~Happy Birthday Mom~

Special thanks to adven68 (Irene) for her great friendship & continued help & always her inspiration!! Also Gourmetcakes, thanks for your help! Thanks for all the inspiration CC!! These are fun & easy to do!!


tcturtleshell Says... 7 years ago

Forgot to thank my friend Sarah! She was here all day to help me :-)

Charmed Says... 7 years ago

Great cakes!! Love the shoes!!

Wendoger Says... 7 years ago

super cute cake!!! I love it!!!!!!

adven68 Says... 7 years ago

You are so welcome!!! Glad to help when I can. They came out great....are the shoes from those expensie kits that are out there now? so adorable...I'm sure she loved it!!!

tcturtleshell Says... 7 years ago

Thanks everyone! Irene, the shoes are from the Gem. Only cost $13, I got them at ICES convention last year & have never used them til now :-)

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