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add to boxed cake

Got this recipe from the internet somewhere and it has not failed me! Taste great and is so moist!!!! Add ingredients to any boxed cake to make usable for cake decorating.... add 1 cup sour cream 1 instant pudding mix (flavor of choice... I use vanilla with all) 1/2 cup chocolate chips (if doing a chocolate cake) if not skip this step add pudding mix to boxed cake mix.  stir up a little.. Put in liquids and mix as directed. add chocolate chips if applicable.... pour and bake immediately as directed on box. May take a few extra minutes to bake.

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hi can you tell me what "pudding mix" is please - I hear it all the time on CC from you ladies in the USA in recipes but i'm not sure what a similar product would be here in the UK? Would be interesting to know to try a recipe with thank you
i believe its just instant pudding mix.
Hmmm... I can't find that in the supermarket.. what else could i use?
Look in cake mix/baking aisle. At wal-mart all the pudding mix and Jell-O are in the same row with the cake stuff. I use a similar recipe when I bake and grab a jell-o instant pudding mix to enhance flavor/moisture.
Do you add the pudding even when the box says that pudding has already been added during manufacturing?
Could someone post a picture of pudding mix. I think many of us would be very grateful. I'm always confused with this too. If that's not possible could someone confirm if it is a mix, ie a dry powder or is it a pudding ie a pre-made custard found in a container. Thank you very much.
Here's a link to what it looks like: It's a dry powdered instant pudding milk that you would add milk to if just making the pudding. You add just the dry powder to your cake mix.
Mumof3-I don't have a picture, but they are talking about the powdered mix that comes in a box, not the pre made custard. :-)
It is also known as instant pudding and pie filling (if that helps) here's a link to an image I found doing a google search for an image! HTH!
Mumof3-Google "Jello instant pudding mix" and the click on "images". You will see the different boxes and flavors available. It's called instant because it comes as a powder and you mix it with milk. Refrigerate and in les than 10 minutes you have creamy pudding!
Not clear----do you make the cake according to directions and add the sour cream and chocolate chips or do you just add the sour cream and chips to the dry mix?
if your in the UK the closest thing to pudding mix I can think of is "angel delight", not sure if it would perform the same but would be worth a try. There are a few WASC varitions in the recipe section that use the ingredients listed above, you may find one with more detailed instructions. HTH
I use instant pudding all the time. It makes the best chocolate cake! I use a box of DH yellow cake mix and add i box of instant chocolate pudding along with the cake ingredients. It comes out so moist...I do the same for Banana cake. It has become a favorite in my family!!
Hello bakermommyliz,I just came onto c/c a few mins ago Isaw your question about pudding mix I am in the uk and would love to know if you found anything in the uk that we could use here,as the us is a bit different from ours if you come up with anything could you let me know as Iwould love to try it thank you.
Do you find this mix to be very thick, when you make it? Is that the way it should be before you bake it? I have tried this in the past and have added some water to it because I found it to be very thick. But the center did not bake, it was raw!!
I read that everyone ADDS pudding to the box mix but no one has said anything about the sour cream? Just to be clear, you follow the directions on the box then you ADD sour cream AND pudding? I need to make some cakes this weekend for family parties and wanted to use box cake to save some time. Thanks!
the pudding mix does it matter if its the big box or the small?
To those of you in the UK who are confused about pudding husband lives in Scotland (i'm in USA) so I know that to you "pudding" just means any kind of dessert. Here "pudding" is only a custard or mousse. Do they sell any packaged products for making your own custard or mousse? Here instant pudding is a powder that you add milk to turn it to custard/mousse. I just looked at a box of it and it's also called pie filling. Maybe that will help. To see a picture of it try this website: (sorry don't know how to make it a link)
Instant pudding is kind of like a custard (correct me if I'm wrong). The one's I've seen come in a box and are a dry mix kind of like cake mix. To make the pudding you would add milk. For this you would just use it dry. It's a nice snack food. [IMG][/IMG] Not sure if that picture will work, but you can google "instant pudding" and you can find pictures of it. hope that helps.
Hey thank you everyone for clearing the pudding mix thing. Aquamarie, your photo worked a treat. Really appreciate everyones input. Have a lovely day, (or night) where ever you all are.
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