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I entered Duff's Extreme Cake contest! Need ideas now!! - Page 14

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Amazing cakes, just amazing! And getting to meet Duff, too?! Wow! I wonder if there will be any nursing conventions near one of Duff's appearances? Hmmmm. Two birds, one stone!
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They are great cakes - well done everyone! Is there an official web-site for this event? Who was the winner?
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I have to say that although I had a great time meeting all of you fellow CCers, I left feeling very disappointed about how limited our access/time with Duff was. I agree, some time spent catering more to the cake decorators would have been nice. quote]

Yeah, I agree with you. My feeling is that they just didnt have the forsight to realize there was going to be a huge mob of people trying to meet him. So many people so little Duff icon_cry.gif ! My DH was also one trying to to get the museum people to create some special lines etc for the decorators. He kept going up to them and saying "are you doing some special for the contestants?" And finally they at least set up a separate line for us.

I also didn't want to stalk the poor guy. I really wanted to get my shirt and apron signed. Oh well. I hope if they plan it again they could just set aside a few minutes for contestants to actually "MEET" him. Overall it was totally fun though.

No, I don't think there is a special website. The winner was Bob something. I think someone put his cake up here somewhere in this thread. It was a huge colorful cake, geared around the the Discovery Center. He was a super nice guy.
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Wow, it looks like all of you CCers and others did a wonderful job! Maybe I missed it on several pages back, but was there Prize $$$$ involved with this contest? Just wondering.
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No, no prize money. It was mainly a benefit for the Children's Museum in Rockford, so it would kind of defeat the purpose if they GAVE away money. I am sure that Merrissa feels pretty special though icon_smile.gif Here's a link to the winner

It had moving gears and flowers with LEDs in them at the top. Maybe even more
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Yes, I did feel pretty special (and lucky since there were some amazing cakes there!)

Think Mastercard commerical:

Hotel and Duff events: $400
My DH smashing the van into a large rock (another story icon_eek.gif ) $500?
Winning 3rd place and Duff talking about my cake: Priceless!
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