I Am So Happy Right Now!!!

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KateLS Posted 1 Mar 2012 , 11:12pm
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I feel so giddy! LoL!

So my edible printer has been a pain in the rear since I got it out a couple of weeks ago.

Dried out ink, clogged print head, ordered wrong ink cartridges, but luckily had originals, so I switch the chips, cleaned the print head, still clogged, did multiple deep cleanings, wasted tons of ink, still clogged, cleaned print head again, still clogged, took it apart and cleaned, still clogged, did more deep cleanings, used up black ink, printer wouldn't work without refilling it, bought more ($26 for a refill bottle...blah), refilled it, made a mess, still printer said it was empty, completely took apart print head again, cleaned with syringe, let dry, put all back together, put cartridges back in, still getting error message, look up message online, find answer to get rid of it, print test page, AND FINALLY!!!!! It worked for me!!!!! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!! After two weeks of wanting to shoot the blasted thing!!! My husband was even suggesting we cut our losses! But NO! I fixed it!!! Bwa ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!!!

My 8 year old daughter must think I'm a silly for how giddy and goofy I'm acting! LoL

Just thought I'd share my excitement with you all!! =)


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JWinslow Posted 1 Mar 2012 , 11:28pm
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Great for you!!! I get the excitement after time and time again you try everything but nothing seems to work. Enjoy it!

cakecraving Posted 1 Mar 2012 , 11:54pm
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What type of printer and ink do you use? I have been thinking about investing in one but dont know where to start. Just an approx. do you know how much you paid for the printer, ink and edible paper? Sorry for so many questions. icon_smile.gif Oh and I am glad that you got yours fixed and did not cut your losses.

MsGF Posted 2 Mar 2012 , 12:01am
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There is nothing like the feeling of winning. LOL You are now 1 - 0 over technology.

Good for you for not giving up.

Thanks for sharing your sense of giddy excitement, it made me laugh.

Tell your husband, "You will always win, so be aware"

Have fun printing edible images.

KateLS Posted 2 Mar 2012 , 1:09am
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Thank you all so much!

MSGF: I like that! "I will always win, so be aware!" LoL

cakcraving: I got a Canon 560 from Amazon for about $174.00.

The ink and icing sheets I recently got were from icingimages.com.

Ink set: about $75.00
edible sheets: $28 for 24 sheets
Plus add in almost $11.00 shipping

I also recently got wafer paper that I'm experimenting with. 100 sheets for $19.00. The images aren't as crisp as frosting sheets, but I think it'll work for some things.

One important thing I've learned from all of this......

Run your printer at least once a week if not using it. (Just on regular paper.) That way your print head won't clog. =)

ufo9978 Posted 2 Mar 2012 , 1:18am
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winning against a machine is even more rewarding than an actual human being icon_smile.gif Enjoy your time and please tell us what model/make you got and how much you paid (if you don't mind)

kakeladi Posted 2 Mar 2012 , 1:30am
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One word of caution re using wafer paper:
We had 2 printers - don't remember now which ones - one I had used w/wafer paper in w/no problems. Had an emergency and had DH run a new pic - this time he used his printer and it totally gummed up and almost ruined the printer. Had to do lots and lots of cleaning - like you did - over & over to get it back o.k. icon_sad.gif

cakecraving Posted 2 Mar 2012 , 1:53am
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Thanks for all the good info. I think I am going to look into this. I thought it would be expensive. Like 500 for the printer. Now Im super excited too. Thanks again icon_biggrin.gif

KateLS Posted 2 Mar 2012 , 4:33pm
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Originally Posted by ufo9978

Enjoy your time and please tell us what model/make you got and how much you paid (if you don't mind)

It's a Canon 560 from Amazon for about $174.00.



Debbye27 Posted 2 Mar 2012 , 4:45pm
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I also just bought a printer, I got it on Amazon too, the Canon 3600 for about 79.00 (it's not an all in one, but I only need it for printing...not scanning or faxing or anything). I got ink and paper from icing images, too, and the wafer paper (not as good a deal as you, 100 sheets for 25.00)

I haven't used it yet, I need to test it out this weekend I have to do edible pictures for a cake on the 8th. Thanks for the tips...I will definitely run it weekly now, and be wary of the wafer paper!

rosech Posted 3 Mar 2012 , 2:17am
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You can buy ink and refill on your own?!! I feel so dumb! And now I thought it required special equipment and expertise, like most people in my world. Been sending my regular printer cartridges to someone for refill. I have to look into this thanx.
Am happy for you! My own EI printer will be arriving in a few hours.

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