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Messybaker - I'm still laughing. That's a great story. Things are not always so obvious to us sometimes! I'm glad it all came out right in the end. Thanks!

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I am in such a big hurry....just checking in, but I'm sure ya'll would find it even more hilarious if I told you I am a pastor's wife! hehe!

So it was my PREACHER husband who walked in and said that to me!

I can hear the talk now! Did ya'll see the dirty cake the preacher's wife made the children? What's wrong with her!

It reminds me of the time Ray's mother made a sculpture and everyone saw something she did NOT on Everybody Loves Raymond! Too funny!
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That is too funny! A similar thing happened to me. Take a look in my photos at my Veggie Tales cake. Take a close look at the asparagus. I was so proud of those figures! I wasn't home when the customer came & picked up the cake. It just so happened that I work with the customer. The cake was for her little boy. One day @ work we pulled up the cake pic. to show some other co-workers. A few of them started snickering, & I had no idea why. Then she told me to take another look at the asparagus. I was so embarrassed. Of course, none of the little boys noticed it & the mother just thought it was so hilarious. Mind in the gutter!
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it makes me think of the 'bob' from the enzyte commercials. lol!
Trying to find Balance...
Trying to find Balance...
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lol. thanks messybaker for this story. I needed a good laugh today. icon_smile.gif
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Too funny! And I can relate. I was working on a green fondant "1" for my cousin's daughter's birthday cake, and I swear for a while it looked like I was gonna put Shrek's penis on that cake! I worked on it a little while longer until it wasn't QUITE so bad, but my cousin and his wife still cracked up at the big green penis on their daughter's cake. Good thing my cousins have a sense of humor!
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I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has put a penis on a child's birthday cake!

lecrn, that Veggie Tales cake is awesome! You can't help that she (the asparagus) looks like a penis! Seriously, those figures are perfect!

And Laura, shrek's penis? That is so funny! Poor child will never be the same!

Oh my, I've just typed the word penis three, oops, four times! I must move on to another thread!
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I know from experience that it's very difficult to do a teapot cake *without* it ending up looking vaguely phallic icon_biggrin.gif.

Here is mine from my dd's birthday party last year 0 you can't see it, but it had a rather large...ummm..."sack" towards the bottom of the spout icon_lol.gif:
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What a cute story! icon_lol.gif I love your cake it is so pretty and girly. How did you get smooth BC on the ball/teapot. Sometimes surgery does wonders! icon_lol.gif The end product is just perfect! thumbs_up.gif
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missmeg- funny teapot, gorgeous daughter!

AmyGonzalez- I just used the cake icer tip to apply buttercream then smoothed with a spatula as much as possible. Then I rolled with my handy dandy foam roller! Couldn't live without my roller! (thanks Mel)

I really want an excuse to make another one so I can make the handle and spout with fondant and let it dry. The ones I had made would have been so pretty! Grrrrr!
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Every birthday should have a special story--now you have one LOL!

You should do a scrapbook page of the before and after to make a record of the story!

The coke looks great!
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MessyBaker, Thats how I thought you did it. icon_lol.gif I use the exact same technique, but have never done it on a ball. icon_lol.gif I'll have to try it soon. And I agree, I could not live without my best friend in the kitchen...My handy dandy high density roller! thumbs_up.gif
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well i think all your cakes came out cute!!! and the stories you will have for your children when they get older!!! or rather the explaining you will have to do when they are older looking thru albums!!!!! ahahahhahahahaha very funny stuff!!!!!!
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Great post and your looks great!
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MissMeg, your daughter is so cute!

MessyBaker, my daughter's name is Lydia, too! She is 16 mos.

Cute cakes, too, btw!
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