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Oh Thank u so much! I'll be waiting.

Have a nice weekend! All of u! :)))

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Google gumpaste recipes and a bunch will come up. Find one that has gelatin in it, that's a real gumpaste and will work better than quick gumpaste that doesn't have it.

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Thank u costumeczar too! Nice weekend!

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Ok, it's me again.  I have an hour to kill before delivering my wedding cake.  My gumpaste recipe came from Rosemarie Watson's DVD on sugar flower making.  Fit your KitchenAid mixer with a paddle (the whisk won't work).  Into the mixing bowl put four cups of powdered sugar and one tablespoon of CMC, (a substitute for Gum Tragicanth), they call CMC something else in England but I've spaced the name - Gum Something or other (it's the same thing).  Next get a measuring cup and fill it to the 1/3rd cup mark with cold tap water.  Sprinkle Two teaspoons full of powdered gelatin - let set for 5 minutes - it will become solid but that's ok.  Place it into your microwave for 30 second bursts on high for as long as it takes to turn the solid to a liquid - usually this takes one minute for me.  Stir the mix for a minute then add one heaping tablespoon full of white fat (Crisco) to the gelatin and one tablespoon of clear Karo syrup.  Start the mixer on low and slowly drizzle in the contents of the measuring cup.  You can add whitener or flavorings now.  Let this mix for about a minute until all the powdered sugar is gone.  Put a small pile of powdered sugar on your counter top and scrape the gumpaste out of the bowl using a plastic bench scraper or bowl scraper.  It will probably still be sticky,  Just knead in the powdered sugar until you have the consistency needed and either wrap and let rest or use right away.  That's the beauty of this recipe.  If you do need to wrap it for later, grease the inside of the plastic wrap with white fat (Crisco) and wrap tightly (squeezing all the air out of the plastic wrap and store on the counter, in the fridge or wherever until needed.)  Hope this helps. 

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Will be beginning to try just now :))) Definitely will let u know the result :))) THANK U VERY MUCH!!!

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Now that I have bought various lace molds from e..y, a... ex, and name brands from Sugar V...., M M onlays: You get what you pay for.  The molds from generic china, as opposed to branded china are of different quality.  The branded feel more dense and therefore I assume more durable.  The generic are very thin which is good, but I would be careful when spreading the dab, or gumpaste, or sugarveil because I feel like the mold can tear easily.  Probably would not buy generic if I were a commercial baker who would use the molds, onlays, or imp mats a lot.  But I'm a baker by hobby and probably won't use each mold more than 5 times anyhow.  Just got my first real sugarveil from ebay on sale with a $20 saving, happy to say it was worth it.  Those $28 copy cats that I had, can't compare.

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I never saw a reply from NH, but she told me she uses it fresh.  When it come out of the mixer it is more like a toothpaste consistency .  I wonder , is this the definition of fresh?

Plan to make Watson's version tomorrow, will post later

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Well, never made watson gumpaste.  But did use store bought Satin Ice gumpaste, took 1/3 cup using a dry measuring cup worth of gumpaste to a 5cc, or teasspoon of shortening, kneaded for about 5minutes, then put in 't dab mold, waiting 10 minutes and was able to get lace out easily without tearing.  I used a honeycoomb mold.  I also used a norpro silicone orange scraper and held it about a 10-15 degree on mold.  Before I scraped on gumpaste I rolled out a sausage the width of my mold.  As I pulled with great force I would rock my scraper to 2 degrees the pull a little between 1/8 and 1/4 inch, then rock, then pull.  I saw a you tube video of someone doing this with a dab plastic knife.  I tried a metal scraper but no luck.  So the good news you don't have to start from scratch.  I don't think you  can/t efficienty do this with a sugarveil mat, because grooved are not as deep.  Also I'm thinking that this may dry rock hard.  Ill post how many days to dry rock hard.  Bows should be rock hard, but sides of cake?  

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Just as I presumed, If you use the lace made of Satin ice gumpaste and crisco within two hours, it is still pliable to conform to the cake round.  At three hours there is a good chance it breaks.  By 24 hours, it is rock hard.  Does anyone know if Dab dries hard after a period of time? And how long?

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I  tried DAB and Sugarveil and gumpaste.  I couldn't get DAB to work for me - even when I heated it up in the microwave and added Crisco.  Someone suggested adding water to it instead of Crisco.  Haven't tried that yet.  Sugarveil (vale)??  took literally hours to dry (5 to be exact but made a tiny bit cleaner lace) and I'm in New England where the "touch someone and give them a shock" season is in full swing.  Gumpaste worked best and you can take it out of the lace mold almost immediately.  But it doesn't stay plyable for more than 5 minutes.    And I just tried to move both the hardened Gumpaste lace and the Sugarveil lace after a taste test and the Sugarveil lace shattered by just picking it up.  The Gumpaste example is still whole.  I used gumpaste and made several sheets of lace then cut them out with leaf cutters for a wedding cake I was making.  The leaves had to be gold.  Tried powders without success, as the powders settled into the grooves and made each leaf look blotchy.  Then I airbrushed them with gold and that worked but the leaves blew all over the place under the air pressure so you need to airbrush from a distance.  The bride handed me a piece of red, purple and burgundy striped wrapping paper gilded with gold and asked me to replicate it on their cake.  The top bow is gumpaste.

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I really like the DAB INSTANT LACE, it is useful, the girls will be able to successfully operate a variety of patterns, decorative cake is very beautiful, very convenient.

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Fantastic cakes- I love the colours!


I'm diving into the discussion because I was wondering if the alternative to royal icing- beating up gumpaste mix/powder with hot water might be a substitute to DAB, sugarveil and all those other products?


I've never actually tried the gumpaste and hot water mixture but I heard from people on here have got good results with it- that you end up with something akin to royal icing except it is pliable.


Any thoughts on this? 

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I just received my container of Sugar Dress and can't wait to try it out today on one of my sugar lace molds I got off of ETSY.  Today is "play day".  Also want to try making lace bow loops but they say Sugar Dress doesn't dry hard (don't know if that means forever or just while the pieces are under cover in a plastic bag).

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