Why Is Fondant So Popular?

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ivanabacowboy Posted 31 Jul 2005 , 10:52pm
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Fondant tastes blech imho. Thought that I would try out the marshmallow version posted on this site that maybe it would be better, but I have read a few posts that even that is not exceptionally good? And that no matter which version of fondant you use, people usually dont eat it anyhow and just peel it off the cake. So aside from the fact you can make gorgeous smooth presentations with it, why are so many of the cakes shown in Wilton and other books/magazines using fondant if no one eats it? Or is it all just for show?

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butrcup Posted 31 Jul 2005 , 11:17pm
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I'm with you-I've tried it a few times, both Wilton and MMF-a repeat performance has been declined by my taste testers (my sons)haha

PurplePetunia Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 12:11am
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Originally Posted by ivanabacowboy

. . . why are so many of the cakes shown in Wilton and other books/magazines using fondant if no one eats it?

Obviously, not everyone likes it. Some will use it just for the look and so that's why they just peel it off and eat the buttercream under it.

However, there are some who actually do like fondant. Some store bought ones are better tasting than others like Satin Ice and Virgin Ice, and the mmf can be flavoured with flavours of your choice.

My in laws like it and one lady I know doesn't like any kind of icing, but will eat fondant.

llj68 Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 12:34am
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Honestly? I think it is shown so much in Wilton books, etc., because they are selling their product. It is so much easier just to pick up their conveniently packaged, prepared version than making it yourself.



Cakemaker Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 12:48am
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I agree, I think it tastes awful. I haven't had anybody that truly likes it, although the faux fondant is a great alternative. I've had good luck with using that and it seems to taste alot better than actual fondant.

peacockplace Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 12:54am
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Cakemaker, just wondering... did you mean marshmallow fondant? Faux fondant it a technique for smoothing butter cream icing to look like fondant.

PurplePetunia Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 12:55am
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Originally Posted by llj68

Honestly? I think it is shown so much in Wilton books, etc., because they are selling their product. It is so much easier just to pick up their conveniently packaged, prepared version than making it yourself.



Personally, I think Wilton's fondant is awful, which is surprising since cakes are their business!
However, the fondant sold in buckets at cake shops are more palatable.
So if we're talking just about Wilton's fondant, then I would agree! icon_smile.gif

MariaLovesCakes Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 12:56am
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Like I always say, I don't think it is the taste as much as the texture (except for Wilton's icon_lol.gif ) that people don't like. It is a tasty texture that people may not expect to be taste like that...

It is sweet as taste like candy to me.... so, I bet it is the texture and not so much the taste of fondant.

And it is popular because fondant looks beautiful and delicate on a cake...

Cakemaker Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 1:00am
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I'm sorry I guess I should've explained a little better. I like the crusting buttercream(faux fondant), because you can smooth it to look like fondant but still tastes like buttercream. I haven't ventured to try the mmf yet, I'm a little nervous about trying something new!

gma1956 Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 1:35am
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I personally like fondant... However I make my own and add flavors to it...But my favorite is buttercream........

ivanabacowboy Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 9:27am
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Thanks! I saw a post the other day about using candy oil flavorings in buttercream. Would this would work in the marshmallow fondant? Could probably get a halfway decent flavor with just a few drops of oils, or would that do something to the fondant?

MichelleG Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 11:56am
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I'm with most of you, fondant is not tasty. I made one for my husband's work(mechanics) and I was told never to bring that stuff in again. Although they used different wording for it. I love the look and how easy it is to use, but think its a waste of time if know one eats it.

Just my opinion thumbsdown.gif

klsunny Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 12:20pm
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I HATE Wilton's fondant....I think it tastes and smells like paint. That's just my opnion. I LOVE working with mmf and it even tastes good...heck, how couldn't it when its just marshmallows, sugar and water!! icon_smile.gif The key to any fondant, IMO, is to get it really, really thin so that you can hardly notice its there. On my last cake the mmf stayed soft and you couldn't even tell it was there.

littlebubbieschocolates Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 12:42pm
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i havent tried fondant yet or even tasted it. everyone around here has been ordering buttercream.. which hasnt given me the chance to work with it. but want too tho. if that makes any sense

eryka1842 Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 1:12pm
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I want to use fondant to get the ultra smooth look, but I want everything to be edible. With the exception of some decorations that call for gumpaste or royal icing...but anyway. This is why I try to use MMF - bc Wilton fondant tastes like fish oil. JMHO. However, so few people around here actually know what fondant is so they usually just peel it off. So I'm beginning to wonder why I even bother. But back to my point...I think ppl use fondant to get the perfectly smooth and finished look that it gives - if get the technique right. Again, JMO.

