After posting my engagement ring cake, I’ve received many questions regarding the sugar recipe I used. It took me a couple of tries, and i also used the microwave instead of stove top ( and in some batches left out the cream of tartar). The recipe below is for the traditional stovetop method. I think this one is the best to follow b/c you can really make sure the sugar gets to the correct temperature before removing it from the heat. In the microwave you kinda gotta guess. Good luck to all and just keep safe when working with boiling sugar. You can get seriously hurt.


  • 32 oz (2 pounds granulated sugar)
  • 16 oz (2 Cups water)
  • 8 oz (1 Cup glucose or light corn syrup)
  • 2 Level Teaspoons Cream of Tartar


lapazlady Says... 2010-01-08 04:36:21

OK, but what is the correct temperature for the sugar?

floral1210 Says... 2010-01-08 08:04:01

Where is the recipe? Did I miss something?

bakermommy4 Says... 2010-01-08 08:41:26

Floral1210 I believe the correct temp is 255 degrees Celsius....converted to about 306 degrees Fahrenheit

msulli10 Says... 2010-01-08 10:01:34

There are no instructions? What temperature do you bring the sugar to? Do you just pour it after it reaches the correct temperature? I know you are not supposed to stir it while it's heating.

rosamatsas Says... 2010-01-08 13:45:35

hey everyone. I don't nkow why the rest of the directions did not post. I will see if there is a way to edit the recipe. Meanwhile PM me for the entire recipe and directions.

rosamatsas Says... 2010-01-08 15:02:21

I hope this message area lets me put in all the text. Boiled Sugar Recipe 32 oz (2 pounds granulated sugar) 16 oz (2 Cups water) 8 oz (1 Cup glucose or light corn syrup) 2 Level Teaspoons Cream of Tartar Before starting fill your sink full of cold water. Bring sugar and water to a boil over low heat stirring constantly until the sugar has dissolved. When the water comes to a boil stop stirring and do not stir anymore after this.Add your candy thermometer at this point.And raise the heat to medium. With a pastry brush and and warm water constantly wash down the sides of the pan. This prevents sugar crystals from forming and getting into your sugar mixture. These crystals could cause your mixture to recrystallize later. When the temperature reaches 285F add the glucose or light corn syrup and the cream of tartar dissolved in a tablespoon or two of water.Continue cooking to 305F. Remove from the heat and allow the bubbles to subside then plunge your pan into the sink full of cold water for 10 seconds make sure the water comes half way up the sides of the pan. Dry the sides and bottom of the pan well after removing it from the sink do not want that water in your sugar mixture! At this point i poured it int my mold. I poured a little, torched to remove top bubble, then poured some more. It took me a couple tries until i hwas able to pour with ni bubbles caught inside. I waited a while to let it cool and used a mini blow torch that came in a crem brule set to get rid of the bubbles that came to the top. Keep on reading the direction if you need pulled sugar ===>

Now you can pour it out onto a greased marble slab or cookie sheet or silpat. Silpats do not have to be greased but I have found it is easier if they have a light coat of vegetable oil on them. Begin turning the outer edges of the sugar toward the center of the mass.Continue doing this all the way around the edges and moving the sugar around this hastens cooling.As soon as the sugar is cool enough to handle pick it up and begin pulling it. As you pull double it and pull agian. I would not pull it more than 20 times as over pulling will cause recrystallization.The sugar will take on a silky sheen. At this point you place it under your heat lamp until ready for use.

lapazlady Says... 2010-01-09 11:11:39

That is much better. Thank you for doing it again.

pati3 Says... 2010-01-11 07:54:40

I'm having trouble finding the picture, and really want to see it. could you please add the photo or link to this post? thanks

Hillarie Says... 2010-01-11 13:37:42

i would love to see the picture as well...i cant if you get a chance can you please post the link..thanks :o)

Monchikins Says... 2010-01-11 17:26:54

can you repost your picture?

