Hannah's Enchanted Tree

Inspired by Debbie Brown's Enchanted Tree, I made this cake for a baby girl who shares my birthday. I made chocolate fondant for this cake vs. tinting brown -- that was a first! I think the fondant tasted like a Tootsie Roll. Yum, much tasting ensued. The baby Flower Fairy has crawled into the nest and is admiring the egg she found. Mama bird is quite upset... bunnies know baby is in for a lecture, as does baby's teddy bear!


superstar Says... 8 years ago

You did a wonderful job. I love it.

leasat Says... 8 years ago

As my 9 yr old says "this woman is a cake artist!" It took her a week. An incredible gift for a sweet little girl from a very caring, thoughtful friend! and I see the squirrel :oops:

MRCI Says... 8 years ago

8O this is awesome! very time consuming i bet.....great job!!!! :wink: ;-D

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