alengirl Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 1:17pm
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Fondant is so popular because most of the time, it looks so much prettier than buttercream. Even the simplest cake looks classier when it's covered in fondant. Here in Miami, for the most part fondant rules. I work exclusivly with fondant and always get rave reviews. No, if the only fondant you've used is Wilton's, I understand your disgust. There was a whole post here last week about how terrible it is. Now, if you want something a million times better, there's Satin Ice and my personal favorite is "Pettinice" Rolled Fondant by Bakels. "It's considered one of the finest rolled fondants. Imported from New Zealand, "Pettinice" yields consistent superior results, ease of use and delicious flavor".
I took that quote from the net, and it's so true. Even people who don't usually like fondant, try it and tell me it's good icon_smile.gif
Also know, that I for example, like fondant, but don't always eat it b/c it does contain a lot of sugar. I use it on all my cakes though, b/c it make look so nice and classy. Think of it like, why wear make-up? You wear it b/c you like it and want to look nice and presentable (well, most people do). Fondant is in my humble opinion, the best "make-up" for cakes. The possiblities are endless. . . Good luck everyone and please, pretty please, don't use that nasty Wilton fondant and don't feed the left overs to the dog - poor thing doesn't deserve that either! icon_lol.gif

CakeBaker Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 4:42pm
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I use a mixture of part SatinIce, part white chocolate fondant (like ChocoPan). It tastes much better than the Wilton crud.

thecakemaker Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 4:58pm
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I use the Satin Ice also. Sometimes I mix it with white chocolate or chocolate buttercream for a change. You will still get some that don't like fondant no mater what you try just because of the texture. There are also people out there that just love buttercream! My son likes the mmf too - I just thought it tasted too much like powdered sugar.


MichelleG Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 10:47pm
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alengirl do you have a website that sells pettinice rolled fondant by bakels? and is it expensive?

unforgetable2u Posted 1 Aug 2005 , 11:34pm
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hi i found that product at www.cakesbysam.com under fondant

hope that helps some icon_wink.gif

lionladydi Posted 2 Aug 2005 , 12:18am
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My daughter has started decorating cakes and has used the fondant. Personally, I don't like it. Most all new books are filled with it and I see so many cakes on here using it. I think that it looks too formal and I always think that it doesn't look appetizing. I stick with the buttercream. Maybe if I tried the Satin Ice I would like it. Think I will just stay in the Dark Ages--my grandkids like the buttercream! icon_biggrin.gif

CakeBaker Posted 2 Aug 2005 , 2:09am
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I order mine from Pfeil & Holing: http://www.cakedecostore.com/

greenaisha0099 Posted 2 Aug 2005 , 2:18am
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Oh, thank you. I tried Wilton's for some characters and it was awful..thank you.

llj68 Posted 2 Aug 2005 , 3:00am
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Looks like I'm going to be making a trip to the cake shop to find a fondant alternative. I've never hear of Satin Ice or the one from New Zealand.

Although I don't care for the taste or texture of Wilton's, I love working with it! It's like Playedough with a purpose! lol!! So much fun!

I've also tried the "faux fondant" here on cc with great results!


ivanabacowboy Posted 2 Aug 2005 , 8:21am
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It's like Playedough with a purpose! icon_lol.gif

That's exactly what I thought. I just didnt like the taste. Now that I am hearing of these alternatives tho, I suppose it definitely won't hurt to investigate them at some point. I do like the looks you can achieve-the one cake on Sam's site is absolutely gorgeous! The pink sparkly wedding cake, which I am guessing absolutely has to be fondant. The one that is 1E here:

I do a lot of entertaining and so forth at the holidays. And if I could achieve something like this in white with snowflakes instead of pearls, or in red/green (if the lustre or pearl dust comes in those colors?) that people would actually eat, even if I didnt tier or stack it, that would be awesome. I am guessing the scroll work is all a mat or mold. Then again even if they didnt eat it, it would be a striking centerpiece.

alengirl Posted 2 Aug 2005 , 4:58pm
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Originally Posted by MichelleG

alengirl do you have a website that sells pettinice rolled fondant by bakels? and is it expensive?

I buy my fondant at a great supply store here in Miami.
The 15 lbs tub costs $28.99.
I've seen it about 20-30 dollars more expensive on the web, so do your shopping carefully and try to find the best deal. Also, remember to check shipping rates.

Good luck! thumbs_up.gif

cakes4fun Posted 2 Aug 2005 , 5:24pm
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You are all so funny!! I;m laughing so hard reading all your responses....
But, Yes Fondant is NASTY..I dont like it but I LOOVVEEE the way it looks...very classy like allengirl said.

I'm gonna try that pettinice fondant your raving about! Thanks for the info!

bagadonuts Posted 2 Aug 2005 , 11:32pm
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Hi all-I've not seen rolled buttercream mentioned. We like the flavor. You can get the book from Winbeckler.com

gdixoncakes Posted 3 Aug 2005 , 12:01am
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Another alternative, I've heard, is marzipan. I have not tried it to cover a cake, but personally, I could eat my weight in it. Tone73 did an awesome cake covered in marzipan. Take a look if you get a chance. She put it over buttercream just like you would do fondant.

Just a thought.

MichelleG Posted 4 Aug 2005 , 2:57am
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alengirl, thank you for the information, I can't wait to get some. icon_biggrin.gif

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