KateLS Says... 2010-01-14 00:56:44

NanaWay Says... 2010-01-14 19:45:17

i would love to see the pic, thanx

rosamatsas Says... 2010-01-15 08:22:34

Here is a photo of Engagement ring cake i used poured sugar to make the stone (using a silicone mold) Not sure if links are allowed so if the link does not work, just look up my username and look through my gallery. You can't miss the photo :-) This recipe take time and patience. If its your first time working with sugar - i suggest practicing a couple of times. If you can share your accomplishments with this recipe for other users, that would be a great learning experience for all of us . Good luck!

cinjam Says... 2010-01-17 20:31:34

Hi - can't wait to give it a try. Did the sugar yellow once poured? I can't tell for sure from the picture (although it does not look yellow in the pic at all!! Thanks for posting this.

MrsJuliette Says... 2010-01-18 17:56:17

Thank you so much for sharing your info. I am just getting started with the cake making. I have made a few and one was a wedding cake. all have turned out very well, but I am always looking to know more. Thanks again :)

leslie2748 Says... 2010-01-22 09:43:51

AHHH!!! I just posted a forun question on how to make glass doorknoobs...this mold would be PERFECT...Oh plerase share where you found that mold :o)

threetiercake Says... 2010-02-24 04:40:34

Tried the sugar syrup for the 1st time and v. impressed with results.Can any one recommend a flavour (non alchoholic ) to add to syrup recipe that would be suitable for coating the top of a chocolate cake,before coating it with a white chocolate buttercream and then covering in sugar paste.Thanks

mom2tom03 Says... 2010-02-26 11:01:37

Thank-you so much for posting this! I'm hoping this will work for rings on a saturn cake - can I add dye to it to get the colours? When would you recommend adding it?

PS your ring cake is FABULOUS. I wish I was that tallented!

tesso Says... 2010-05-14 22:10:53

this recipe is the best ever !!! it is the only one i use now, i trashed all the others. gems come out perfect all the time. you are my hero !!

mamawilk Says... 2010-05-29 10:33:25

Is there any way to color the sugar? I am wanting it red and orange....

BROOKSIE007 Says... 2010-08-07 13:32:38

Thanks for posting this!!!!!and your cake is fabulous!!!!!!!

charlene008 Says... 2010-08-16 09:20:29

I'm going to give this a try today! Thank you for posting your recipe and wish me luck! First time with sugar!!

rosamatsas Says... 2010-08-17 20:58:48

Hi all, there is no way for me to know when someone posts a comment on the recipe. I hope no one thinks i ignored you all :-( In reply to some of the comment, this might come a bit late, but might still help others who have the same questions: Yellowing of sugar occurs if the recipe was over cooked. I made several attempts before i got it right. leslie2748, glass doorknobs sound like a great idea!!. I didn't find the mold, i made it. PM me for details. You can add oil flavors or gel color to the mixture. Suggestion would be to mix it into the corn syrup before adding it to the heat. And mix well and thoroughly to make the the color is distributed evenly. If you want the colors to not be completely uniform, as in red and orange, i would mix in right before pouring, using the same method when you marble cake batter. Maybe it can look like a marble. Good luck to all.

Rayray83 Says... 2010-10-05 10:42:03

Thank you, cant wait to try this recipe!

nina7385 Says... 2010-11-12 14:33:36

this sounds really great, I have been searching for something like this for a long time now. thank u.

didavista Says... 2011-11-11 06:23:17

Thank you for sharing. I just used this recipe to mold sugar bottles, and they turned out better than the isomalt ones ever did. This will definitely be my go to recipe!

Honey6983 Says... 2015-08-27 16:37:07

I tried this recipe today and followed the instructions very closely. I'm trying to make sugar ice and unfortunately, the mixture still turned an ugly shade of yellow. I guess I'll be in isomalt prison anyway. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!

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