marsipan. Pippi is made of marsipan and fondant.
  • Pippi cake Maybe you don't know this girl, she's called Pippi Longstocking ;) I made this cake for my little girl on...
  • Blue wedding cake
  • Blond Amsterdam anniversary cake I made this cake for a very happily married couple, for fourty years now already. They don't like traditional wedding...
  • Little deer on a cake The mother of the birthday girl asked for a cake with mushrooms in red with white spots.
  • Hello Kitty A vanilla cake, decorated with marsipan and a little kitty made of moddeling paste
  • Fairies in the wood little fairies in the woods,  made of modeling paste
  • Chihuahua cake
  • Nike sportsbag I made this cake for Rebecca, who graduated and is going to study something ''sporty''!
  • white wedding cake
  • tap dance cake For a girl who just loves to tapdance!!!
  • Spanish dancing girl For our little friend a girl in a Spanish dress. Its filled with raspberry bc and chocolate!
  • Cats decorate the cake Naomi wished for her 11th birthday a cake with cats. These cats are decorating and the top one got very...
  • passion for fashion I made this cake for  a very fashionable girl!
  • Merlin, based on Debbie Browns wizzard
  • Babydragon birthday cake For the first birthday of Sebastian
  • Donald Duck snowboarding For the birthday of my son. Chocolate sponge cake with bc and strawberry jelly.  All covered with marsipan.
  • Easter cake
  • Harry Potter I made this Harry Potter cake for the eleventh birthday of my son. It is made of biscuit cake (non...
  • Little baby butterfly. This cake was made for the beautiful babygirl of a friend. All marsipan, except de butterfly wings. They're made with...
  • Wedding cake forever friends

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