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You just have to send me an email and let me know which version you need, Excel or Works. You'll be surprised... I betcha you're not charging enough nor covering all of your costs. Most of us don't realize what ''our costs" truly involve until we see it laid out.
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Hi Andrea,
Cali4Dawn left her E-mail address a couple of her posts up on this one.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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Cali, I don't have your matrix. I have an old one from someone else. The problem I have with the one I do have is that if I charged what it figures out the cost to be, I'd never sell a cake in my area. It says I should charge (if I am remembering correctly without looking at it) $45 for a 2 layer 8" round cake!
I think you have my email addy, would you send me a copy of yours in either format is fine?
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trisha, I don't save anyone's address unless we chat on a regular basis. Otherwise I would literally have hundreds in my address book.

My matrix allows you to charge in many different ways, or just to see your cost. So I think it will help you.

email me and I'll reply with the matrix.
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If I am not mistaken the commissary in Italy bring cakes in from the same place as they do here in Germany commissaries (Gruenstadt)
The ones you can order through the shoppette are around 40 dollars for a 9x13 with very slim decoration. I have to say the Europeans here dont get into alot of things we Americans do, their sweet is not sweet to us its more like the bittersweet choc you taste they look great but taste is very minimal. Then the commissary sells 9x13s undecorated only iced for 9.99 to 12.99. Our commissary here never had good decorating. Two of my friends did some decorating and it left lots to be desired with the people buying the cakes, so much that they wouldnt end up buying it so then they put the cake in the freezer and hoped someone would buy it.
So anything Diane does will be so far up the realm of interesting, attractive that she would have Aviano community drooling at the mouth.
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