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so excited!!

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Sorry this might be a bit of a pointless post but I wanted to share with people who would understand!! It's my son's first birthday party end of Sept and I get to finally make the cake I've been planning for him since the day he was born and I'm so freakin excited about it!!! I started some of the gumpaste work last night. I'm just so pleased to finally get to do a cake for my child, not someone else's birthday like usual but my very own boy!!!
All my non caking friends and family think I'm mad cos it's just cake no it's the most important cake in the world, he'll only have one 1st birthday!!!!

Lol please tell me your all just as crazy as me over a cake!!?
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I know the feeling! I was that way about making my grand children's birthday cakes!
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Absolutely understand! Have fun!
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I am making my daughter's 3rd bday cake. I am not a pro or even close and only go crazy over hers! I am so excited about it though!
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Totally understand and share your happiness icon_smile.gif
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I got tired of paying high prices for my kids cakes and never getting what i had in my mind come out when someone else made it and i got tired of paying $$$ for those just soso cakes that i could of made myself so i took cake courses and never looked back its way more that " Just Cake"
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I think there are a majority of us that think the same way you do, maybe especially grandmas, that includes me. I think that since we have an art that we love to do and doing it for the kids or grandchildren, seeing their little faces light up is heaven. If they don't eat any of it it is still worth every minute and every ingredient to see that special smile and love on their face.

Cake brings out the inner child in you.


Cake brings out the inner child in you.

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Totally understand your feelings. My oldest daughter was 30 last week and decided to come from CA to MA to celebrate her birthday with us. As soon as I heard she was coming, I started working on gum paste flowers and planning her birthday cake. So yes, I can totally understand your excitement about making your son's first bday cake. I can't wait to see it.
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Its not just a cake. It's a gift from your heart for a very important little guy. As a mother of 4, I very much understand. I hope you post pictures of itI would love to see it.
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Oh I totally understand. I started making cakes to make my oldest son's weding cake. My daughter is my middle child and I already see a cake and think I have to make that for her bridal shower or bachalorette party or wedding or baby shower, she isn't engaged or pregnant,lol.
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Congratulations. I can't wait to see a picture of the cake when the time comes.
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I totally understand your excitement. I have always baked but got into the cake decorating thing for my son's first birthday. I started with a 3-d frog cakes and cupcakes for his 1st birthday, an Animal Mechanicals themed cake with fondant figures for his 2nd birthday and most recently did a carve Thomas the Train cake for his 3rd birthday. It is so much fun and so rewarding to see the look on his face with every creation. Enjoy celebrating your son's birthday
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HOW EXCITING!!!! I can't wait to see the picture! Be sure and post it on here.

Are you making him a separate smash cake? What is the design?
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I totally understand that one! I have twin girls that are almost 6 months old and I have already been planning for 3 months! What makes it worse is that their 2nd birthday cake is already in the works. Haha! Have fun and enjoy like I know you will!
~*Mrs. Rutherford*~
Proud Air Force Wifey
~*Mrs. Rutherford*~
Proud Air Force Wifey
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I know your excitement - for i am making my sons Wedding Cake and smaller cakes in November...

Imagine my joy when he FINALLY asked his long time lady to marry him.
I burst into tears i was so happy - and thought to myself -
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....FINALLY. lollll

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