Jordan's Cake

Made this for my daughter's 10th birthday. Double layer DF in Wilton star pan, 6" confetti with BC and raspberry jam filling. BC frosting. Figure, stars, balloons, bow, and letters fondant w/pearl dust. I learned two major lessons with this cake: first when adding jam make sure you have a very sturdy dam and second when using colored icing make sure you crumbcoat with the same color, I used white and kept having white spots-arrr. I doweled this sucker twice, I hope it makes it to the party. TFL!


Trixyinaz Says... 7 years ago

I love it! So fun and exciting. I bet your DD loves it! I showed my 4 year old and she said, "I want that cake for my 5th birthday." hahahaha

anamado Says... 7 years ago

It's very pretty and you can't tell you had any problems! :D Beauuuutiful!!!!!

kimblyd Says... 7 years ago

Thanks for your kind remarks! My daughter and her friends loved it, and it was chocolate.... :roll:

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