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trixie05 Posted 7 Mar 2014 , 11:38pm
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Thank you so much for your quick response.  Found the instructions & they are just so great.  Added it to my Favorites Bar.

trixie05 Posted 8 Mar 2014 , 12:39am
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That's great to know.  This June I'm doing my first 5 tiered cake & traveling 1 1/2 hrs.  Usually just do 2 & sometimes 3 tiers, so this will be fun!  Thanks again.

trixie05 Posted 7 Apr 2014 , 5:30pm
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This is so confusing to me.  I am doing a 5 tiered stacked wedding cake, 6", 8", 10", 12" & 16", each layer 4" high and transporting it about 50 miles.   I can't figure out what I need for support, and I have emailed three of the cake supply companies, even calling one.  It's been over a week now and haven't had any replies, & I do want to order a set, but can't figure what I need.  Can anyone help me?  Thanks!

leah_s Posted 7 Apr 2014 , 5:45pm
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you need a cake drum for the 16" to sit on.

You need 1 each of a 6" plate (BC SPS-6), 8" plate, (BC SPS-8) 10" plate (BC SPS-10) and 12" (BC SPS-12 )plate.

You'll need four legs for each plate, so a total of 16 legs  Legs come 12 to a bag, so 2 bags. BC GC-4S





AZCouture Posted 7 Apr 2014 , 5:45pm
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APlates: 6,8,10,12 Legs: 16

trixie05 Posted 7 Apr 2014 , 8:43pm
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Leah, Thank you so much for your help.  I will now be able to place my order.

trixie05 Posted 7 Apr 2014 , 10:35pm
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Thank you again.  Ordered it, order was acknowledged, now just am awaiting delivery.  You have been so very helpful.

shaleha Posted 7 May 2014 , 7:40am
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Hi Leah S


I use only dowell rod on all my three tiers cake without running through the center rod from the top tier right to the bottom.

Will the cakes be secured. I will assemble it at the venue .

 Would u recommend using SPS?


I have 3 tiers wedding so far and this is my first time

I ve done 2 tiers before w/o any problem using dowell rod on the bottom tier only.


Thanks so much !

leah_s Posted 7 May 2014 , 10:33am
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AI haven't used dowels in more than a decade. Just know that if one dowel shifts off vertical in your cake, the entire support system is compromised. SPS is inexpensive and easy to use. It also helps center your cakes when stacking. Because everything is physically tied together its very secure. With dowels your cake is balancing one tier on another, but not physically attached.

You should use what works for you and what is best for your customers and business. We've all read lots of stories on here about cakes that fell. I know that SPS is a secure, easy to use system that has always worked for me. There's no reason for me to even consider using anything else.

josie09 Posted 12 May 2014 , 11:13pm
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hello,   im newbies was joined last year  and i didnt concentrate much,now i decided to bake a cake again but the problem so many to choose from decorating i dont know to start   help josie09

laacceeyy Posted 7 Jun 2014 , 11:03am
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I don't see an attachment to Download....

SweetP Posted 10 Jun 2014 , 2:25pm
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New convert to SPS.  Used this system for the first time for 2 wedding cakes I had to deliver on May 31.  Really liked the stability, ease of use and mainly the peace of mind in transporting a stacked cake.  Will be my support system of choice on 3+ tiers from now on.

cakebaby2 Posted 12 Jun 2014 , 9:42am
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How I wish we could get this in the UK.

Shazza65 Posted 12 Jun 2014 , 10:14am
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AHey cakebaby2

I'm sure they'll ship to you. I bought mine online from GSA. I'm in Australia. Sure the freight cost more than the kit I needed, but I'm sure it'll be worth it for piece of mind I'll get. I'm making my first wedding cake (my son's), and it has to be perfect!

cakebaby2 Posted 12 Jun 2014 , 10:20am
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Snap! I'm doing my daughters in September. You know I think I will, you're right about the peace of mind.

All the best with your cake(s) x

Shazza65 Posted 16 Jun 2014 , 12:11pm
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AHey Shaleha Global Sugar Art is where I bought mine online. It took around 14 days to get to me and was really well packaged. Unfortunately it worked out to be around $50 Aust but well worth it I hope (still haven't used it). Everything here tends to be at least double or triple the price of the US pricing sadly. My hubby nearly dropped dead when I told him how much a Kitchenaid was.

MinaBakes Posted 8 Jul 2014 , 3:43am
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Leah, please let me know how I can see your tutorial. I don't see an attachment. Thanks!

leah_s Posted 8 Jul 2014 , 5:52pm
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ARead my signature line.

MinaBakes Posted 9 Jul 2014 , 12:56am
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I'm sorry, but I'm very new and I tried going to the Cake Decorating forum, pg 15 and when I click on SPS instructions on the "Stickys" it only redirects me back to this thread. I'm going in circles and I don't know where I'm clicking wrong.

leah_s Posted 9 Jul 2014 , 1:35am
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You're in the right thread but you're on page 38.  Go to page 15.

Linda2cakes Posted 27 Jul 2014 , 1:22pm
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ADo you have instructions for using the SOS? Please e mail to me. I would appreciate it. Linda

leah_s Posted 27 Jul 2014 , 6:08pm
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AWhats SOS? Read my signature line.

Rosie93095 Posted 29 Jul 2014 , 11:08pm
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HI Leah, I have used SPS for tiers that sit on top of each other, love the system. My question is regarding using them with a 3 inch separation between2 tiers. I will need to make one of the separators a dummy because I need to put fondant ruffles on it. Can I still use the SPS and insert it the legs into the Styro dummy? The dummy will be the 3rd from the bottom of a 5 tier cake.Wedding+Cake.jpg

leah_s Posted 30 Jul 2014 , 6:20pm
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AYes. Abd use the 7" legs.

Rosie93095 Posted 30 Jul 2014 , 7:31pm
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Thanks Leah, does this look right the way I drew it out?


Rosie93095 Posted 6 Aug 2014 , 1:10pm
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leah_s Posted 6 Aug 2014 , 5:42pm
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I can't download your document, but here's how I do it.  

Put the SPS in the REAL caker tier BELOW the sytro dummy.  Remember to make and indentation for the peg.  

Set the REAL cake dummy that goes on TOP of the styro dummy onto the dummy and skewer it to the dummy.


The dummy will weigh very little.  The SPS assembly in the real cake tier below the dummy will be fine to carry the weight of the dummy plus one tier.

Proceed as usual.  

There is no reason to put the SPS assemplby in the dummy.

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