Winter Wedding Cake

This is my first "real" wedding cake! I've made 2 others - but one was for Wilton Course 3, and the other was a replica of a wedding cake for a 50th anniversary. Lemon cake, 12/10/6". Covered in BC. Large snowflakes are fondant, small ones are RI. Pearls are fondant. It is such a relief to be finished this, even though I loved every second of making it! Thanks for looking!


Shelly4481 Says... 8 years ago

So pretty, your pearls are so uniform, did you have a form to do them? Very pretty winter cake. :wink:

michellejohnson Says... 8 years ago

Beautiful- so wintery! I love the snowflakes!

lovincake Says... 8 years ago


Wiltonlady Says... 8 years ago

Well done. I love it.

gakali Says... 8 years ago

Thanks everyone! For the pearls, I just rolled my fondant out (using those rings on the rolling pin to make sure it was level), then used the bottom of a tip to make circles. Made balls from the circles...all the same size! Then I put them in a zip-loc with pearl dust and gave it a shake... :)

sweetreasures Says... 8 years ago

very pretty, did you use cookie cutter for snowflakes? Great tip for making uniform pearls

gakali Says... 8 years ago

Yes, I used a cookie cutter for the fondant snowflakes. The cutter is just a basic shape, then I used small cutters (flowers, triangles, etc.) to add more detail.

DMCG Says... 8 years ago

Beautiful! Going into the favs!

Jmtreu98 Says... 7 years ago

Well done. This is BEAUTIFUL

carabear Says... 8 years ago

Great job! Looks awesome.

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