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Piping silver and gold

saw a few posts asking how to make gold and silver for piping.....found this recipe and thought I would share it:

Piping silver and gold


  • 2 ts. Powdered sugar 2 ts. gold silver or metallic dusting powder clear alcohol 1 ts. piping gel


  1. On a small ceramic plae, mix sugar and dusting powder. Add a few drops of clear alcohol (gin or vodka is suggested) and mix with a small palette knife to create a stiff paste
  2. Add the piping gel, a little at a time, mixing well until the consistency for piing in reached. Use a very small piping bag and tip as needed. The leftovers can be put into a small container and stored in the refrigerator. It will keep indefinitely

Comments (15)

How much alcohol?
Add a few drops of clear alcohol - to create a stiff paste Brilliant idea!!
Do I have to use piping gel or can I use tint color such as the one's i use for coloring my fondant? I need this for a hand bags accessories. Any help will be great as I'm try to create a LV handbag cake.
Is this edible or do you need to scrape this off before serving the cake?
please let me know via email
I would also like to know if this is edible.
Well, the dust is edible so I'd guess it's still edible once made into this paste, too.
Does it matter what kind of clear alcohol?
we are Christian bakers who do not believe in consumption of what could we use in place of alcohol
You can use Lemon Extract or clear vanilla or almond extract in place of the alcohol. Any flavings that have a high alcohol content.
The alcohol evaporates within minutes also so there is not a worry of "consumption". It leaves it without an extra taste too, lemon juice can sometimes be too much flavor.
Obviously the ordinary gold dust we buy is not real gold?? Where does one buy the real thing to paint with on celebration cake? And what about the Silver. The dusts I have here, really resembles real gold and it's edible, but but but....? Would love a reply Cheers everybody
This worked REALLY well! WOOWWW Thank you so much for posting. I used it on a cake with gold piping and it was amazing. Hope everyone gives this a shot! This is way better than mixing dust with vodka and painting on. This is how you get rich colour!! Lovee it
Chloezee: I am not sure if the next post to yours is from you. If so, can you e-mail me a photo, if available, of the cake you made with the gold piping? Thank you,
I try it! And it´s great!!! Thank you sooo much for this!!!
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