Top 21st Birthday Cakes

Martini Bridal Shower

By KarolynAndrea
6″/9″/12″ tiers iced in BC. BC Smoothing technique learned from Sugarshack’s DVD’s. I highly recommend them! All decorations are MMF. Thanks to JetSetDiva for inspiration for the martinis!

For many people, 21st birthdays call for a big celebration. In the US, it marks the day that you can legally drink alcohol, and it’s traditionally celebrated with beer, wine and cocktails. Naturally, drinks act as the inspiration for many decorators when making 21st birthday cakes. Here are some of the most popular 21st birthday cakes from the gallery to amuse and inspire you!

Lauren's 21st birthday

By sweet_as_tisse
3 tiered 21st cake, all chocolate mud cake iced and filled with ganache then covered in fondant.. the name on the cake is lozza which is her nick name so she wanted this on instead of lauren… the letters and numbers i found on the net, printed them out made a template then cut them out of gumpaste… thanks for looking…………cheers Kylie

21st Birthday Cake

By nanefy
6″ Banoffee cake for a 21st Birthday. First time doing quilting on a cake and I loved it – it’s so simple yet so effective. A big shout out to Peggy Does Cake for her fantastic tutorial on covering a cake board with scrapbook paper.

Kristi's 21st

By pish
Different interpertation of a cake I’ve done brfore and several I’ve seen here on CC. Vanilla cake with raspberry filling and vanilla BC. All decorations are fondant except the margarita glasses which are gumpaste, painted with food coloring and “garnished” with rock candy. Thanks for looking!

Giant Cupcake!

By ksmith1012
Giant Cupcake Cake for a 21st Birthday in the special girl’s favorite colors. All fondant accents. TFL! :)

21st Birthday Cake

By nanefy
21st Birthday cake for a friend. I used one of Rouvelees cakes as inspiration.7? & 9? cakes ? top tier was bounty and the bottom tier was fererro rocher.

Lv purse

By sugarshack (SugarEd Productions)
for 21st BD; purse is fondant with GP cut puts for logo; LV is piped royal; bottle half is molded green choc.

Patron Cake

By stephaniejoy
Patron Cake, Chocolate with chocolate frosting, fondant and modeling chocolate mix for the decoration, edible gel colors for wood grain effect, edible marker

Martini Birthday cupcakes

By KTKakes
Festive martini birthday cupcakes designed for a coworker who love the drink (since I couldn’t bring the real thing into the office!)

Have a Beer!

By Boop62054
Round cakes covered in BC w/fondant handle.

Beer Mug Cake

By becklynn
50th Birthday Cake for my brother-in-law. Cake is all buttercream with a fondant handle. “Beer” is candy (hard candy recipe) on a dowel. Thanks goes out to sparklynne for her amazing help on the sugar and can and also to emilygrace for her tips on the beer mug!!

Six Pack

By Alisa555
Carved sheet cake covered in fondant. Icing image was used for the “Bud Light” label and the can was airbrushed to blend in.

Heineken Cake

By AromaDesserts
10″ Orange cake with Dulce de Leche filling, soaked with Special Pampero Oro Venezuelan Rum syrup and covered with fondant! All details and letters were made by hand on fondant.

Pouring beer cake

By sayersl
Learnt this at a recent workshop with my local cake decorating association.

Corona Sugar Bottle

By Jenn123
Sugar Beer Bottle with laminated paper label. I wanted the 2- tone effect so I poured clear in the neck and let it harden completely. Then I finished the bottle off with the gold colored sugar. The bottle is hollow, so I made a lime from fondant and placed it inside. Search “Sugar Beer Bottles” in the forums for instructions from SweetResults.

Martini Bridal Shower

By KarolynAndrea
6 in, 8 in, 10 in tiers iced in BC. Smoothing method for BC learned from Sugarshack’s buttercream DVD. I highly recommend all of her DVD’s! Decorations are MMF.

Sex and the City

By lea74
This was for a Sex in the City theme bridal shower. It is 12 and 8″ rounds. TFL

Pink and Black Zebra

By ArtistInTraining07
All fondant and gumpaste

21st cake

By Laulie
Customer requested the number 21 with hearts as part of the number

Absolut Vodka Bottles

By FaLula_Johnson
These mini cakes were served individually, one for each guest, at a going away party.

Celebrating 21

By kakedreamer1212
For a young lady celebrating her 21st birthday


By wasabi106
I have made maragrita cupcakes before, but this was for my friend’s 21 birthdayso I wanted them to be special. I baked a little batter in a sport ball pan, then cut a cupcake to fit in the bottom of the margarita glass, put my “ball” cake on top,frosted it, and “salted” the glass with sugar crystals. She loved it!

Patron tequila

By laynie72
This was so cool, fun and easy to do… it is all fondant , air brushed with edible images for the labels.I love my edible printer :) TFL


By MissKoller
Thank you all for looking, I know a lot of poeple are curious about how structurally I pulled this off. I used two metal coat hangers, and bent them in a circle on one end and taped them underneath the base of the cake. I ran the tape straight up to the point where it bends to the fit the beer bottle over top at an angle. Then I took my four stacked six inch frosted round cakes ; then cut half way through on one side, then slid all four cakes around the coat hanger. Then I glued on the stiff fondant painted with wood grain; my handle was rice krispie treats, but then had issues with the handle and haven’t perfected a method for it yet . The foam is meringue and the beer pouring from the suspended bottle was stiff buttercream. Also , the bottles were real beer bottles. If you attempt this be careful the wire sway quite a bit once the beer bottle is put on the hanger. Keep in mind you may need to add some feet to the base so it is level. I hope I answered everyone’s questions , please message me for any furthur information.

Bucket of Cold Beer Cake

By hope1978
this is the first time I have made this cake… I’m very happy with the way it came out… I got a call from the person this cake was for , and he told me everyone loved the cake.. they had it one the table, and the Birthday man, grabbed a bottle out of the bucket not knowing it was a cake… I love story like this… What fun!! thanks for looking

It's a Blue Moon Day

By morrisaz2004
My Brother is a huge Blue Moon fan and since he was coming to town, this was the perfect choice. The cake is Dark Chocolate & Whiskey Mud cake with Dark Chocolate Whiskey Ganache and covered in MMF. Cake is carved and torted from 2 – 10″ squares. Image background is on rice paper. Moon, Lettering and middle strip is cut by hand. Bottles are made with isomalt and bottle caps are made out of fondant. TFL!

Pot of Boiling Crawfish

By Jaime3679
Everything but the lid is completely edible – even the beer can. This was our first time making this cake. Thanks for all the inspiration from all the other CC’ers. TFL!!!

Corona Beer Bottle Bucket Birthday Cake

By cakesalot13
Decorated in fondant, gumpaste, modeling chocolate, isomalt and edible images.

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This cake just take my breath, all are beautiful. Question how do you do the lettering on the names. They all look so perfect.

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