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thats a good rule of thumb, thanks :)

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Personally I think you should critique away regardless if you can do it. There are two reasons I like critiques.

1. If you have done it you can give me a way to do it better.

2. If you haven't done it your eyes are as good as a customer and you can see what might be off. Plus you have cake eyes!! So please don't hesitate to critique on mine. I love all the feedback good or bad. That is the way I learn.

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I'm the same way. Unless you are just being nasty about it
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haha fair enough, smitty :).  I shall go critique now then.  It feels weird to not help others when I've been getting such great help from this thread!

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I've just found this thread, what a great idea :) I'd love critique on two cakes, if that's okay. I'm just learning and trying to improve my skills so I can one day open a cake business.


Thanks so much xxx

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I haven't posted a cake for review since this thread started. I'd really like feedback on this one. I'll tell MY thoughts on it after I have a few critiques icon_smile.gif. Thanks!

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I just wanted to thank everyone for their cake club comments on my two cakes. It's interesting for me to note that the cake that received the more positive comments was my latest cake, and the kitty cake was done back in May. So I think I'm improving! My piping control is much better now, so I'd like to try a ruffle cake again and see how I go. I really loved reading the comments and looking at my cakes more critically. I love how constructive the comments on the kitty cake are, and looking at it now I'd do things differently if I was to do it again. I didn't even notice the arms, lol! 

I have definitely learned the value of a decorated cake board since coming to CC, looking at my silver boards makes me cringe now, hahaha! The board on the rose cake was so big because it was supposed to be surrounded by cupcakes, but I changed my mind and didn't do the cuppies at the last minute. 


Thanks so, so much!! xxx

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It's nice when people can take constructive criticism and want to learn....


I just went back to look at your comments and they were gone??? detective.gif

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BatterUp- A lot of people just read them then delete them. I guess so they know, but its not forever attached to their picture.

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Originally Posted by smittyditty View Post

BatterUp- A lot of people just read them then delete them. I guess so they know, but its not forever attached to their picture.

Really? I had no idea!

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I found out early because I got to the thread late and went back through the whole I was critiquing stuff months old.They probably will never go back and look at their pictures. Anyhow I noticed a lot of ppl deleted any comments.

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Love this thread!   I`ve only had feedback from non-cake people.  Here is my first offering of a cake I made about a month ago.   I had some serious time issues with this one :-(   But interested in feedback on the cake, design, anything!   Having read through most posts, I have to say I`ll put more work into my cake boards!

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And here is another one for critique:

This one I know I hit the fondant right in the front with my nail :( and I definitely had a monkey issue...I said in the description I wasn`t too sure if my trees were falling apart or being picked at.  Well, I just realized that some of the acorns are upside down; so definitely little monkeys playing with this one!   Still I`d love feedback about the design.   I was making it for my girl who loves colour, sparkles and Totoro but didn`t want to make an overtly girly cake that still made sense for the movie.   ...something about the design bugs me...I think it might have been that by the end in the photos the colour is so wonky from what I intended.

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Hi, here's my latest offering.  It was a lot of firsts for me :  first time doing a three tier cake, first time using ganache under fondant, first time making sugar roses and filler flowers, first time doing this kind of arrangement.


I had issues with smoothing the ganache, but have been told to use a hot knife for smoothing so hopefully it won't be so bad next time, and I discovered after I'd baked and iced all the cakes that my 8" tin is actually only 7"!  Oh, well.


I'd love advice on how to make this better for next time, please :-)

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