1St Anniversary Top Tier Cake


The bakery that did my daughter's wedding cake closed shop, so my daughter asked me to do the top tier of her wedding cake for her first anniversary. Fortunately I had worked there at the time--not as a baker or decorator--and while there, learned a lot through observation. She had chosen a 4-tier Ron Ben Isreal design which was originally purple, white and black whimsical flowers but she used her colors of yellow, white and red raspberry...(quite complicated). The bakery owner had done a fabulous job interpreting the cake and now it was my turn. Scary. Luckily I only had to do the top tier. I did my best and aside from my daughter making me change the background buttercream from her original yellow to white, it looks fairly close. It's certainly not a RonBen Isreal cake...but it reflects the whimsy of it. It's a 6 inch 4-layer square chocolate with 2 layers of chocolate buttercream filling and the center layer raspberry.